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@9RLS2RXConstitution from Florida answered…1 day

@9F8J9GZWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…3mos

Raise but relative to how much profit the company has made in the previous year

@9F8DCWPWomen’s Equality from Minnesota answered…3mos

Close tax holes for rich organization In the open incentives For them to hire people with disabilities.

@9RGXC7CLibertarian from Nebraska answered…6 days

@9RBYDPXConstitution from Washington answered…2wks

Lower and abolish. Corporate taxes only hurt the employees at the bottom. Tax the executives at the top instead (and only the corrupt ones).

@9N9JC5WRepublican from Louisiana answered…3mos

Eliminate corporate income taxes. The cost And regulatory burden is passed to customers

@9N4GYP5Peace and Freedom from New York answered…3mos

All small and large businesses should pay the same percentage in taxes

@9N27PZ4Transhumanist from Missouri answered…3mos

@9MZYX6XWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…3mos

@9MZL77ZIndependent from Pennsylvania answered…3mos

I am not educated on the subject enough to voice my opinion.

@9MZ4F8FTranshumanist from Indiana answered…3mos

They should higher it if they have violated any laws or done something illegal like bring people from different countries for work.

@9MTBFXDWomen’s Equality from New Jersey answered…3mos

I do not know the tax rate for corporations but I do know big corporations keep the economy strong so whatever you need to change/not change to keep them strong.

@9MSJS6NIndependent from Florida answered…3mos

Lower to 20% but eliminate deductions and loop holes and lower taxes for small businesses and structure small business taxes based on income.

@9MLZTSPSocialist from Pennsylvania answered…3mos

@9MLJX74Veteran from New York answered…3mos

All individuals and corporations should be taxed at the same rate.

@9MDQBGRLibertarian from Minnesota answered…3mos

@9MDF8JTIndependent from Louisiana answered…3mos

@9MD8LXNDemocrat from Florida answered…3mos

only for large corporations, small ones should have the same taxes

@Gavin-TraylorConstitution from Minnesota answered…3mos

the tax rate should be based on how much the company makes annually.

@9MC5VXYWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…3mos

it should be based on a percentage of something. whether profit or income , it should be something customized to the corporation itself and what it does

@9MB96LQRepublican from Maryland answered…3mos

@9M9TPL5American Solidarity from Missouri answered…3mos

Change current tax law to eliminate loopholes and some tax is paid.

@9M9CD9GWomen’s Equality from New York answered…3mos

Certain businesses like Big Pharma need to be taxed more because they have too much power and get away with too much money.

@9M8TVC7Veteran from Virginia answered…3mos

Lower taxes for small businesses and companies that do all US based manufacturing including their supply chains bring US based

@9M8M945Socialist from California answered…3mos

Reduce tax for small businesses and keep current rates for businesses with more than 500 employees but eliminate deductions and loopholes while also increasing tax for large multinational corporations

@9M85BKHLibertarian from Virginia answered…3mos

Increase for large multinational corporations, but lower for small businesses and eliminate deductions and loop holes.

@9M83NCWPeace and Freedom from Minnesota answered…3mos

@9M7YNQCAmerican from Florida answered…3mos

people are dying because they cant pay there taxes, so we need to lower them

@9M7KT6RWomen’s Equality from Minnesota answered…3mos

Lower it for smaller businesses and raise it a little for large corporations

@9M6YWK8Independent from North Carolina answered…3mos

@9M6S6BYConstitution from New Jersey answered…3mos

Only raise it for companies that poses a certain amount of money such as Disney or any company that maybe a Monopoly.

@9M6K7MWSocialist from Mississippi answered…3mos

I'm not really sure but I'm in favor of whatever benegits the working class.

@9M5ZYQSTranshumanist from Maryland answered…3mos

If a corporation is making billions and billions of dollars, yes there should be some raise in tax but if the corporation is struggling and is losing money, then no tax raise is needed.

@9M5Z995Green from Minnesota answered…3mos

The U.S. should lower or raise a corporation's tax rate based on their yearly incomes.

@9M5XYWHWomen’s Equality from Arkansas answered…3mos

@9M5T3L6Transhumanist from Massachusetts answered…3mos

I tink that all taxws should be the same people should not have to pay more money for the rich it should be equial.

@9M5SX55Constitution from Connecticut answered…3mos

Lower for smaller corporations but higher for higher corporations


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