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@6B535SFLibertarianfrom Michigan  answered…3mos

No- our education is way too expensive and far too ineffectual. Ranked 35th in the world? The most powerful country has a worse education system than some third-world countries.

@AL-Cubbybear88Working Familyfrom Indiana  answered…3mos

Yes, affirmative action is needed in all police departments and government agencies

@67WTSJWRepublicanfrom Indiana  answered…3mos

I think it would help society if we stop talking about minorities. Many are minorities with no "affirmative action" to help them. Families with disabled kids or elderly parents they have to care for often go without and no one steps up to help them (programs are a joke) everyone should be put on an equal playing ground. Apply for jobs, schooling etc., and everyone have equal chance. Don't give a healthy able bodied adult special preference because of race. It's not fair to others.

@5TPPQD2Libertarianfrom Kansas  answered…3mos

Regardless, we should create more social programs to address poverty, and also increase the acceptance of different races, forget the "minority" everyone needs to be treated equal, it's not "black lives matter" it's not "minority lives matter" It's every god damn life matters.

@5T5J6LCRepublicanfrom Texas  answered…3mos

These laws refer to minorities which are historically blacks, Mexicans, and Asians. I live in San Antonio, married to a Mexican. I am a minority in San Antonio but there is no law to help me. Instead, it's hard to find a job because I don't speak Spanish.

@5SM5JN4Greenfrom Ohio  answered…3mos

Yes, but switch affirmative action programs to be geared towards socioeconomic status rather than race.

@63LQ6CYRepublicanfrom Virginia  answered…3mos

No, "the first step to stopping racism is to stop talking about it"~Morgan Freeman

@6B6BBZGConstitutionfrom Illinois  answered…3mos

What you should do is create a program that will teach these guys a skill so he or she will have a career of some sort. Prior to the affirmative action has its corks. I maintain the government is set up to hold back minorities; especially blacks and hispanics. That's not right, they're human too. I say you should give him or her a fare shake regardless of the color of his or her face. What you see is what you get.

@64WB8D5Republicanfrom California  answered…3mos

No. Caucasians are the new minority. If you live and work in the US you should embrace our culture and follow the law. It's fine to practice culturally accepted traditions but I believe we are very fair. Everybody has their rights these days. We need to respect each other.

@5WTPBM6Libertarianfrom Iowa  answered…3mos

Yes, in a perfect world No.. but increase education spending to make ALL Schools funding the same, from Beverly Hills to Southside of Chicago to small town Iowa.. Same opportunity for all

@5ZWT5WNRepublicanfrom Texas  answered…3mos

affirmative action is a failure. Tax payers have spent TRILLIONS of dollars in trying to pull minority groups out of poverty. At the Great Society, poverty levels were at 14% and today, poverty levels for blacks is still about 14%. Blacks need to take responsibility for their families and children as well as be denied any welfare dollars if providers test positive or refuses to take available jobs in service industries.

@5T7FP2XLibertarianfrom Wisconsin  answered…3mos

No. The soft bigotry of lowered expectations does not help minority groups.

@5SFYXL4Democratfrom Nebraska  answered…3mos

@5WHWVSFLibertarianfrom Illinois  answered…3mos

The unemployment rate has skyrocketed in past 7 years in poverty areas. Why not address this problem by encouraging business and manufacturing to set up shop nearby?

@5ZWPG2XRepublicanfrom Pennsylvania  answered…3mos

There should be no special treatment for anyone because there should be NO discrimination for any one person no matter their race, gender, financial background, or sexual orientation. Everyone is equal.

@5VSC5SXGreenfrom New York  answered…3mos

No, the Democrats purposely designed affirmative action to produce failure and increase racism. If blacks had followed Malcolm X instead of MLK they would not have remained in the permanent underclass the Democrats created for them

@5TPTTC3Constitutionfrom Armed Forces Europe, Middle East, & Canada  answered…3mos

I believe that America needs to start recognizing that there are no minorities anymore. We are all Americans. End of story. If you are in America it is because you are or want to be an American. We are all people and we are all Americans. The color of one's skin, one's gender, one's sexual preference, or one's religion should not make us different enough to cause such a segregated society. We don't have separate facilities, but we are certainly segregated to this day, and it's pathetic.

@5ZB9QBMDemocratfrom Florida  answered…3mos

We have to be careful that affirmative action does not turn into discrimination against others. If someone resides in a predominant hispanic area, for instance, and most employees are hispanic and gain promotions, then we need to see if blacks, whites, Asians, etc. are suffering from discrimination. So, I think it need to be carefully examined.

