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@7WT23P3Peace and Freedomfrom Maine  answered…12mos

Social media companies tend to be profit driven which greatly hinders their ability to run their business without bias. Advert sales are not monitored strictly enough and this results in certain individuals/companies/sovereign states taking advantage of the system in place to push their own political/social agenda with the use of fake statistics and facts to control the mind set of the populous.

@7WSHGGWRepublican from New Mexico answered…12mos

The governments role should ensure that antitrust laws are not broken and that there is not a monopoly regarding information. I think that the site providing their information should be required to include enough personal information so one can determine if it is biased.

@7WSDW3MDemocrat from Florida answered…12mos

The government should ensure that people who intentionally mislead others are flagged and responded to with factual, non-bias evidence from all sides of the actual story.

@9W4JJXSRepublican from Virginia answered…2mos

The government should only be able to enforce the constitution. Social media companies should not be able to prevent one’s free speech

@9XR6GHZSocialist from Washington answered…23hrs

No, social media platforms should be nationalized to remove the profit motive behind fake news and misinformation.

@9XNVV6BReform from Nebraska answered…3 days

No, social media does need to be regulated but not by the government, government (when they go against science, numbers, and other data) is the very source of fake news and misinformation anyways.

@9XN8NJWSocialistfrom Maine  answered…5 days

@9XKMGNVWomen’s Equality from Michigan answered…1wk

Yes because in order to ensure we are getting the correct information the government itself needs to release that information. So some monitoring of what is being said by big political companies would be a little helpful.

@9XGKZCBDemocrat from Texas answered…2wks

No, social media companies are privat and should not be regulated by the government; to an extent.

@9XGFVDPWorking Family from Texas answered…2wks

Yes, but only to the point of the companies being transparent, not regulating actual content

@9XG5CRVDemocrat from Florida answered…2wks

@9XFBKVSWorking Family from South Carolina answered…2wks

@9XCT5YGRepublican from North Carolina answered…2wks

tough question as have to protect the integrity of private companies; however, certain companies such as Google, Twitter, YT and others have clearly chosen sides in terms of dissemination of news and opinions. Cannot allow such to prevail.

@9XCKKK6Socialist from California answered…2wks

It's very difficult for the government to regulate misinformation and fake news.

@Bob-MetzgerVeteran from Ohio answered…2wks

Yes, but the government shouldn't be the one to determine what is fake vs real 'news'.

@9X8QSBZDemocrat from Texas answered…3wks

@9X5B8DLWomen’s Equality from California answered…3wks

No, people can believe what they want to believe in , even if it creates rifts. Government would have too much control on what citizens see.

@9X3F263Socialist from Indiana answered…4wks

Unless a social media site is allowing information that is factually incorrect, contains hate speech, or discrimination, the government should stay out of social media sites.

@9WS9WQCGreen from Minnesota answered…1mo

Yes, but this should be conducted by the sites themselves and not the government.

@9WR7324Working Family from Oregon answered…1mo

@9WR5HPXPeace and Freedom from California answered…1mo

@9W6MJX4Working Family from California answered…2mos

No, but the government should be able to file lawsuits against false information as they would for newspapers.

@9VQTYNNLibertarian from Missouri answered…3mos

No, social media companies censorship should be regulated to prevent political suppression.

@9VQTQL4Progressive from Michigan answered…3mos

They shouldn’t be strictly regulated but charged for potential damages

@9VP7YHCIndependent from Virginia answered…3mos

Yes, they should be treated as utilities to a certain extent but the government should have checks and balances with this so they cannot completely control information

@9V48QXVLibertarian from Georgia answered…5mos

No, and the government should end all subsidies and protections on these companies

@9TZXYLCSocialist from Kansas answered…5mos

No, I don't trust the government to regulate news and information of any kind.

@9TTHQHJTranshumanist from Colorado answered…5mos

Social sites absolutely need to be regulated but it shouldn't be by the government. Complete reform needs to happen with the businesses themselves and a stronger study/look on the implications of continuing to operate as is on our future as individuals and as a country. Current operations is not a tomorrow problem or even a 2024 problem. Its a 2040 problem, 2060 problem.

@9J6P8T4Democrat from Nevada answered…1yr

They should be regulated by an independent, non-partisan group or agency.

@9HZ5WZXPeace and Freedom from Ohio answered…1yr

Private companies should be doing more to ensure misinformation isn’t being spread

@9HXB9NWRepublican from Wisconsin answered…1yr

With certain sites. Such as Snapchat, there is a lot of fake news and just people spreading misinformation but the preventing might get out of hand after awhle.

@annie.boo1995Peace and Freedom from California answered…1yr

Fact checkers should exist but not regulated by the government. That would give the risk of biases. Fact checkers need to be nonpartisan, independent parties.

@9HQN9ZCWomen’s Equality from Louisiana answered…1yr

As much as I would like for false accusations and fake news/ information to stop spreading, I don't think it's a good idea for the government to do this because they could abuse that power and use it for their own benefit in politics.

@9HQKRJ7Women’s Equality from Indiana answered…1yr

No, but they should have a non political fact checking system

@9HQ4YXTAmerican from California answered…1yr

230 was meant to keep them from being regulated. Social Media companies aren’t working in good faith as required. They should be held accountable for this. Reform 230

@9HP6N5GIndependent from Florida answered…1yr

No, but the government should not contribute to fake news and misinformation.

@9HKXXXTDemocrat from Virginia answered…1yr

@9HK94FRVeteran from Texas answered…1yr

@9HK6KSJIndependent from California answered…1yr

No. People should do their own research. Social media should not try to influence elections.

@9HJT27QWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…1yr

@9HHTKJKSocialist from Washington D.C. answered…1yr

No, but they should be regulated to fact check, and remove bots

@9HHNWFRLibertarian from Illinois answered…1yr

Social Media is a cancer on society and should be abolished

@9HFHX84Peace and Freedom from Kentucky answered…1yr

I think instead they should increase funding into education and social awareness to help the individual gain and verify information.
But, Social Media sites should be held accountable to negligence completely, especially if the user has used the site to promote violence, hate crimes, and acts of terrorism.

@9HDJXTYIndependent from Washington D.C. answered…1yr

The government should work with social media sites by helping develop resources to better prevent the spread of fake and violent extremist content. They should not regulate sites themselves.


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