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No, officials gain valuable experience and become more effective representatives over time

@5JKTL66from Montana  answered…2yrs

That's a double edged sword, if you make the term too short they'll have to be even more corrupt to scam what ever they can from American tax payers. If you leave them in too long they can take their time screwing everyone. I just think they should be bi-annually audited by independent parties and the auditing company has to change each time. If the books and emails are missing or out of order the Congress member will have to pay for the extra time it takes to find those items. If too much is missing they would have to step down and be held under house arrest until the matter is resolved.

@98VGZGWCommunist from Oregon answered…2wks

Yes, but only until we have a healthy political system without this much corruption

@98V338SLibertarian from Tennessee answered…2wks

No, this decision should be left to the states and local communities, not the federal government

@98SKPMLRepublican from South Carolina answered…3wks

I’m not as in favor of term limits as I am removing corporations donating to congress. Need to get money out of congress

@98R3Y9QPeace and Freedom from California answered…3wks

Yes, and they should be payed less, get less benefits, and not be allowed to buy stocks because of how much they influence them (like atheletes can't bet on their games)

@98Q87M8Socialist from South Carolina answered…3wks

No, but ban Congress members from lobbying for at least 10 years after they leave Congress

@98NKZFX from Connecticut answered…4wks

There should be a retirement age. 80+ in mental decline shouldn’t be in congress.

@98MSLKY from Mississippi answered…4wks

What comes to my mind when seeing this question is this "Is there any role that is benefited by the use of term limits for elected positions" I truly think but am open to discussion that as long as people keep voting someone into a role they should keep that role.

@98KK2MH from Oklahoma answered…1mo

No, decrease their salary and benefits, but don’t add term limits for now

@98KK2MH from Oklahoma answered…1mo

Decrease their pay and salary, but don’t add term limits for now

@98F2PYS from Minnesota answered…2mos

@989J5NM from North Dakota answered…2mos

Yes, but the minimum age should be put into all positions, because the time period that the Constitution was written in has become outdated and has been needed to change.

@986G9WT from New Hampshire answered…2mos

there shouldn't be terms but if the people see that a member inst fit to serve there should be a public vote to try and get someone new into congress.

@7PTCG38Democrat from Wisconsin answered…2mos

Yes, impose term limits of no longer than age 75 for those serving in either the House or Senate

@7PTCG38Democrat from Wisconsin answered…3mos

Yes, impose a limit of age 75 for those serving in either the House or Senate

@97YBR4Pfrom Guam  answered…3mos

Yes, term limits are a good concept, but we should eliminate large donations and publicly fund elections.

@7YS3KJPIndependent from Arizona answered…3mos

Yes. Given the state of the Supreme Court & decisions like Citizens United, it is doubtful whether elections actually serve as term limits. As a result, I support implementing term limits for members of Congress, at least until Citizens United is repealed.

@97T8QLP from Ohio answered…3mos

Yes, House members get three 4 year terms, and Senate members get three 6 year terms

@97SRPQK from Massachusetts answered…3mos

@CalebGMoss97 from South Carolina answered…3mos

No, officials gain valuable experience and become more effective representatives over time; and we already have term limits that are called "elections"

@97N6ZMJDemocratfrom Maine  answered…3mos

@97MTKN9 from California answered…3mos

No, but professional mental health checks and cognition checks after a certain age should be implemented.

@97BG67G from Tennessee answered…3mos

Yes, as well as age limits and decrease their salary and retirement benefits

@9799HB5 from Florida answered…3mos

@96SFDRV from Georgia answered…4mos

Yes and an age cap of 75. You can't run past 75 but if you turn 75 during your current term of service, you'll be allowed to finish the term.

@96S5FNW from Georgia answered…4mos

@96M3YBT from California answered…4mos

No, but there should be mandatory retirement age for those in Congress.

@96KMSZCDemocrat from Connecticut answered…4mos

@96H7BBX from Virginia answered…4mos

No, but decrease their salary and retirement benefits. Age limits are more effective.

@964TN56from Maine  answered…4mos

Term limits for the senate, not the house, and only to prevent three consecutive terms. They can take a break for one term then re-stand.

 Deleted answered…5mos

Yes, there should be term limits to most, if not all, political and government jobs. We should also add upper and lower age restrictions for government and political jobs.

@95RXSTC from Texas answered…5mos

Yes, and tie their salary and retirement benefits to minimum wage.

@95MZ2S5 from Minnesota answered…5mos

Yes, and all governmental offices must have a maximum age limit to prevent them from becoming out of touch with the new generation.

@95MK4YV from Virginia answered…5mos

Yes, increase performance and prevent corruption but give the term should be long enough where officials can gain valuable experience and become more effective over time.

 @JonBSimConstitutionfrom Kentucky  answered…5mos

Yes, term limits will increase performance and prevent corruption

Some of our politicians have never touched grass, have never experienced life in private business, and some have been away for so long they don't know what's changed.

Maybe the limit is age, maybe on bills passed, etc.

Something needs to change. Because our politicians are becoming celebrities.

@95B37Y8 from New York answered…5mos

No, but there should be mandatory retirement at 65 for both house and senate

@9565QZZ from Missouri answered…5mos

No, there should be an option for more terms but 2 should be the most at-a-time.


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