@5ZYSK8PLibertarianfrom New Mexico  answered…3mos

Ancestors of slaves should be given a one-off compensatory reparation.

@5S7GKLWRepublicanfrom Arizona  answered…3mos

AA programs need to be more nuanced; a minority kid who has grown up in an upper middle class home with professional parents should not be seen or helped as "disadvantaged" over a poor white kid from a poor neighborhood or with drug addicted parents, for example.

@5S7JW86Libertarianfrom California  answered…3mos

I believe government enforced affirmative action programs should be abolished, but private organizations can give preferential treatment at will

@69S8JT4Constitutionfrom New Jersey  answered…3mos

Who are the real minorities?...That needs to be defined. What are the minorities doing to help themselves in a positive manner, i.e., not looting and rioting. Fund families in need!...Don't fund "breeding for money". Spend money on resurrecting the "family unit" in inner's demise is destroying them.

@67YWMNLRepublicanfrom Alabama  answered…3mos

Of course, it would be most desirable for people of all races to respect each other. Perhaps, then this question wouldn't be here.

@69RXS9JConstitutionfrom California  answered…2mos

Depends on the program. No pro LGBT programs unless it's designed for changing gay lifestyle.

@Olivia-HaleSocialist from Indiana commented…2mos

@5SFLVHHDemocratfrom Mississippi  answered…3mos

Only if "white" is added to the list of minority groups. Affirmative Action should be reflected in the census statistics of the area and not in national figures.

@6PCZV97Republicanfrom Ohio  answered…3mos

Not when it interferes with the best qualified person through testing, etc. Do we go into a black or Hispanic business and demand that they fire their black or Hispanic workers and replace them with whites.? Fair play?

@64XPQYJDemocratfrom New York  answered…3mos

Yes, but rather than basing these programs on race, they should focus on race-neutral factors that lead to poverty (e.g., parents are poor, children of single parents, etc.).

@5S7L7XFConstitutionfrom New York  answered…3mos

No, enough with special treatment based on racism that does not exist. No exceptions.

@64XMJNVRepublicanfrom Florida  answered…3mos

Address poverty through education. Completely restructure public education with an emphasis on getting the poor complete choice.

@AlaskaHawaiiPeace and Freedom  from New York answered…3mos

No, and minority groups should not receive any favorable treatment

No, favoring people because of their identity or type is the exact definition of racism. I don't care if its because they are white,black,yellow,brown,or red. I don't care if they're from africa,latin america,europe,or asia. I don't care if their ancestors arrived on the mayflower or on slave ships.

Racism is wrong, No matter who it's coming from.

@5S7PK4YDemocratfrom New Jersey  answered…3mos

Yes but with a built-in time limit; otherwise it becomes a permanent class of people who see themselves as victims.

@5SKS2DJConstitutionfrom Texas  answered…3mos

No, it is unconstitutional to give minorities greater rights than everyone else.

@6224LSBRepublicanfrom Virginia  answered…3mos

@5ZZY9QWLibertarianfrom Arizona  answered…3mos

affirmative action is A set of laws providing benefits for some citizens over others, or government sanctioned preference. It didn't work before the civil rights movement, it won't work after.

@5TLVV8JDemocratfrom Texas  answered…3mos

Yes - I'm tired of unqualified white people getting into good schools over Asians!

@5WVSLXYDemocratfrom Massachusetts  answered…3mos

@tm1030Republicanfrom Alabama  answered…3mos

I do not support AA programs based solely on race, but more as a means to help all those in need. I also am against giving Military first priority.

@5T4R76FGreenfrom North Carolina  answered…3mos

Someone should not be hired soley on the fact that they are a minority. They should be treated fairly and the same as a non-minority. Skills, character, and education should determine a person being hired.

@5X42HDRDemocratfrom California  answered…3mos

No affirmative action doesn't mean to support minorities. It means BLACK people sometimes illegals. Everyone else gets screwed by it.

@9RHNDQTGreen from Minnesota answered…5 days

No, affirmative action statistically benefits white women more

@9Q8SM8XPeace and Freedom from New York answered…2mos

No, but we should have affirmative action based on socioeconomic status.

@9Q6HN69Veteran from Mississippi answered…2mos

Different races should not get better treatment just because they are a minority, they should get better treatment based off of income level though.

@9Q638Z7Veteran from Texas answered…3mos

Generally No. However, I agree with Employment and Government. We should not mandate affirmative action but reward it when an employer or gov't entity encourages it.

@9Q47JMMIndependent from Louisiana answered…3mos

only if its not just to get free things and steal our stuff


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