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@9X3S8NTWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…3wks

Allow states and districts to choose the term limits on their representatives.

@6KLVM77Constitutionfrom Montana  answered…12mos

That's a double edged sword, if you make the term too short they'll have to be even more corrupt to scam what ever they can from American tax payers. If you leave them in too long they can take their time screwing everyone. I just think they should be bi-annually audited by independent parties and the auditing company has to change each time. If the books and emails are missing or out of order the Congress member will have to pay for the extra time it takes to find those items. If too much is missing they would have to step down and be held under house arrest until the matter is resolved.

@9XH3NK2Green from Illinois answered…1wk

No, but I am in favor of barring anyone over the age of 80 from serving in congressional positions

@9WTWCP8Republican from Alabama answered…4wks

No, but there should be a term limit for Speaker of the House

@zzsdudLibertarian from Florida answered…2mos

No, but allow states to decide whether or not to set limits for their own representatives and senators

@9W33W8KAmerican Solidarity from Massachusetts answered…2mos

@9WK2BXRLibertarian from Maryland answered…1mo

No, but one shouldn't be able to serve for so long consecutively

@9WHJZBGRepublican from Maryland answered…1mo

Only term limit leadership positions like Speaker of the House or Minority Leader

@9W6KTFSAmerican from Minnesota answered…2mos

YES! Term limits, AND pay should be reduced /end with service (no long making that salary for life) also should be required to recieve the same quality of medical treatment as their constituents!

@9VHSXZGDemocrat from Texas answered…4mos

 Deleted answered…5mos

No, but members of Congress (both the House and the Senate) should have 4 year terms, and these terms should start at the same as those of the President.

@9TJFNLMPeace and Freedom from Connecticut answered…6mos

Yes, but it should be a long period of time as officials gain experience over time

@9RJBQ24Republican from Georgia answered…9mos

Yes, this will allow for more ideas and encourage other citizens to make thier voices heard and encourage them to run for political office.

@9RGMWGNWorking Family from Wyoming answered…9mos

Yes, every government position besides the Supreme Court, should have term limits.

@9R9NMPVDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…9mos

No, but there should be an maximum age.

@9RT7LRHDemocrat from Michigan agreed…9mos

Yes, term limits for the House but not the Senate Yes No

The age limit should be 3 times the life expectancy.

@MaSoNnNWorking Family from Virginia answered…9mos

No, but decrease congressional salaries and retirement benefits

@9R7ML7GConstitution from Michigan answered…9mos

@9QXZ4Y8Republican from Arizona answered…10mos

All members of Congress should be limited in terms - say 8 years in House and 12 in the Senate. All members of Congress shoud have to complete 20 ears of service to draw any retirement and medical benefits

@9QWS98CConstitution from Tennessee answered…10mos

@9PX8DXKPeace and Freedom from Virginia answered…11mos

I don't feel I have enough knowledge on the subject to make a solid opinion

@9P6YP5HPeace and Freedom from Massachusetts answered…12mos

@9NDCYG7Independent from Kansas answered…12mos

There should be term limits. A Representative term should be 3 years to promote efficiency with a 3 term limit. And a Senate term should be 6 years with a 2 term limit. Decrease salary and benefits after service.

@9N885W5Green from Utah answered…12mos

Yes, and their requirement benefits should be the same as any other Federal employee that worked the same number of years

@9N6Y9ZDGreen from Illinois answered…12mos

No term limits but they should have a limit on the number of years they should be limited in the number of years they can serve an a committee or a speaker etc.

@9MYF7DCIndependent from North Carolina answered…12mos

Congress was initially created as an unpaid, voluntary service to our country. 15 year term limits, decreased salary, and use of the same public healthcare of our citizens- which all end upon the end of their term. No salary and Healthcare for life.

@9MTG8TQRepublican from Utah answered…12mos

For senators, maybe, but only if the length of their term were increased.

@9MLDLM4Women’s Equality from Michigan answered…12mos

Allow members of government to hold other positions, but not the same beyond a term limit

@9MK97NTDemocrat from California answered…12mos

@9MHY7MQVeteran from Indiana answered…12mos

People should be allowed to serve as many terms as they want but I think that their age should be limited because we don't need 90-year-olds as members of Congress.

@9MFY73GGreen from Texas answered…12mos

No, but freeze their salary and decrease their retirement benefits.

@9M8TVC7Veteran from Virginia answered…12mos

No, but decrease salaries some and crack down on how they all seem to become millionaires as public servants. Also no laws or health insurance for everyone except them.

@9M6MXVFWomen’s Equality from Wisconsin answered…12mos

Yes, limit terms of both Congress and Senate and decrease their salary and their retirement benefits.

@9LYJ6KHAmerican Solidarity from Texas answered…12mos

Yes, we should add term limits, but unlike presidential terms, the members of congress can serve two presidential terms continuously(does not have to be the same president) then will have to skip atleast one term before sunning for a seat again.

@9LTPHSQConstitution from Ohio answered…12mos

Yes, and add staff and lobbyists to the term limit system as well

@9LRKJHKDemocrat from Arizona answered…12mos

No, but their compensation and benefits should be decreased and have a performance-based component

@9LNBCYRWorking Family from Wisconsin answered…12mos

decrease their salary to that of the average american worker, and reduce their retirement benefits

@9LP6T4YGreen from California answered…12mos

No, they’ll just treat the job as a stepping stone to a lobbying position. Reform the system on the outside.

@9KN6X3LLibertarian from Indiana answered…12mos

Decrease their pay and power they will limit their own terms


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