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@9XPPW69Independent from Mississippi answered…2 days

@9XKMGNVWomen’s Equality from Michigan answered…1wk

I don't feel it should as it could throw off the balance of things and could implement longer processes and could possibly upset the people more.

@9XHBYZ5Constitution from Tennessee answered…2wks

@9XF9YSNGreen from Oregon answered…2wks

@9X2M3M8Peace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…4wks

@9W6MKB8Veteran from Florida answered…2mos

No, reforming the Supreme Court is unconstitutional and would upset the balance of power and the Supreme Court should no be politicized.

@9VY7N9MDemocrat from Georgia answered…2mos

Yes, and should reform the Supreme Court into a electoral system and allow citizens of the United States decide who shall serve in the Supreme Court

@9VVHKVVSocialist from Washington answered…2mos

Yes, but only reform to impose 6 year term limits on justices with option of having them reappointed or replaced. Same policy would apply to all Federal judicial benches.

@9VZP5FYLibertarian from Texas answered…2mos

No then people would have to pay for more retired members of the Supreme Court

@9GR54H2Communistfrom Maine  answered…1yr

@9GPNMTDSocialist from Indiana answered…1yr

Yes. The constitution is an evolving document, and with the courts should be refreshed over time to reflect evolving ideas and interpretations.

@jrittenhGreen from Indiana answered…1yr

Yes, but reform should only consist of making justices unanimously selected by a pool of other federal justices.

@9GLDTFPDemocratfrom Maine  answered…1yr

If a Supreme Justice dies the people should have to vote on the replacement in the upcoming election. Democrats and Republicans can each nominate one person and the people will choose.

@9GKTM5WGreen from Washington answered…1yr

No, but it should take a super majority vote to confirm a candidate.

@9GKBVP9Republican from Illinois answered…1yr

i believe there should be an equal number of liberal and conservative justices

@9GG52TTPeace and Freedom from Illinois answered…1yr

@9GFP6BFDemocrat from Massachusetts answered…1yr

While it wouldn't be unconstitutional to do so, I am concerned about the precedent that would be set.

@Jesse-DyeConstitution from Ohio answered…1yr

Yes, only to increase seats to match the number of appeals court circuits.

@9G9HT94Democrat from Maryland answered…1yr

No, but a nomination should not take place in an election year and the Supreme court should not be politicized.

@9G4RLNHWomen’s Equality from Michigan answered…1yr

It would be good to always have the same number of liberals and conservatives, maybe two each, and everyone else be a moderate. I believe that would be more representative of the country.

@9G4NJKBSocialist from New York answered…1yr

Yes, because too many politicians abuse the Court to increase their own power.

@9FXD2DLGreen from Ohio answered…1yr

Yes, there should be at least two judges who are voted in with terms. The others should remain appointed for life.

@9FR6RY3Socialist from Texas answered…1yr

yes, but only add more seats in the case that the balance of power has become so that passing legislation that the majority of americans agree with is not likely, and set the term limits for 25 years, and we should strive to remove politics from the court as much as possible

@9V4CKNHProgressive from California answered…5mos

Yes and it should be 3 conservative judges 3 liberal judges and 2 independent judges and term limits

@9TPBHHJLibertarian from California answered…6mos

@9TN4YCPGreen from Utah answered…6mos

Senate approvals/rejections should be subject to a deadline, after which the nominee automatically enters office.

@9TG8STJWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

No and Abolish the Supreme Court and give power back to local courts.

@9TG5YTMAmerican from Florida answered…6mos

Term limits only, but only on newly appointed justices. This prevents political motives for imposing term limits. Term limits for Congress are way overdue as well.

@9TDVT4FDemocrat from Wisconsin answered…6mos

The Supreme Court should be reformed so justices cannot be appointed by the president.

@Solidarity-PartyLibertarianfrom New York  answered…6mos

Yes, but only reform to become an elected office and include more seats

@9T33VK4Green from Washington answered…7mos

The Supreme Court should only be reformed to have a fixed number of seats.

@9SV47FBWorking Family from Florida answered…7mos

No, reforming the Supreme Court is unconstitutional and would be upset the balance of power and the Supreme Court should not be politicized.

@9SN73NWIndependent from California answered…7mos

@9SM7STZSocialist from Pennsylvania answered…7mos

@9S7RV9FVeteran from New York answered…8mos

No it is not unconstitutional, but it would set a horrific precedent and result in rampant court stacking in future.

@9S2JKVWSocialist from Pennsylvania answered…8mos

@LuckyChucky411Democrat from California answered…9mos

Add more seats, sure, but I think a better reform would be to enact a clause defining that a lack of clear mental health and onset of dementia should be reasonable reasons to recuse or remove any elected or appointed government official. It should be exercised in a way that, as much as possible, allows people to maintain dignity while still protecting the public interest.

@9RNDXZYDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…9mos

Wait for Presidential Commission results for guidance on reform.

@9RC6THZDemocrat from Texas answered…9mos

The President should decide who is put on the court every election.

@9RBK2THGreenfrom Maine  answered…9mos

Yes, there should be three Democractic, three Republican and three independant

@9QYZKZTSocialistfrom Maine  answered…10mos

The Supreme Court should be reform to be non-political and not depented of the president and the senate. It should be indepentedt from politics.

@madysen21Peace and Freedom from Utah answered…10mos

I think it's important to accurately represent the American population, but I don't want to infringe on the constitution or politicize the Supreme Court


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