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@97ZFPQ6Democrat from Washington agreed…3 days

Private prisons make their owners wealthier by getting more prisoners and spending less on them.

Public prisons are accountable to the voters.

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No, private prisons will sacrifice quality of care and rehabilitation services for profit

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Yes, but they should be strictly regulated to prevent mismanagement and corruption

@97XXBJB from Florida answered…7 days

Private companies running their own prisons sounds pretty suss, but I can imagine that the government overseeing all of this work would be very costly and probably not executed at a high level. More likely, there should be high standards set by the government that then private prisons would have to obey and follow.

@7YS3KJPIndependent from Arizona answered…1wk

No, but they should be strictly regulated to prevent mismanagement and corruption.

@97X8SFX from Pennsylvania answered…1wk

Yes, but should be strictly regulated to federal standards and guidelines.

@97X2S8J from California answered…1wk

Regardless, a formerly private company working for the government is a public actor.

@97WDXMJRepublican from Maryland answered…1wk

No, we should abolish current prisons and return to biblical imprisonment policies

@97W2MYQLibertarian from Colorado answered…2wks

No, private prisons continue to make revenue with repeat offenders so rehabilitation is not an incentive.

@97TYQYZ from Texas answered…2wks

@97TBGKL from Michigan answered…2wks

No, they may or may not provide a better quality of care. More importantly, the private prisons could be bribed by or side with the criminals or other dangerous organizations.

@97N7TM6 from Washington answered…3wks

No, private prisons have poor conditions and are for profit organizations designed to be cheap labor and offers little to no rehabilitation.

@97MFZFX from Michigan answered…3wks

I think a little bit of both because you would have to do back round checks on every one so there will be no jail breaks or criminal escapes I also know that people get busies so there will not be enough people to run the prison.

@97LZWCT from Maryland answered…3wks

No. If the state can sentence them, then the state can incarcerate them.

@97HTKL7 from Texas answered…3wks

No there should be a separate agency that runs prisons with citizen oversight and advisory with power to sanction questionable actions of prison personnel.

@97KGX3M from Texas answered…3wks

No, America has a mass-incarceration issue that thrives with the privatized prison system.

@97G6FMV from New York answered…3wks

Only if they are disincentivized from keeping recidivism rates high and incentivized to reform prisoners.

@97FTLXM from California answered…3wks

Before deciding on public or private we should know what we actually want them to accomplish and have a way to measure success.

@97CQS54 from Ohio answered…3wks

There should be no private companies doing prisons. And prisons should not be for profit...!

@97CPRSD from Kansas answered…3wks

No, capitalizing the prison system is a bad idea and would make accountability more difficult.

@97B86G4Peace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…3wks

Yes, as long as they are strictly regulated and abolish occupancy quotas.

@97B5ZVT from Oregon answered…3wks

No Quotas - Yes, but they should be strictly regulated to prevent mismanagement and corruption

@978YD5Y from Nevada answered…3wks

Yes, but make it only if that company owns, and is sponsored by the U.S. Government

@977QM3LLibertarian from Colorado answered…4wks

No, stop letting the government interact with private corporations.

@975YCYB from West Virginia answered…4wks

Yes, but add a basic level at which prisoners must be treated to prevent corruption and torture.

@974TDPC from Ohio answered…4wks

@975D8TF from Indiana answered…4wks

I do not have a stance as I don't believe I understand enough about this problem.

@974STSB from Kentucky answered…4wks

Yes if they commit to stringent rehabilitation policies to help criminals become law abiding productive citizens

@972TS5H from New Jersey answered…4wks

@96Z62J4 from Minnesota answered…1mo

No, this concept of private run prisons doesn't even make sense to me.

@7PTCG38Democrat from Wisconsin answered…1mo

No, private prisons will emphasize contractual occupancy quotas and profit over rehabilitation

@96Y8BHH from Tennessee answered…1mo

No, but they should be allowed for contract things like providing the food or equipment

@96WX6B2 from Texas answered…1mo

@96W3KDV from Washington answered…1mo

@96WGJ2S from California answered…1mo

No, prisons already force prisoners to make state goods, and I could see them being exploited even harsher by a privately owned company

@96W2TXX from Washington answered…1mo

@96VSVJH from Ohio answered…1mo

@96T2WVQ from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

Yes, but eliminate contractual occupancy quotas AND they should be strictly regulated to prevent mismanagement and corruption


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