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@5XWBR3DDemocratfrom Oregon  answered…6mos

guns don't kill people it's the crazy unstable people, the uneducated people.

@6LHJR2KRepublicanfrom Michigan  answered…6mos

Chicago has very strict gun laws and yet the highest gun related crimes...criminals do not care about cannot pass a law that will stop a criminal from obtaining a weapon if he really wants one

@64LXCHZRepublicanfrom Ohio  answered…3mos

Stay out of this. Guns are only a method to kill. People are messed up. Start at home with good role models.

@9R6YBPDRepublican  from Florida disagreed…3mos

No they aren't. In bad cases yes, but they are a method of self protection. See if you keep the same opinion when you get mugged or when someone is breaking into your house.

@65XY3VTRepublicanfrom Virginia  answered…6mos

I firmly believe disarming American citizens makes them helpless in too many situations. For example, Thieves, Robbers, Murderers and MOST of all, a ROGUE GOVERNMENT. WITH THIS, I ALSO believe we DO need stricter background checks and, only if needed, psychological testing and Training for those first time gun owners for proper and safe handling. Taking guns away from good citizens is illegal, according to our CONSTITUTION. LEAVE IT ALONE!!!

@5R8SH7MDemocratfrom Texas  answered…6mos

@64M4WTWLibertarianfrom North Carolina  answered…6mos

No, only for violent criminals and the potentially violent mentally *and* the government sould pass a national "stand your ground" law.

@5TJ8676Republicanfrom Utah  answered…4mos

I believe there are over 2000 gun laws already on the books. Maybe we could enforce those before passing new ones. Come on, people! Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

@Aaron-PurdyRepublican from Texas commented…4mos


all I'm gonna say is the first thing Hitler did was ban all guns to make citizens defenseless

@6J48RN6Socialistfrom Colorado  answered…3mos

You know what we should totally do? Let's say you take the class, clear a background check, then go to a gun dealer. The gun dealer can check your background check again, then help you choose the right gun for you. Here's the clincher: You have guns that will only work for you. Like using your fingerprint. (This is my husband's idea and I LOVE it! They have safes that work this way, why not find a way to apply it to firearms?!). Anyways, if someone steals your gun, they cannot use it because their fingerprints are different. Then it's just a glorified paper weight.

@9R2M2XCVeteran from Colorado disagreed…4mos


scenario 1: If i was a criminal, i'd just get a screwdriver, open the gun and rip out all of the electronics.

scenario 2: Gma who hasnt touched her gun in years, has her home broken into, and cant use her gun, because she forgot to change out the old batteries.

@9R6YBPDRepublican from Florida disagreed…3mos

I like the Judge Dredd idea, however this would make firearms way too expensive for a common citizen. Plus if the fingerprint ID were to malfunction, that half second of reaction time you get to defuse the situation could end up in your death.

@Aaron-PurdyRepublican from Texas commented…4mos


this would make guns way too expensive and would not allow the common citizen to own one

@5ZK7XSPfrom California  answered…6mos

Guns will be included with each school lunch as part of the "happy meal" concept.

@69W6KHNDemocratfrom Colorado  answered…4mos

@6CKKXMTfrom Montana  answered…6mos

You should only be able to buy a gun to kill yourself. That will lower crime rate because then all the bad guys will have to kill themself when they buy the gun.

@5WMRCKXRepublicanfrom California  answered…6mos

No! People should be required to carry a concealed handgun with a MINIMUM of 8 rounds in public and have a 30 round semi automatic gun in their home to be able to defend themselves and their loved ones rather than putting them and theirselves in danger due to lack of defense against criminals that are going to purchase guns off the street any way!

@6NMB786Greenfrom California  answered…3wks

Close the loophole, prevent domestic abusers from owning guns and reinstate the assault rifle ban. Also create a national standard for concealed carry.

@9R2M2XCVeteran from Colorado disagreed…4mos


The only way to get a firearm that is fully automatic (hold down trigger, bullets come out until empty, not SEMI automatic, hold down trigger, only one bullet come out until you release and let the trigger reset before firing a subsequent shot), legally, is to be a dealer with an FFL. Otherwise the easy, (ten years in jail minimum) way is to take shop class, get/make a tube, spring, striker, and sear, with a magazine well and ejection port. You can also try being in a cartel or foreign partisan group, and the US Gov will just give them to you...bad guys have all the fun stuff.

domestic abusers and other violent offenders already lose there right to have firearms all the time.

