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No, a global free trade system is better for our businesses and consumers

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@98HLHJ7  from Arizona commented…5mos


Hamilton’s Fair Trade Act made importers pay their fair share of Taxes like domestic producers pay, this provides our treasury with funds to maintain our infrastructure. Plus, it creates scores of millions new jobs & Treasury Revenue.

when Soros and associates began to take US down, the 1st act was to take down our Fair trade system, which gave the worlds oligarchs trillions more for their slave made goods, who are also private shareholders of their FED, now after 60+ years later, small businesses have vanished in their vision of US as consumers of Their Slave made Trash, all that’s left…  Read more

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Yes, our country has been on the losing side of trade deals for too long

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No, this will hurt our manufacturing businesses that rely on importing cheap resources to make their products

 Deleted answered…9mos

@98325PGIndependent from Nevada answered…6mos

Tariffs are a useful tool but must be implemented intelligently and applied after considering the specific conditions of the industry in question as well as the geopolitics that are related.

@9C5KXGM from Georgia answered…2wks

Yes,but only if other countries are taking advantage of the country.

@97XGJ5Z from Kansas answered…7mos

@97G3JRQ from Missouri answered…7mos

Should be dependent on the product and if it’s readily available in the US or capable of being produced here for a reasonable price

@96QVL5L from West Virginia answered…8mos

@96QVL5L from West Virginia answered…7mos

Yes, but adjust taxes and tariffs to match how countries tariff our exports

@974887B from Washington answered…7mos

Yes, on countries that commit human rights abuses and fail to protect worker's rights.

@9C9KXGD from Pennsylvania answered…23hrs

Yes, but we must be careful with it. We cannot afford retaliation from other countries or risk sparking another trade war

@9C8P5X8 from Georgia answered…4 days

Yes,but only if the country is been taken advantage of by other countries.

@9C658SY from Washington answered…2wks

@9BCY2BQ from California answered…2mos

@9BCSSPJIndependent from Georgia answered…2mos

@soldieroffortunefrom Guam  answered…2mos

Yes, but only for American industries that cannot keep up with consumer demand.

@9BC5Y36 from Illinois answered…2mos

Yes, increasing tariffs would promote domestic industry and production allowing us to build up our infrastructure again. It could also help decrease the national debt level ever so slightly faster.

@9BC2V6R from Massachusetts answered…2mos

@JakeV922 from Ohio answered…2mos

No, as long as it’s from a white country only. Ban imports from non-white countries.

@9B854VQ from North Carolina answered…2mos

Only when necessary to offset unfair tariffs /competition practices of other countries- response in kind should be the policy

@9B6TFVHDemocrat from Virginia answered…2mos

@9B4QGZC from Texas answered…2mos

Yes, US based companies are struggling to compete with cheap goods made by near slaves in other countries.

@99ZQ6S8 from California answered…2mos

@99Y88MD from Ohio answered…2mos

No, increase tariffs on China and other such countries but not universally

@99W9P32from Virgin Islands  answered…3mos

Yes, this will help create and save more jobs because our country has been on the losing side of trade deals for too long

@99W7NQM from Ohio answered…3mos

Only to match countries that have tariffs or unfair trade practices on their end that hurt american businesses and are against free trade.

@99HMZPD from Ohio answered…3mos

Yes, the United States needs to become more self-sufficient and quit relying on other countries

@99F3S4HRepublican from Missouri answered…3mos

I feel like I don't have enough information on this topic to make a decision.

@99CDG7N from Texas answered…4mos

Yes, but only from countries that are constantly attacking us (such as via hacking attempts by their government), such as China and Russia.

@994JJXXDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…4mos

Yes but more for countries that have any unethical or human rights violations. Less or none for countries that do things ethically and sustainably.

@98VZGKQ from Indiana answered…4mos

No, but only because our nation has crippled its own production of goods.

@98NHX44from Maine  answered…5mos

Not inherently, however, the Government should ban import of goods made by companies that abuse human rights, such as child labor or slave factories.

@98LDCB6 from Pennsylvania answered…5mos

@96P9H6D from New Mexico answered…8mos

NO they government needs to be more self efficient with every we use needs and goods.

@96LJPLR from Virginia answered…8mos

No. The government should provide incentives to businesses and workers instead.


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