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 @9FPFS9H from California agreed…2mos2MO

I think charter schools build a higher percentage of scholars than public schools so they are usefull to have to put your child at the school and see him succeed.

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No, we should focus on improving our public schools and increasing teacher wages instead

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 @9FXM6VVDemocrat from Illinois agreed…2mos2MO

Charter schools can provide an alternative to public schools, but they cannot fix all the problems public schools face. Public schools need to be adequately funded, and charter schools cannot provide the resources and funding necessary to support all the students in a district

 @9FV4GYQ from Texas disagreed…2mos2MO

People should be able to choose where their kids go to school but not at the expense of public school funding.

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Yes, and our entire education system should be privatized

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Yes, but not at the expense of funding public schools

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No, and education should not be privatized

 @9FPFS9H from California disagreed…2mos2MO

Yes they should be privatized based on if their following a certain religion or they have history of beeing a private school.

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 @8G4T258Patriotic Peoples from Oklahoma answered…3yrs3Y

No, the reason the students have higher test scores is because those schools have more funding..take their funding and give it to public schools

 @95CJ5F5from North Carolina answered…1yr1Y

 @6TJWFCFfrom Minnesota answered…3yrs3Y

They shouldn't need to exist, the same quality of education should be available in public schools instead of needing to pay to get it in a private school.

 @95P6HN4 from North Carolina answered…1yr1Y

 @95DFSVNfrom North Carolina answered…1yr1Y

 @9GZDTYYIndependent from Maryland answered…2wks2W

Government funding should be focused on public schools and increasing teacher wages, but private institutions should still be able to run private schools for families that want private education for their child.

 @99VC8LC from Utah answered…9mos9MO

Yes, AND we should focus on improving our public schools and increasing teacher wages

 @93T88F3 from New York answered…1yr1Y

Yes, but we should focus on improving our public schools and increasing teacher wages as well.

 @8M7ZH94 from New Jersey answered…3yrs3Y

Yes, but only if they are non-profit and not at the expense of funding public schools

 @9BBYBHL from Illinois answered…8mos8MO

Yes, parents should be able to choose the school they want their children to go to.

 @99NK29S from Wisconsin answered…9mos9MO

No, and education should not be privatized, and we should focus on improving our public schools and increasing teacher wages instead.

 @8TL7GJD from Utah answered…2yrs2Y

 @8TBYC9DAmerican from Georgia answered…2yrs2Y

Yes, but we should focus on improving public schools and improving the quality of teachers at public schools then consider increasing their wages

 @8L9BZD6 from Indiana answered…3yrs3Y

Yes, but not at the expense of funding public schools, and as long as same standards are used to evaluate. There's been some thumbs on the scale in areas to support otherwise failing charter schools and at the expense of public education.

These should definitely be non-profit.

 @8HXQZTY from Missouri answered…3yrs3Y

in some cases yes but putting charter school funding over public school is morally wrong and our education system needs to be improved, its not right that 20 minutes away there's schools that cant afford basic supplies while there's schools with an influx of supplies and have extra money to afford ipads and extra things for clubs and so on.

 @9227KQS from New Jersey answered…2yrs2Y

 @9H2BR6Y from Michigan answered…2wks2W

no people shouldnt have to pay for their kids to go to a private school when the public schools do the same thing unless theyre famous or if its a private school for kids who need extra help in school (more advanced help than you would get from a public school)

 @9GZVGMM from California answered…2wks2W

No, Unless They Are Affiliated With A City School District (Like University High School Charter And Emerson Community Charter; Both In Los Angeles, CA). Regardless, We Should Continue To Fund Public Schools And Increase Teacher Wages.

 @9GXQNC3Democrat from California answered…2wks2W

If they are funded by our taxes all students should be included and they should operate on a non-profit model.

 @9GVWZSC from Indiana answered…3wks3W

Only if there is no political or religious view being pushed by the school if the children attending are underage

  @KURTSY<3 from Tennessee answered…1mo1MO

a little bit maybe, i think i'd need to do more research than i really feel like doing rn to make a genuine decision of this.

 @9GG5TBL  from Illinois answered…1mo1MO

Yes, so long as they are non profit and allow the government to focus on improving public schools and increasing teacher wages

 @84ZWD6LIndependent  from Pennsylvania answered…1mo1MO

Yes, and state governments should reduce red tape to allow the creation of more private and charter schools, and make it easier to receive accreditation

 @9G9MJ97 from Oregon answered…1mo1MO

Yes, but we should also give more funding to public schools for their arts programs and increase teachers salary's.

 @9G8XT2X from North Carolina answered…1mo1MO

I don´t have a problem with charter schools, but at the same time, I feel like we should put more work into improving our public schools.

 @9G8JFVD from California answered…1mo1MO

yes but we need to focus on public schools to help the students and teachers who are not valued enough.

 @9FVPFB6Independent  from Indiana answered…2mos2MO

Yes, but only if the charter school meets the same qualifications as public schools and adheres to the same academic standards as public schools.

 @9FVLHSF from Arizona answered…2mos2MO

Yes, I’m theory. Like private schools, many are poorly run, but as long as they have to keep the same academic standards/curriculum requirements as public schools I am in favor

 @9FTZSYF  from North Carolina answered…2mos2MO

Charter schools are a great compromise between failing public schools and private schools. However, they should be required to abide by the same standards as public schools (eg class sizes, etc) and there should be more transparency on where their money comes from and what they teach

 @9FQ6Y66 from South Dakota answered…2mos2MO

I think there is limited room for charter schools within our educational system--for example, in large systems to provide specialized educational opportunities or to meet specialized educational needs; but I strongly oppose the movement toward using charter schools in a way that weakens the public education system. If I had to go all or nothing, then I would oppose charter schools.


Yes, but only if they're non-profit, not at the expense of funding public schools, and they're under better supervision.

 @Angreji_JalebiSocialist from Texas answered…2mos2MO

As it relates to charter schools, off of the top of my head, and without the statistics on the viability of charter schools in front of me, I don’t feel I’ll be able to give a definitive answer. I will say, I don’t think it should take away from public school funding. When you look deeply, within the vast majority of cities in our country, I think it’s safe to say a lot of our public schools have been forgotten, in some aspects. In certain areas, they are devastatingly underfunded. At least compared to suburban areas. An example would be Montgomery County schools vs Philadelphia County schools. Or Independent School Districts within the suburbs outside of Dallas (Collin county for example), vs Dallas ISD.

 @9FP5C6JDemocrat from Florida answered…2mos2MO

 @9FNCXRQ from Ohio answered…2mos2MO

Only for students that are failing in public schools such as poor or disabled.

 @9FNBX5W from West Virginia answered…2mos2MO

Yes, but we should improve our public schools and increase wages for teachers.


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