@9SWSDN3Constitution from Florida disagreed…3wks

No, and the government should pass a national “stand your ground” law No, only for criminals and the mentally ill

Assault rifles are already banned, an assault rifle is "a rapid-fire, magazine-fed automatic rifle designed for infantry use."

Not an AR-15, or any semi-automatics, the M-16 is an "assault rifle" and is banned.

@5T6XHSLDemocratfrom California  answered…6mos

They should go after illegal gun smugglers and sellers. Allow honest law-abiding citizens to carry unconcealed and concealed firearms.

@9T9W32CIndependent from Florida answered…2 days

Yes, require strict background checks, psychological testing, training, and biennial license renewal.

@9T9JNWFSocialist from Kentucky answered…2 days

yes. Guns should be more restricted due to many gun related crimes but it should also be open for people to defend themselves the psychological test is a great idea. But a person can be psychologicly fine but still want to harm people with a weapon we should also increase the penalties for gun related crimes

@Hunter-MartinRepublican from New York answered…3 days

Yes and no. Add unbiased psychological analysis, and mandatory gun safety course for a proper train up, but also pass a national stand your ground law.

@9T98S6BLibertarian from Massachusetts answered…3 days

@9T8TQPYDemocrat from North Carolina answered…3 days

@9T8PVCWConstitution from Alaska answered…4 days

No i bought one the other day it took an hour every time ive been it has

@9T8PQK9Constitution from Kentucky answered…4 days

No, just ensure that they have good intentions with the purchase. Make sure that they plan on using it for protection only.

@9T8JRQBPeace and Freedom from Indiana answered…4 days

Close gun show loophole and require background checks, psychological testing, and training, as well as increase penalties for gun-related crimes

@9T8DLF9American Solidarity from North Dakota answered…4 days

No, only for assault weapons and for criminals and the mentally ill. I think there should also be a background check

@9T87ZTKConstitution from Michigan answered…4 days

for illegals yes mentally ill yes and assault weapons but other than that no

@9T7TQ2FDemocrat from California answered…5 days

Yes, there should be universal background checks and anyone who has a felony or has a mental illness should not be allowed to have a gun.

@9T7NTQKRepublican from Arizona answered…5 days

no, most people don't realize how much you go through to buy a firearm in the first place.

@9T7FKCQIndependent from Massachusetts answered…6 days

No, we should not let mentally ill or criminals buy guns and we should instead put more funding towards stopping illegal gun sales

@9T79VYDSocialist from Tennessee answered…6 days

No, abolish ALL gun control; Under no pretext should arms & ammunition be surrendered.

@9T6XYR6Women’s Equality from New York answered…6 days

@9P9XPB4Constitution from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

Under the second amendment, no weapon should be banned or restricted. That is infringing our rights

@9P9R2ZBGreen from Georgia answered…6mos

If someone was to purchase mulitple guns or somwthing like that then maybe.

@9P9QQFPConstitution from California answered…6mos

@9P6D3GMPeace and Freedom from New Jersey answered…6mos

give like a full semester on gun training so only people who really need a gun are fully prepared and someone who just wants to kill somebody will think twice

@9P6D2HPWomen’s Equality from Alabama answered…6mos

Ban assault rifles for civilians, military trained persons can maintain assault rifles with psychological testing. Psychological assessments and background checks for civilians purchasing any guns.

@9P68HX9Women’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

Provide required training and additional safety criteria in order to purchase a weapon.

@9P5YWC8Constitution from Indiana answered…6mos

Neutral. Police officers should be able to carry guns because they keep us safe. Other people should have background checks done before they can carry a gun.

@9P5TC3NRepublican from Iowa answered…6mos

I think everyone has the right to own a gun and if you don’t like them don’t purchase them.

@9NQHB46Working Family from West Virginia answered…6mos

People should have guns, but they need to have a background check and if they have any assault in there background they shouldn’t be able to have one

@9P5DGQGTranshumanist from Tennessee answered…6mos

Yes, those convicted of violent crimes/domestic abuse should not be allowed to own guns.

@9P574Z5Republican from Indiana answered…6mos


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