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No, and we should not try to influence any other country’s elections or policy

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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

Yes, but only to protect the country from human rights violations by a tyrannical ruler

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

Yes, but only to influence public opinion, not tamper with a fair voting process

@98P4FYC from California answered…3wks

Every country deserves a fair and free election cycle without typical dictators/dictatorships and secure elections or protected from human rights violations.

@98HM5QGIndependent from Texas answered…1mo

If we do not have a formal partnership with a country, we do not have much of a right to influence that country. The best a nation can do is promote the good that it offers and allow the people of other countries to decide what they enjoy about it.

@98BZMVB from California answered…2mos

We should influence if there's a security threat or a violation the nation deems worthy of influence; keeping a watchful and protective eye no matter who they are.

@97YRLFW from Minnesota answered…2mos

No but help them if they would like then let them be there own government

@97YDZPWRepublican from Iowa answered…2mos

Yes only because we want people to get along with our president. Good alliances.

@97XYTDHProgressive from California answered…2mos

Not unless it is to genuinely protect human rights, and only then to influence public opinion, not tamper with the fair voting process or use financial coercion.

@8TYH38SIndependent from Texas answered…2mos

@7YS3KJPIndependent from Arizona answered…3mos

No, because while I understand wanting to address security concerns and protect countries from human rights violations, there is rarely one "good", clear-cut side in a war or in an election. Some examples of this would be the Spanish Civil War & WWII (particularly the Russian-German conflict).

@97X9P6H from Maryland answered…3mos

No, and stop orchestrating Coup d’états / regime changes on behalf of the IMF/World Bank

@97WKXH6 from Michigan answered…3mos

@97TPPXJfrom Guam  answered…3mos

Yes, but only to protect the people from human rights violations regardless of political spectrum; If none of these happen, do not interfere.

@97GWKBGDemocrat from New York answered…3mos

All elections are messed with all over the world I don't like it but it happens

@97FKGL2Democrat from South Carolina answered…3mos

Not for free and fair democratic elections, but we should publicly disavow sham elections.

@97BRPG8 from Texas answered…3mos

Yes, we should do everything we can to rid the world of people like the Taliban, the Ayatollah, Putin, Orban, Netanyahu, etc

@979HKCW from Arizona answered…3mos

No, if a country needs to be protected from human rights violations or a tyrannical ruler the people of that country should receive assistance from the UN instead of the US.

@976PQX2 from Texas answered…3mos

Communism is never ok. Also to help protect human rights against tyrants.

@96P5XRJ from Kansas answered…3mos

Yes in some instances and No in others, it depends on the specific circumstances but overall we should aim to encourage and build democratic values, beliefs, and institutions throughout the world

@96BPW26 from Pennsylvania answered…4mos

Yes to do everything possible to crush communism around the world as a humanitarian goal

@G_Coccimiglio from Arizona answered…4mos

No, the government should be allowed to state their opinions and policy, but should never interfere with another country's voting process or election.

@9645CM8 from Maryland answered…4mos

To some extent but not when it could be used for profitability on the us side

@95RR267 from Minnesota answered…4mos

@95P8DLX from Pennsylvania answered…4mos

No, but we should point out when elections are rigged, unfair, or influenced by outside interests.

@95GRCJX from New Jersey answered…5mos

Yes, but only in countries which are not our allies and to protect human rights, morality, and democracy.

@95GNR65 from Florida answered…5mos

Only if the election is determined to be un-democratic and is determined to most likely result in a security threat

@9582YFKConstitution from Florida answered…5mos

Yes, but only to protect the country from human rights violations by a tyrannical ruler as well as security threats to the US, not monetary interests.

@94VCNDR from California answered…5mos

@944F39V from Arizona answered…6mos

Yes, under the condition that the candidate(s) are Marxists or Islamic extremists

@93LWZHF from Massachusetts answered…7mos

@93LDMT6 from Pennsylvania answered…7mos

No. unless there is blatant corruption, the elections should be held by that country’s people.

@93HWGW5Green from Texas answered…8mos

Yes, but only to either address security threats or protect the country from human rights violations by a tyrannical ruler

@93HK2BV from Virginia answered…8mos

Both to address security threats and to protect from human rights violations, never for monetary and economic gain, and only with support and consent from allies and other nations

@93C2RVXCommunist from Nevada answered…8mos

No, the government can announce a candidate they hope wins but they should not try to influence foreign elections.


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