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@9PBH54HIndependent from Texas answered…6mos

The United States should do whatever it takes for us to take care of our climate.

@9T9J6LFRepublican from Virginia answered…2 days

@9NRW3D5Women’s Equality from Texas answered…6mos

Yes, and local and state governments and business should be given incentives to create local competition

@9NRNMSDAmerican Solidarity from Tennessee answered…6mos

@9NQZVTKRepublican from Texas answered…6mos

i dont think climate change is a big deal and its been highly politicized by the far left

@9NQVPVQWomen’s Equality from Massachusetts answered…6mos

@9NN2QYMWomen’s Equality from Minnesota answered…6mos

I'm OK with it as long as we figure out a new climate change plan as soon as possible in order to help he US reduce it's and the worlds carbon emissions.

@9NMP2KQPeace and Freedom from Arkansas answered…6mos

@9NLX3SSRepublican from New Jersey answered…6mos

i dont no much about this agreement so i dont think i should have a say

@9NLVG85Veteran from New York answered…6mos

I think they should leave it and try to find a more ideal agreement.

@9NL8KVVConstitution from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

The Paris Climate Agreement is a bunch of countries saying they will stop emissions by a year but they will stop net emissions not emissions if we went all green then we would shut down the world.

@9NKXLBPLibertarian from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

@9NFWYNSDemocrat from Michigan answered…6mos

No, the agreement has universal benefits regardless of other countries involved

@9NFSXXPWorking Family from Indiana answered…6mos

We should work with other countries to help regulate and eliminate sources of climate change, but every country effected by this agreement should pay their fair share and do their part equally from the signing of the agreement.

@9NFNSHKConstitutionfrom Maine  answered…6mos

@9NF3K3MLibertarian from Minnesota answered…6mos

Yes, negotiate a better deal where other nations are held to a higher standard

@ambergilliam21Women’s Equality from Georgia answered…6mos

Not very educated on this topic, but do think that climate issues should be taken way more seriously and we should be putting focus onto fixing those

@9NDY379Women’s Equality from Illinois answered…6mos

Negotiate with India and China to work on their carbon emissions.

@9NCHDR4Libertarian from Kansas answered…6mos

@9NBXBL5Women’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

yes and no, I think America should be in charge of our own energy but make the source safer for our health and safety of our environment

@9NB8MZHWomen’s Equality from Ohio answered…6mos

regardless of whether we withdraw or not, the U.S. push toward renewable resources, clean energy, energy independence, decreasing carbon emissions and reducing our effect on climate change should be held at a leading industry standard and set as an example for other nations.

@9NB89QFTranshumanist from Connecticut answered…6mos

The Paris Agreement has its negative/ineffective aspects, but the US needs to prioritize climate change & also needs to make an effort to improve it's international relations.

@9N89MM3Women’s Equality from Texas answered…6mos

No, but standards should be revised to align with long term positive energy demand and be comprehensive, not just “carbon neutral”

@9N7VKRWLibertarian from Texas answered…6mos

No, but we should encourage other countries to hold the same standards.

@9N7S7XPWomen’s Equalityfrom Maine  answered…6mos

@9N5Y53BDemocrat from Illinois answered…6mos

No, temporarily, until we put in place a cleaner, more sustainable and reusable solution

@9N5W344Veteran from Illinois answered…6mos

I am not really informed on this topic and I'm not really sure of what it is

@9N5JQ7DDemocrat from New York answered…6mos

No, and continue to put both the United States and other Countries involved to work on a solution

@9N4K8YZRepublican from Alabama answered…6mos

I’m not well versed on this subject and there for some not want to make this decision

@9N44Q55Veteran from Pennsylvania answered…6mos


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