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@9LNS6KPTranshumanist from Indiana answered…6mos

No, but provide lower interest rates on loans and regulate tuition so higher education is more affordable

@9TBF9FDDemocrat from Minnesota answered…35mins

No, but tuition at four-year colleges and universities should be more affordable

@9T9TS9CTranshumanist from Utah answered…2 days

Yes, but only for partial tuition, lower student interest rates for student loans, and provide more scholarship opportunities

@9T9JNWFSocialist from Kentucky answered…2 days

yes, because not everyone can pay for their college tuition with how large of the sum it costs and a lot of places require a college degree to work at. The easier it is to get a degree may lower the chances of homelessness because everyone has a degree in something and can find a job easier. Plus some colleges have dorms so it would lower the homeless people and give them an education.

@Hunter-MartinRepublican from New York answered…3 days

Yes, but only if the student signs a contract for a federal job, and will only receive payment after completing the degree of choice. If not completed the contract is null.

@9T94HJLIndependent from Minnesota answered…3 days

No, colleges are overcharging, so prices should be lowered.

@9T8WH65Libertarian from Florida answered…3 days

maybe part but students have to work and get scholarships , the government provides many opportunities

@9T8GH3TWomen’s Equality from California answered…4 days

@9T89FSDDemocrat from Georgia answered…4 days

Yes, but only for partial tuition. Also provide more scholarship opportunities for low-income students.

@9T7RPWSDemocrat from Florida answered…5 days

No, however as far as I know the price of classes/textbooks is unregulated and their prices absurd. I paid $60 this semester for an online code, and while I understand work went into the program I used, I could have gotten a better deal from a third-party source for half the price.

@9T7QRLHGreen from Texas answered…5 days

@9T7Q2ZCAmerican Solidarity from Wisconsin answered…5 days

Those who can't make the entire payments should get some help

@9T7M9PZWomen’s Equality from South Carolina answered…5 days

@9T78SFPIndependent from Arkansas answered…6 days

Yes, but only partial tuition, No, but provide more scholarship opportunities for low-income students

@Jacqulyn-KeppleWorking Family from Florida answered…6 days

Yes, if the student proves that they are academically committed to receiving higher education and parent's finances should not be a determining factor.

@9LB38WFWomen’s Equality from California answered…6mos

Subsidized education should be given as an opportunity depending on the major and the needs of the work force. This can include trade and medical schools and should be rewarded based on the persons performance.

@9L8QNKPLibertarian from New Jersey answered…6mos

no, when the government pays for things it artificially increases the demand thus raising the prices

@9L8BCV6Independent from Georgia answered…6mos

No, they should make colleges' budgets public and allow students to pay for school more a la carte. I understand basic fees to attend, but that should be tied into per class tuition and students should know where their money is going. I would've rather not had my RA have $300 a week to throw us dumb pizza parties that I didn't attend.

@9L7W88SRepublican from Ohio answered…6mos

@9L7MQRRWomen’s Equality from California answered…6mos

People who can pay full should pay full, and the FAFSA should be more generous.

@9L7LZ65Working Family from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

Colleges should decrease the cost of attendance. The government should not have to pay, and there would not be a dispute about it if colleges charged a reasonable amount. Taxes should not be increased

@9L6CTPSLibertarian from California answered…6mos

Yes, but they aren't ready to support this. Too much debt and useless spending.

@9L69QGGSocialist from Texas answered…6mos

@9L3QBW6Veteran from Indiana answered…6mos

Yes with benchmarks and standards to be upheld pertaining to hours and grades to help fill needed roles in society

@9L3N7MVGreen from Oklahoma answered…6mos

@9L2WSJRWomen’s Equality from Connecticut answered…6mos

Yes, but only for marketable degrees that the country needs such as the STEM programs

@9L377HJDemocrat from Illinois answered…6mos

Yes, for public 2 & 4 year colleges. With academic standards attached

@9L362SBWomen’s Equality from Georgia answered…6mos

Yes, but only if they maintain a certain grade point average just like the hope scholarship

@9L3373QWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…6mos

Low income students should be eligible for loans to attend school. If their grades a C or better, they should be eligible for loan forgiveness, based upon their grades.

@9L32668Women’s Equality from Virginia answered…6mos

@9L234Z7Green from California answered…6mos

no, but provide both lower interest rates and more scholarships

@9KZTGH2Transhumanist from Washington answered…6mos

if you cant afford it then yes like being a single mom or something or single dad.

@9KZ699PWorking Family from Colorado answered…6mos

Yes if you meet a standard in high school. Whether its college prep or tech prep, doesn't matter what college, university, technical school, etc.

@9KYYG4JAmerican Solidarity from Indiana answered…6mos

only if the person wants to go to college but cant pay for it

@9KYY47YPeace and Freedom from Washington answered…6mos

Yes, I think tuition should be paid for, but maybe the students can cover other school expenses. (But those costs should be reduced, like books for example, which just seem like a scam.)

@9KYSRS6Working Family from Virginia answered…6mos

Only for degrees in applicable/practical fields of study (Science, Trade, Business, Medical, Education, Law) Nothing for gender studies and other programs which have small scope education and benefit for the greater public.

@9KYPSGSWorking Family from Colorado answered…6mos

college should only be given to those that will take the opportunity and actually put in effort towards it

@9KYM2RKTranshumanist from North Carolina answered…6mos

i feel that their school should be paid for if they have worked hard in school and maintained a good gpa because people that don't work hard in school are going to take advantage and go to school for free and waste the oppurtinity to learn.

@9KY6KCHConstitution from California answered…6mos

Only for students who attain a GPA of 3.0 and higher. This eliminates students from taking advantage of the government financial aid for personal gain and redirects the main purpose of the funding, EDUCATION.


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