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@9LSCSLCConstitution from Indiana answered…6mos

There one thing i know and thats that drug use won't stop. dare has apsoluty no efect on drug use otherwise there a chance that it went up. the people who made this study was bullyed into lying about it. realy what we should do is put drug care spot so they can get drugged with medical care to help with overdoses. that way better then putting people to jail for an adiction. that like being arested because of having the flu. so the answer is no they should make drug spots so they won't die.

@9TBB6Y6Working Family from Ohio answered…9hrs

No, Adjust categorization of drugs by removing weed the rest go to jail

@9LGP6JSIndependent from New York answered…6mos

it depends on the drug like heroin yes but marijuana no things that are more dangerous should, but not for that long because it was one mistake they should have maybe like 2-4 months but if they mess up again it should be longer.

@9LGM7V4Socialist from Illinois answered…6mos

@9LGKXSMPeace and Freedom from Ohio answered…6mos

Mandatory rehab for first two convictions for a small amounts. The third time mandatory prison time. Dealers mandated prison period.

@9LFV3ZYDemocrat from New York answered…6mos

I think instead of going to prison their sentence should be rehab till their better.

@9LFV3LKTranshumanist from Illinois answered…6mos

yes but for only certain drugs and the possession charges are low while selling is high

@9LFKVR4Independent from North Carolina answered…6mos

Decriminalize marijuana and impose a higher penaltys for harder drugs.

@9LFG7XPWomen’s Equality from Indiana answered…6mos

Yes, but only for drug dealers, not users. We should send users into rehabilitation programs.

@9LFCR5YWomen’s Equality from New York answered…6mos

@9LFC2CCWorking Family from Ohio answered…6mos

@9LFBZLFDemocrat from Vermont answered…6mos

No, we should be treating them and getting them help, not just sending them to jail purely for drug possession charges

@9LFBW7LWorking Family from Georgia answered…6mos

Yes, for hard drugs like meth, heroin, cocaine, PCP, acid, but not for weed.

@9LF7824Socialist from New Jersey answered…6mos

People convicted of a crime related drug that does not have to do with effects of that drug such as accidental homicide or things of that level should be sent to rehabilitation as long as they did not commit a crime more serious than just the use or selling of drugs. This may vary depending on the case.

@9LF6YZ8Working Family from Michigan answered…6mos

@9LF6SHHDemocrat from Texas answered…6mos

@9LDXTVBRepublican from North Carolina answered…6mos

No, if two people charged with possessing drugs are caught, but with an extreme difference in amount, they should receive different sentences.

@9LDWXSDPeace and Freedom from Missouri answered…6mos

@9LDVXWGAmerican from Iowa answered…6mos

it depends which drug if its weed than its not that bad but cocaine Crystal meth or percasets should be prison sentences also weed honestly is good like it can cure cancer it cant kill people and it does not get you that high

@9LDQ9CVReform from Tennessee answered…6mos

@9LDQ8DDPeace and Freedom from Ohio answered…6mos

Yes but It depends how much drugs that was in their possession and it depends on what TYPE of drug.

@9LDPFHMSocialist from Kentucky answered…6mos

no,medum sentence only for drug dealers,and users mabye they will learn that drugs are bad

@9LDMWTHConstitution from New Jersey answered…6mos

@9LDKFZPTranshumanist from Kansas answered…6mos

@9LDJYNPRepublican from Virginia answered…6mos

No, people charged with drug possession should go through rehabilitation instead

@9LDJQTFDemocrat from Ohio answered…6mos

It depends on the drug and who they sell it to. If its a stronger drug and the dealer sells it to young kids than they should stay in jail but if its a someone who cought for weed than they should have minimum sentences.

@9LDD98FDemocrat from New Jersey answered…6mos

Yes, but it depends on the drug. Marijuana products should not put a person in jail, and drug users should get help instead of going to prison.

@9LDBRBPRepublican from North Carolina answered…6mos

If its stuff like weed, then no (they should not be charged no less then a month). But if its cocaine or meth, then they should be in jail for a long time.

@9LD8W3VConstitution from Tennessee answered…6mos

it depends on there charge and if they are actually gonna stop what they did

@9LD8KSSRepublican from Tennessee answered…6mos

I think people charged with drug possession no matter if they sell it or use it, should have the amount of years needed in prison for the kind of drug they had.

@9LD8KSLNatural Law from Tennessee answered…6mos

dealers selling narcotic/dangerous substances like fentynal should be charged with the maximum sentence/ but people like cannabis users shouldn't be charged for something that is being widely legalized

@9LD2GNXWomen’s Equality from California answered…6mos

Yes, but only for drug dealers. Drug users should be put into a rehab instead of prison and convinced to give up on their addiction.

@9LCN3MTWomen’s Equality from Tennessee answered…6mos

For items like meth and crack yes, but for drugs like weed no.

@9LCF3F4Constitution from Arkansas answered…6mos

Yes, but ONLY for drugs that are NOT natural (this is NOT marijuana, mushrooms, or other natural earth producing substances)

@9LCDXB7Democrat from Kentucky answered…6mos

Yes as long as it is low risk drugs such as marijuana, shrooms, etc.

@9LC853KDemocrat from Minnesota answered…6mos

Depending on how bad the charge is and if they are dangerous to people or not.

@9LBPDY6Veteran from New Hampshire answered…6mos

Yes, but would depend on type of drug and amount or quantity.


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