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@8PPBWMZ from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

@8XQT4ZN from New York answered…12mos

@8GQSF75 from Utah answered…2yrs

It depends on what type of drug it is, if they are a drug dealer, if they are selling it to kids and harming others, etc.

@8KBYFLRIndependent from Oklahoma commented…2yrs

joe biden wants to decriminalize all drugs this isn’t even correct.

@97ZZW3Z from Virginia answered…1hr

Yes, as long as they are fair. Someone caring 5g should not serve the same sentence as someone caring 500g. The lower the amount, the lower the sentence.

@97ZX8C7Republican from Nevada answered…10hrs

@97ZSPB3 from Texas answered…18hrs

Yes, but only for drug dealer who deal incredibly dangerous drugs

@97ZQZWY from Washington answered…1 day

@97ZN823Democratfrom Washington  answered…2 days

yes, but the prison system should be changed to be more of help based to get users off hard drugs through support and provide opportunities for people to get skills to get jobs.

@7PTCG38Democrat from Wisconsin answered…4 days

No, non-violent users of the most lethal street drugs should be sentenced to mandatory participation in a rehabilitation center instead

@97YWWNY from Kansas answered…5 days

No, we should create more robust rehabilitation avenues to help them get and remain clean

@97YMLFZ from Iowa answered…6 days

Yes but I also think it depends on the situation. Maybe after multiple offenses.

@97YLKYD from Iowa answered…6 days

@97YLK3Y from New Jersey answered…6 days

It depends on the severity of the drug possesion and how far they went with it

@97YJF3M from South Carolina answered…6 days

yes for dealers, but users should be sent to mandatory rehab centers

@97YFYFS from New York answered…6 days

@97YFWCV from New York answered…6 days

There should be rehabilitation centers to help them and not punish them because they will just get back to doing drugs again once they are out of their minimum prison sentences.

@97Y38LMLibertarian from Indiana answered…7 days

@97XZXTG from Wisconsin answered…7 days

the person should be getting a longer on because if they wernt selling then that person could posably not be doing it

@97XZXR8Republican from Wisconsin answered…7 days

I think if you are selling and not using your sentance should be shorter. If you are using you should get longer sentance.

@63SPL4QSocialistfrom Kentucky  answered…1wk

Depends on what drug it is, how much they had, what they are doing with it, if it is a danger to them or other people, whether they are a repeat offender, etc... There shouldn't be a mandatory minimum because no one case is exactly like another.

@97XB74FSocialistfrom Virgin Islands  answered…1wk

No, and retroactively release all prisoners on drug-related charges.

@97X4BWTDemocrat from New York answered…1wk

@97X3D49 from Texas answered…1wk

No, instead of jail time, give them governmentally provided and required rehabilitation time.

@97X37SP from North Carolina answered…1wk

There needs to be time for users to go through withdrawal and rehab. They deserve a wake up call that a minimum sentence can give them.

@97WZNSM from North Carolina answered…1wk

Dealers should be thrown in jail. Also depends what drug a person that got caught having.

@97WSRWS from California answered…1wk

@97WPYT6 from North Carolina answered…1wk

Yes, but it depends on how long they have had to drugs and if they have harmed others.

@97WNPDK from Nebraska answered…1wk

yes but it depends on the drug, how old they are and how much they have

@97WNNVW from Delaware answered…1wk

@97WNLTT from Delaware answered…1wk

@97WNFRM from Utah answered…1wk

It depends on case to case, generally, I think it should be the means necessary to ensure no further drug possession.

@97WMJTBLibertarian from North Carolina answered…1wk

Depends on what drug it is and what they are doing with it or of it is a danger to them or other people.

@97WDXMJRepublican from Maryland answered…1wk

no, but they need to have a mandatory meeting to help with their drug use

@97WFG8D from Maryland answered…1wk

Depends on the drug. Marijuana should not have a mandatory prison sentence.

@97W5YZ2 from Michigan answered…2wks

I personally believe that people can be, and sometimes will be forced to use drugs or carry drugs on them. On the other hand if they have multiple charges of drug possession and they get away with a couple years in jail they will not just learn their lesson.

@97VPR94 from Michigan answered…2wks

Users should be able to go through reform programs during and also after they’re time spent in prison which shouldn’t be too long because they are also victims.

@97V5KVFSocialist from Arkansas answered…2wks

If the person is actively using drugs, they should be sent to a rehabilitation cneter, and if thy are just selling drugs, they should be charged with possession

@97V7GRR from Illinois answered…2wks

No, sentencing should be based on the amount in possession with no mandatory minimum


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