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@9G2WMNJConstitution from Alabama answered…6mos

Yes, however, require extensive training and psychological evaluations.

@9G2T2DNLibertarian from Virginia answered…6mos

Yes if they choose to and have shown a certain level of competency

@9FS2WH9Veteran from Texas answered…6mos

@9FRY88BWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…6mos

I believe that teachers who have gone through a strict gun training should be allowed to if they want. I do not think that it should be mandatory.

@9FRXBY8Transhumanist from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

Yes, as long as the teacher has a permit to carry also there should be funding for firearm safety corses

@9FRWT8QConstitution from Tennessee answered…6mos

If a teacher has a hidden carry permit then they should be granted whether they wish to have it with them concealed in school or not. Ways that children can access the teacher's firearm should be limited and monitored

@9FRVJSBDemocrat from Tennessee answered…6mos

@9FRMMHKGreen from Michigan answered…6mos

No, a majority of the teachers do not even want this. Please don't.

@9FRM9YFConstitution from New York answered…6mos

i think there should be armed guards but i dont think teachers should be armed

@9FRL3JCPeace and Freedom from Utah answered…6mos

Yes, Only if the teachers are trained to carry a gun. We would like to feel safe at school and have no accidental shootings. They could always hire security guards.

@9FRFFN7Peace and Freedom from Hawaii answered…6mos

NO teachers shouldnt be allowed to have a gun on them, a accidental shooting could happen. A student could get a hold of it and think its a toy gun and "pretend to shoot" when he/she will accidentally shoot someone else. Or I would hire a professional security guard who is well trained with guns.

@9FR4WH4Transhumanist from Utah answered…6mos

@9FR49QYGreen from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

If the teacher goes through government approved training and through that is certified to be both a teacher and protector. Then let them carry a gun.

@9FQW8RTWorking Family from Tennessee answered…6mos

i feel they should have guns but only if someone is trying to get to the kids and only for self defense

@9FQV7R7Working Family from Florida answered…6mos

only if the teacher is trained and searched for personal back round info to know that they can posses a gun

@9FQTPG9Peace and Freedom from Louisiana answered…6mos

They should but they should have extensive training and look overs.

@9FQQL4PLibertarian from Washington answered…6mos

Yes, however it should be voluntary and there should be additional training required.

@9FQNBS7Peace and Freedom from Ohio answered…6mos

yes and no i feel in some situations it is appropriate and in others not so much

@9FQMKDZPeace and Freedom from New York answered…6mos

Yes, if they have adequate knowledge of how and when to use it

@9FQHHC6Republican from Missouri answered…6mos

Yes, if the teacher has a certified license and is proven safe to be carrying a weapon.

@9FQH5SHTranshumanist from Massachusetts answered…6mos

@9FQH4CYIndependent from North Carolina answered…6mos

For protective reasons yet it could result in an accidental shooting.

@9FQ9DHWPeace and Freedom from Indiana answered…6mos

I think that if the teacher thinks they need it in case of an emergency, they should be able to carry one.

@9FQ8GGQTranshumanist from Delaware answered…6mos

@9FQ6MVCPeace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…6mos

There should be more security officers in the schools so teachers do not have to worry about the responsibility of having a gun or the students

@9FPNQWBConstitution from California answered…6mos

i think people should do what ever they want as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody

@9FPMFPSDemocrat from Wisconsin answered…6mos

Only teachers at universities and collages should be able to carry guns on campus

@9FPL62WVeteran from Louisiana answered…6mos

@9FP64KNWorking Family from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

I think if the teachers are properly trained to use the weapon that it would be acceptable

@9FNR6B7Libertarian from Utah answered…6mos

Depends on community, training, and willingness of teachers and parents.

@9FNHKMTWomen’s Equality from Washington answered…6mos

Yes, but only with proper training and only those who want to

@9FNFJZZConstitution from Maryland answered…6mos

A highly trained teacher or staff member should be armed. Training is absolutely necessary.

@9FNDRVTDemocrat from Iowa answered…6mos

this would only cause more problems as a shoot outs would happen

@9FNDBD2Women’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

No, schools should receive better funding in order to properly take care of the student body. Doing so would allow guidance counselors and other faculty to be hired to help those students suffering from mental issues. Primarily those issues brought on by large amounts of stress and bullying.

@9FNCXXPTranshumanist from Minnesota answered…6mos

@9FMS2PGWomen’s Equality from Kansas answered…6mos

With extra training and certification And by teachers choice

@9FMQ9XMDemocrat from Indiana answered…6mos

School Police officers or security guards should be the only ones armed

@9FMP7WQRepublican from New York answered…6mos

Literally no opinion because the variables are not clear and blanket rules are always a mistake.

@9FMNXQ3Socialistfrom Maine  answered…6mos

It should only be allowed for staff that is competent and mentally fit to use such weapons. All schools should do the same as a safety precaution

@9FMHL2HLibertarian from Virginia answered…6mos

Gun safety should be taught to everyone, but there should be no guns allowed in a school

@9FM53YFWomen’s Equality from Maine answered…6mos

Yes there should be a guard a mind select teachers should go thought training and carry

@9FM32HSWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…6mos

No, teachers dont get paid enough to be in charge of this. Further teachers may not be mentally stable enough to handle to the result and too many accidentally issues may occur.

@9FLPFRDAmerican from Texas answered…6mos


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