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No, and we should increase diplomatic efforts to resolve conflicts peacefully

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Yes, selling military weapons to foreign countries will help boost the economy

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@8ZSCMSF from Kentucky answered…10mos

No, and we should NOT sell military weapons to any foreign country. We should also NEVER sell our nuclear weapons to any foreign country either. This would start a global arms race.

@98V8QRX from Ohio answered…13hrs

@98W8PKB from Utah answered…1 day

@98W7CKQ from New York answered…1 day

The trade of weapons always ends badly. We should instead trade in intelligence.

@98W76V9 from Michigan answered…1 day

@98VZGKQ from Indiana answered…1 day

It depends on India's situation, while a democracy they tend to be a closer ally to Russia than the US.

@98V69YK from Ohio answered…3 days

Yes, but in order to keep peace with Russia and China, provide weapons covertly.

@98V2KW5 from Wisconsin answered…3 days

no, due to the fact that India is allied with Russia and is bound between the Russian Federation and NATO.

@98TM5LS from Virginia answered…4 days

@98TDVVL from Texas answered…4 days

@98TBXDSRepublican from Idaho answered…4 days

@98SS3WZ from South Carolina answered…6 days

No and we should be trying to find a way to court back russia and India into our favor not china's. Currently this is a disaster.

@98S89BV from New York answered…1wk

@98QKVB6 from Iowa answered…1wk

@98QZFHW from California answered…1wk

@98MJ9G3 from California answered…2wks

@98MFJFL from Tennessee answered…2wks

yes but make sure that those weapons can be countered by us in case they turn

@98JKP3K from North Carolina answered…3wks

I'm very stuck with this one, on one hand it works in the U.S' favor which if they have the money and means to do it and it provides a level of comfort for both India and the US, and with the intent that they will use the weapons only if necessary, why should they be stopped? On the other hand it could motivate conflict and create a bigger problem as opposed to what it started out as. I'm neutral on this for now.

@98HQ6KPDemocratfrom Maine  answered…4wks

Yes, this will help curb Chinese and Russian influence in the Region

@98GPQZQ from Ohio answered…1mo

Yes, but only a small amount of weapons just in case China invades Taiwan.

@98G86XR from New York answered…1mo

Yes, but India must not side with China and go against American interests.

@98FXNMH from Florida answered…1mo

Yes we should sell weapons to them but not to stop China or Russia. Just to do it.

@98DXW5V from Massachusetts answered…1mo

If its actually being sold and the profits go back to paying off the national debt or something unlike what's been happening with ukraine fine

@98DSCR7 from Kansas answered…1mo

Yes, but instruct them to use the weapons against China only if they invade Taiwan.

@98DM3S4 from Utah answered…1mo

@98CLYSY from North Carolina answered…1mo

Yes, but we should also send troops to help India incase of Chinese and Russian influence.

@98CKYP6 from Ohio answered…1mo

Yes, and the US government should get a better cut for brokering the deals between manufacturers and foreign governments.

@98CK793 from California answered…1mo

There are many reasons other than those stipulated here to sell (or not). No yes/no answer for me for this.

@98CCZPG from Washington answered…2mos

@98BTLMM from Oklahoma answered…2mos

Yes, as long as they are not bleeding-edge projects with classified technology

@93RZVS9 from Washington answered…2mos

Yes, we should also station military bases alongside the Chinese and Russian boarders alongside our Indian allies and remove China and Russia from the U.N Security Council and replace them with India and Poland.

@98B7R7X from Oklahoma answered…2mos

@98B4H8S from Illinois answered…2mos

@989D8CM from Virginia answered…2mos

@989CRH4Independent from Colorado answered…2mos

No. The facts are, the USSR saved India on several accounts throughout the Cold War with regards to the United States; therefore, simply selling U.S. made weapons will not counter Russian influence. In simple terms, India will be friends with Russia for decades to come. It will take drastic, diplomatic changes to counter Russian influences.

@988W5QK from North Carolina answered…2mos

Not on a large scale. We've already pushed it with Ukraine but Russia is scared of the U.N. I would say if we were backed by the U.N


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