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@9RLKV2BDemocrat from California answered…2 days

The US should let Israel and Palestine work out the Jerusalem capitol and once it's established the movement of embassies.

@9RL56PQDemocrat from Washington answered…3 days

Due to ongoing conflict around the rightful claim to the city, foreign governments should avoid formally recognizing Jerusalem as the capital to either nation.

@9RK4GQSWomen’s Equality from New York answered…4 days

They should recognize the capital of wherever Israel actually says it is.

@9RJBPL4Transhumanist from Wisconsin answered…5 days

@9RH4G8WLibertarianfrom Maine  answered…6 days

Jerusalam is the capital of palastine and Israel it is also the capitol of crhistianity,islam and jews.

@9PZQ7TCWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…3mos

Neither, It is not another counties place to dictate another countries capital.

@9PYHVLCSocialist from West Virginia answered…3mos

The US has no business occupying other countries and causing rifts among nations

@9PVXCPBVeteran from Missouri answered…3mos

I feel that since Israel is not our country that we should not say that any certain place should be their capital.

@9PV72JQLibertarian from South Carolina answered…3mos

No, because Jerusalem is so important to so many people that it should be under UN control

@9PT32C6Democrat from Texas answered…3mos

Regardless, the United States has no buisness in the Israel-Palestine conflict for any reason besides humanitarian aid.

@9PSW8KQVeteran from South Carolina answered…3mos

@9PR3WB4Peace and Freedom from Illinois answered…3mos

No, because whether Jerusalem is the capital of Isreal or Palestine is up to them to decide, and the U.S. has no business to decide it or not.

@9PQWFDQPeace and Freedom from Wisconsin answered…3mos

The determination of a sovereign nation's capital is up to that sovereign nation.

@9PNMX6MRepublican from Florida answered…3mos

@9PGTR59Transhumanist from Oklahoma answered…3mos

It should not be up to the United States to recognize what is the capital of any foreign nation.

@9PGFMZDSocialist from Kentucky answered…3mos

@9P8HQFYTranshumanist from Ohio answered…3mos

@Lstrauch3Peace and Freedom from Pennsylvania answered…3mos

It's not our job to declare the capital of another country.

@9P85QS2Veteran from Oklahoma answered…3mos

@9P7BJ47Working Family from Alabama answered…3mos

@9P575MNWomen’s Equality from Massachusetts answered…3mos

@9NZL2W8Women’s Equality from Florida answered…3mos

No, Jerusalem isn’t a capital or political city. It’s a religious area and shouldn’t be any country’s capital

@9NZCMKJGreen from California answered…3mos

Countries other than Jerusalem or Palestine should not be involved in determining the capital of said countries.

@9NWTBTPVeteran from Kansas answered…3mos

@9NSHTZJDemocrat from Minnesota answered…3mos

The U.S. should not determine where the capital is for other countries. Israel and Palestine should be equally respected.

@9NCXFWPDemocrat from California answered…3mos

This is a decision for the people of Israel to make, not the United States.

@9NRZ47ZLibertarian from Texas answered…3mos

@9NMV6MGWomen’s Equality from Minnesota answered…3mos

Yes, but Jerusalem should also be viewed as the capital for the future state of Palestine


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