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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

Yes, everyone should receive an income to cover basic necessities including food and housing

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

@97ZPQBR from New York answered…1 day

yes, but mainly focus on lower income families and people who have difficulties providing for themselves.

@97ZMSKL from Louisiana answered…2 days

People's needs should be met by local mutual-aid and international special interest groups.

@97Z8HFR from Florida answered…3 days

Yes for basic needs but still require side hustles and jobs for people to work in order to receive it. Age requirement as well, must be an adult (18+)

@97Z79FW from North Carolina answered…4 days

Yes, for those who are working but still need financial support. But not for people who are not working or making an effort to work.

@97Z6DCM from Oregon answered…4 days

Wages should keep up with inflation and cost of living so we don’t need basic income

@97Z557H from North Carolina answered…4 days

@97Z4FQ7 from Florida answered…4 days

Yes, but use a citizens dividend instead and fund it with a Land Value Tax

@97YYXQ8Independent from Oregon answered…4 days

No, but I support a Citizen's Dividend as proposed in a Land Value Tax

@97YYVVRDemocratfrom Guam  answered…4 days

The universal basic income program should be means tested and limited to those that are disadvantaged at the time. There should also be a requirement for those that are able to look for employment during this period. Upon gaining employment which is equal to or above the UBIP the payments should cease.

@97YYQRFRepublican from Arizona answered…4 days

It should only be permitted during times of inflation for single parents and those who work low-income jobs.

@97YYL9X from Arizona answered…5 days

No, I feel like it should only be for people on government assistance.

@97YVMFLLibertarian from Kansas answered…5 days

@97YRN2YDemocrat from Oregon answered…5 days

Yes, but only a very minimal stimulus check, and not enough that people will no longer be encouraged to work

@97YR8VPDemocrat from Minnesota answered…5 days

Instead of a UBI, do not tax the first ___ amount of income that would go towards a projected cost of living including rent/mortgage and cost of things such as phone plans, home energy/gas, and food.

@97YQ4PB from North Carolina answered…5 days

No universal program, just for those who truly need it and are not taking advantage of the program.

@97YNRGG from Delaware answered…6 days

No, but there should be proper support systems for those in need and healthcare should be free.

@97YMKVQLibertarian from Michigan answered…6 days

It should be available to those that apply (one parent households, elders, disabled)

@97YL7K4 from Kentucky answered…6 days

Yes, because I feel it'll help families and people live well. Also, I believe that if there not doing anything and using that money for things inappropriately and harming others they should not get it. For example, people who use that money for drugs or not working or trying to work to make a livivng for themselves.

@97YJ8HZ from Washington answered…6 days

@97YJ5V5 from Michigan answered…6 days

@97YH26G from New York answered…6 days

yes but only if the person or people are working or are trying to find work.

@97YDBQR from South Carolina answered…6 days

@97YFPLP from South Carolina answered…6 days

No, this will encourage people to not work. However, people who do work and can't afford things should be helped out in some ways.

@97YDKD3 from New York answered…6 days

Yes, but it should be only given to people that work, so it encourages people to get a job to boost economic growth.

@97YCW6W from North Carolina answered…6 days

Yes , in some cases the universal basic income program can help people who need it.No, in some cases because some people don't need it.

@97YBJZ5 answered…6 days

Only to people who are in desperate need or a particular income bracket.

@97YB3S3 from Pennsylvania answered…6 days

depends on the person's situation and whether they have worked before or not.

@97Y7GGF from Colorado answered…6 days

UBI is inefficient when we could just use that money to provide housing, food and clothes to people.

@97Y6DTY from New York answered…6 days

Yes, so long as this does not serve as a replacement for other nationalized benefits and services such as universal healthcare

@97Y63GN from Ohio answered…6 days

Only for people who are disabled or unable to work so they can get the necessities they need to survive

@97Y5M5GIndependent from New York answered…6 days

No, but institute or expand similar programs based on income, so that those living in poverty or working close to or at minimum wage jobs are able to pay for food and housing, without making too costly of a program.

@97Y47DN from Hawaii answered…7 days

Yes, all low income families/people should receive an income to cover basic necessities including food and housing and people who are financially stable like the middle class and high class should not receive this income because they do not need it

@97Y3YMQ from Missouri answered…7 days

@97Y3RQC from Minnesota answered…7 days

Yes, some level of of food and housing should be provided but total coverage, excluding certain circumstances

@97Y3LPS from Alaska answered…7 days

Yes, but it cannot be funded by the general taxpayers. It needs to be funded by taxes on corporations based on the amount of automation they have implemented and the number of jobs that it removes from the workforce.


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