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@9X8CXPBSocialist from Minnesota answered…2wks

Yes, and it should be more than just dual citizenship that is allowed.

@9WGZ8T8Republican from New York answered…1mo

@9QQQTV5Libertarian from Missouri answered…10mos

@9QDK57LRepublican from Texas answered…11mos

Yes, as long as they are registered, legal citizens of each state.

@9Q76V4VRepublican from Illinois answered…11mos

@9PTKXX4Transhumanist from Illinois answered…12mos

No, once they have completed the process to become an American citizen, like foreign titles (Sir, Dame, etc.), other citizenships should be surrendered/renounced.

@9PHM2KPProgressive from Texas answered…12mos

Yes, but they should not be able to claim citizenship status of more than 4 nations

@9PH2TJTRepublican from Michigan answered…12mos

@9PCL9F9Republican from Georgia answered…12mos

@9P8HNKHVeteranfrom Guam  answered…12mos

Yes, but they must give up voting privileges in the other nation(s) if they wish to vote here.

@9NBRQ7YConstitution from Illinois answered…12mos

@9N7BC8TWomen’s Equality from New York answered…12mos

only if the USA has a good relationship with the country they have their dual citizenship with.

@9MWG2ZYVeteran from Indiana answered…12mos

Yes, but at this time we should limit immigrants until we get things under control

@9MM5D64Republican from Kansas answered…12mos

@9MFLY5JWomen’s Equality from West Virginia answered…12mos

yes, needs to make a decision after living in the US for five years or 21st birthday

@9MBHXZ2Women’s Equality from New Jersey answered…12mos

Either you are with us or you are against us. You can not be loyal to two countries because what happens if these two countries go to war against one another.

@9M6B6MJAmerican Solidarity from South Carolina answered…12mos

Yes, as long as they have not committed a crime or an act of terrorism.

@Matt-BPeace and Freedom from Colorado answered…12mos

Yes, holding dual citizenship status allows immigrants to preserve their cultural heritage

@9LWVJ6PWorking Family from Massachusetts answered…12mos

@9LVTG9FRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…12mos

Yes they should be able unles there is a crime. Or Terrorism. Or somethin like that

@9LP3XRSWomen’s Equality from California answered…12mos

Yes, as long as they meet the requirements of having a dual citizenship for both countries.

@Joshua-EmbryTranshumanist from Texas answered…12mos

Yes, unless their citizenship is from a none treaty country.

@9KVSMP7Constitution from Oklahoma answered…12mos

Yes, but only if they have entered the country legally and filed for citizenship correctly.

@9JXNKM3Veteran from Ohio answered…1yr

Yes, unless they have committed an act of terrorism or a felony.

@9HWG5H7Greenfrom Maine  answered…1yr

Yes, an individual should be allowed to keep any citizenship acquired through birth-right.

@9HM8T2ZGreen from New York answered…1yr

@9HLTVWBWorking Familyfrom Guam  answered…1yr

No, but exceptions should be made for dual nationals of US and its close strategic allies (e.g. Five Eyes, Japan, Taiwan)

@9HD9F25Women’s Equality from Nevada answered…1yr

Yes, there are Americans born to parents who themselves have different Citizenship, there for the child should be able to maintain both citizenship, that of the parents and that of the country the child was born.

@Jennifer-Gundlac…Green from California answered…1yr

Yes. Since there are all ready laws governing what an immigrant can and cannot do, and processes by which immigrants can legally migrate into the country and acquire citizenship in the U. S. I don't see any problem with dual citizenship. That said, I feel that government service should require US citizenship with renunciation of other loyalties until such time as that service has ended. This would, hopefully, limit conflicts of interest, and provide a legal means for ensuring such if divided loyalties are uncovered as motivation for actions taken.

@9H862YMPeace and Freedom from New York answered…1yr

Yes, unless they have committed an act of terrorism and/or have committed a crime

@9H6SXWHWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…1yr

Yes, but the laws of the citizenship should only apply depending what country they are in.

@9H6J7Q9Republican from Missouri answered…1yr

Yes, but they should only be able to hold dual citizenship with our allied nations.

@9H5C34PVeteran from Colorado answered…1yr

@9H4LP4JVeteran from Colorado answered…1yr

yes but people should not be allowed to vote in both countries if they spend a majority of their time in one of them.

@9GZ5LY5Women’s Equality from Washington answered…1yr

Only if they are under the age of 18. After turning 18 they should be required to choose which nation to claim citizenship in.

@9GY98PQWorking Family from Illinois answered…1yr

Yes, unless they have commited a crime or an act of terrorism, and should be limited to claiming citizenship from no more than two nations.

@mjpalombo0117Libertarian from North Carolina answered…1yr

@9GV59BKVeteran from Kansas answered…1yr

As long as they are not a criminal in either country and are not claiming asylum

@9GLMNG4Democrat from Virginia answered…1yr

Yes, unless they are running/applying for a job/position where another citizenship could compromise their position.


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