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@9XD4PSVLibertarian from Missouri answered…2wks

@9X5B8DLWomen’s Equality from California answered…3wks

Yes, but based on the fluctuation of the amount of immigrants entering per day

@9PC77M5Women’s Equality from California answered…12mos

@9P6SVJKWorking Family from Arkansas answered…12mos

They should go through a screening and make sure that no sicknesses are being brought over or anything bad. Nothing horrific.

@9P42SVPWorking Family from Wisconsin answered…12mos

Because of Covid-19 I believe immigration should be held back until the pandemic is handled

@9P279XRGreenfrom Guam  answered…12mos

@kylekrzyWomen’s Equality from Michigan answered…12mos

No, only in times of a pandemic (like COVID) does this become relatively appropriate.

@9MV4CP3Socialist from Rhode Island answered…12mos

@9L3HRJMWomen’s Equality from Tennessee answered…12mos

given the current COVID-19 pandemic there should be mandatory testing and a ban for those who test positive.

@9KVSMP7Constitution from Oklahoma answered…12mos

Yes, but only in the theoretical instance of an overload in immigration.

@9KBSZS8Constitution from Missouri answered…12mos

No, we need to increase immigration funding to speed the process up to allowing the green card sooner.

@9KB673RTranshumanist from Minnesota answered…12mos

Yes, there should be a ban on immigration and travel to and from the US until Covid-19 is under control

@9K9LPGMWomen’s Equality from Delaware answered…12mos

Only in the case of a pandemic. Then, once the government declares the country safe enough for travel, lift the ban.

@9HCBYCYTranshumanist from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

@9HCYW5HDemocrat from Nebraska answered…1yr

@9HCMYXMVeteran from Arizona answered…1yr

Only if we are at war with the country and with this pandemic we should not be letting people in rn.

@9HCH3VMLibertarian from California answered…1yr

@9FGTH88Libertarian from Colorado answered…1yr

There is nothing about immigration in the Constitution. Therefore, it is state power not a federal one.

@9WKRFXVVeteran from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

No, but we need to significantly decrease the annual immigration quotas

@9W4DZWFIndependence from South Carolina answered…2mos

No but we should speed up the application process so applicants can either be granted entrance or sent back to their home countries in a reasonable time period.

@9VY7N9MDemocrat from Georgia answered…2mos

No, but increase security for our borders and background checks for all immigrants who enter the nation

@9VS5KBSPeace and Freedom from Indiana answered…2mos

No, but if the quantity is an amount that affects the country then it should be a possibility.

@9R6BBSLRepublican from Washington answered…9mos

@9QMBM9SRepublican from Michigan answered…11mos

@9Q37Y8DRepublican from Connecticut answered…11mos

No; however, these United States should repeal the 1965 Immigration laws and return to the previous system used.

@Angel-Perez-Vasq…Democrat from Ohio answered…11mos

I'd say no, but if possible, then temporarily ban immigration and during that time, make or update better immigration policies.

@9N75MBGWorking Family from Texas answered…12mos

Yes, but only in cases of illegal immigration; if all the proper procedures are done then no.

@9N39JHMRepublican from New Jersey answered…12mos

No, but we should spend more to increase our border security and we should increase the number of immigrants we currently allow into the country.

@9MW48BLIndependent from New Hampshire answered…12mos

Yes, but exclusively as a provision during the Covid-19 Pandemic

@9MMVMVTVeteran from Idaho answered…12mos

Yes, but only for a short time to be able to get the immigrants already in our government situated

@9MM5D64Republican from Kansas answered…12mos

No, I don't think we should ban all immigration but lower the amount of people until we can fix the major flaws in the immigration system.

@9MLXJHKWomen’s Equality from Kansas answered…12mos

Yes, but only because of the world wide pandemic currently going on. After there is a vaccine, the immigrant ban should be lifted.

@9MK46HKWorking Family from Virginia answered…12mos

With the 2020 pandemic going on yes, they should be temporarily banned because we do not want more spread of the virus.

@9MDD3JJDemocrat from Indiana answered…12mos

@9M8CKXDSocialist from Illinois answered…12mos

covid is going on right now and we have enough of it. i say once covid is over we allow them in

@9M7P46RDemocrat from Illinois answered…12mos


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