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@waucky1Constitution from New Jersey answered…3mos

Immigration should be based on whether or not immigrants agree with the constitution.

@9FGTH88Libertarian from Colorado answered…3mos

There is nothing about immigration in the Constitution. Therefore, it is state power not a federal one.

@9FCW5KGIndependent from Ohio answered…3mos

No, but we should thoroughly screen immigrants entering the country

@9FCQ2YQRepublican from Washington answered…3mos

Yes, there should be a temporary ban to stop the further exposure of COVID19

@9F8F8JNVeteran from Virginia answered…3mos

No, but we should reduce immigration levels to allow for better assimilation.

@9RBK2THGreenfrom Maine  answered…2wks

No, and America should become more accepting of other cultures

@9R9QMDSLibertarian from New York answered…2wks

During this pandemic the government should severely limit the amount of immigration to the United States, so that new jobs go to American citizens first.

@9R6BBSLRepublican from Washington answered…3wks

@9R2NKKDVeteran from New Jersey answered…3wks

We should increase the border protection and increase the funding to border patrol. Increase the wait time for people coming from the Middle East because of terror groups trying to come and attack the United States

@9QX2GB5Liberalfrom Guam  answered…1mo

@9QWHBLLLibertarian from New York answered…1mo

@9QVK4G5Green from Maryland answered…1mo

As there is a pandemic going on right now, we should limit immigration. Afterwards, we should not be one.

@RezzvoirWomen’s Equality from Minnesota answered…2mos

Yes, we need to fix the problems happening in Latin American countries so that there is less immigration into the U.S. from the border

@9QMBM9SRepublican from Michigan answered…2mos

@9Q37Y8DRepublican from Connecticut answered…3mos

No; however, these United States should repeal the 1965 Immigration laws and return to the previous system used.

@Angel-Perez-Vasq…Democrat from Ohio answered…3mos

I'd say no, but if possible, then temporarily ban immigration and during that time, make or update better immigration policies.

@9PC77M5Women’s Equality from California answered…3mos

@9P6SVJKWorking Family from Arkansas answered…3mos

They should go through a screening and make sure that no sicknesses are being brought over or anything bad. Nothing horrific.

@9P42SVPWorking Family from Wisconsin answered…3mos

Because of Covid-19 I believe immigration should be held back until the pandemic is handled

@9P279XRGreenfrom Guam  answered…3mos

@kylekrzyWomen’s Equality from Michigan answered…3mos

No, only in times of a pandemic (like COVID) does this become relatively appropriate.

@9NL2557Democrat from Indiana answered…3mos

for the moment due to COVID everything should be locked down so it stops the spread of the virus

@9NB6GWCWorking Family from Utah answered…3mos

No, but there should be a reduction on the legal entries from a country based on its estimated number of illegal entries.

@9N9JC5WRepublican from Louisiana answered…3mos

@9N75MBGWorking Family from Texas answered…3mos

Yes, but only in cases of illegal immigration; if all the proper procedures are done then no.

@9N39JHMRepublican from New Jersey answered…3mos

No, but we should spend more to increase our border security and we should increase the number of immigrants we currently allow into the country.

@9MW48BLIndependent from New Hampshire answered…3mos

Yes, but exclusively as a provision during the Covid-19 Pandemic

@9MV4CP3Socialist from Rhode Island answered…3mos

@9MMVMVTVeteran from Idaho answered…3mos

Yes, but only for a short time to be able to get the immigrants already in our government situated

@9MM5D64Republican from Kansas answered…3mos

No, I don't think we should ban all immigration but lower the amount of people until we can fix the major flaws in the immigration system.

@9MLXJHKWomen’s Equality from Kansas answered…3mos

Yes, but only because of the world wide pandemic currently going on. After there is a vaccine, the immigrant ban should be lifted.

@9MK46HKWorking Family from Virginia answered…3mos

With the 2020 pandemic going on yes, they should be temporarily banned because we do not want more spread of the virus.

@9MDD3JJDemocrat from Indiana answered…3mos

@9M8CKXDSocialist from Illinois answered…3mos

covid is going on right now and we have enough of it. i say once covid is over we allow them in

@9M7P46RDemocrat from Illinois answered…3mos

@9M5WXFQTranshumanist from Indiana answered…3mos

No, and we should improve our processes and security for allowing immigrants into the US/granting them citizenship

@BnneaseRepublican from Texas answered…3mos

Should be temporary closed due to situations with covid and economy.


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