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@9XHMZ4DTranshumanistfrom Guam  answered…1wk

Yes, because India is one among the only democratic (the largest democracy in existence) which is a natural ally of the U.S and shares similar values and virtues. Nations having a similar thought process should always move together. It would a diplomatic and political defeat otherwise.

@9XDRZWRWomen’s Equality from South Carolina answered…2wks

@9XD4PSVLibertarian from Missouri answered…2wks

Yes, but only to Protect Against Terrorism Not to Counter Russian Influence.

@9X9SFHLDemocrat from Michigan answered…2wks

No, because India has a very bad human rights record as of late

@9X4SGMGTranshumanist from Texas answered…3wks

@9WSQTMSDemocrat from Virginia answered…4wks

@9WDTGFZConstitutionfrom Guam  answered…1mo

Yes, but keeping in mind that India could also be a future threat and empowering it beyond the limit would hurt us.

@9W6MKB8Veteran from Florida answered…2mos

No, we should increase diplomatic efforts to resolve conflicts peacefully and realistically we should not sell military weapons to any foreign country but if both China and Russia continue influence India then as a last resort we sell military weapons to defend themselves and also it will help boost the economy a little.

@Alan-DjikkaityIndependent from New York answered…2mos


Yes, it would boost the economy, and also fund Taiwan to defend itself against Chinese aggression, and Ukraine to recapture Crimea and certain parts of the Donbas region, both occupied by Russia

@9VQC4W9Independent from North Carolina answered…3mos

Yes, but we should also increase diplomatic efforts to resolve conflicts peacefully first.

@9VGXYTQVeteran from Wisconsin answered…4mos

@Popescu-IonRepublicanfrom Maine  answered…4mos

@Brandon-AndersonRepublican from Maryland answered…5mos

Yes, but we should increase diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflicts so we don't start a war.

@9PD2BWYLibertarian from California answered…12mos

The government should not be involved in any transaction, private businesses are allowed to or as they please.

@9NSHTZJDemocrat from Minnesota answered…12mos

I don’t have enough knowledge/information to make a decision.

@9NMJKCFRepublican from Indiana answered…12mos

I don't really know, if it is asking if they should continue to sell weapons to them to help us. then yes.

@9NLG3ZZWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…12mos

@9N39JHMRepublican from New Jersey answered…12mos

We should send military funding and weapons to India since they are extremely important and strategic ally.

@9MTNJHWDemocrat from Connecticut answered…12mos

No, I think that all international arms dealings should be heavily controlled and decreased

@9MRKQKJRepublican from California answered…12mos

Yes, but only if there is undeniable evidence that there will be an attack.

@9L4DMXMPeace and Freedom from Tennessee answered…12mos

No, we shouldn't sell military weapons to any foreign country. There is nothing wrong with foreign influence unless it is harmful to its people.

@9KXZ9C6Democrat from Utah answered…12mos

@Nathan's-Meme-Ch…Republican from California answered…12mos

Yes, but only certain military weapons as to not scare the other two powers.

@9KB673RTranshumanist from Minnesota answered…12mos

Yes, but prioritize defensive technology over overtly offensive technology

@9KB2K6VPeace and Freedom from Maryland answered…12mos

No, and we should increase diplomatic efforts to resolve conflicts peacefully, so as to not begin a global arms race.

@9JXC4KWRepublican from Georgia answered…1yr

We should only sell weapons to our allies and nations who are weak.

@Benjamin-Shaplei…Democrat from Arkansas answered…1yr

Yes, the USA should be able to publically sell arms that align with it's interests and standards; however, fully bearing responsibility for the use of those arms (i.e. sale to Al Qaeda while under Soviet occupation)

@9JQVNJ2Libertarian from Texas answered…1yr

@9JLF9TMConstitution from Colorado answered…1yr

@9JFHCJPTranshumanist from Texas answered…1yr

@9JBSGRQVeteran from Tennessee answered…1yr

No, we should unite with Russia, and all white nations, to destroy Israel, china, india, and all other subhuman nations.

@9J9QQT3Democrat from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

@9HWJMG6Progressive from Nevada answered…1yr

Yes, if it is deemed responsible by military leaders, and economically sound

@Jared-ScoresbyRepublicanfrom Missouri  answered…1yr

@9HK88DMLibertarian from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

Not unless it absolutely needed for India to protect themselves

@9HFPJ9CWorking Family from Virginia answered…1yr

@9HFBQ2TLibertarian from Texas answered…1yr

@Christinaavila10Veteran from Georgia answered…1yr

@9HC5N9KWorking Family from Kentucky answered…1yr

No, and we should NOT sell military weapons to any foreign country. We should also never sell our nuclear weapons to any foreign country either. This would start a global arms race.

@9HBCXK2Transhumanist from Georgia answered…1yr

Yes, but we need to keep the best and most secret weapons in our arsenal for our own use.

@9H6ZMY8Working Familyfrom Guam  answered…1yr

No, and we should limit the amount of military weapons we sell to any foreign country.

@Robert-Sanchez-G…Independent from Minnesota answered…1yr

No, selling military weapons to foreign countries would enable those countries to reverse-engineer our technologies. Better to pursue diplomatic efforts to resolve conflicts peacefully. We could also offer to establish bases jointly operated by US and Indian militaries, and equipped with light contingent of weapons for the purpose of self defense.

@9H5JGSMVeteran from New York answered…1yr

Yes, , and we should increase diplomatic efforts to resolve conflicts peacefully


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