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@9X6JKNDWorkers from Florida answered…3wks

it depends on the crime if it causes mental problems to the victim in the future then yes if not then they should have mandatory community service but in the case of a violent crime then they should be convicted

@9MS4XYBConstitution from Texas answered…12mos

Crime-committing illegal immigrants should be detained and deported, however, make it official with the entire deported's family on which country they need to choose to stay in for the rest of their citizenship

@9WT32GTIndependent from Missouri answered…4wks

Yes, but give the choice of deportation or make them get citizenship.

@9MTNHF7Democrat from Missouri answered…12mos

Illegal immigrants should work towards gaining their citizenship. This is a hard process, but in order to live in this country one should have legal citizenship. However, one cannot come into this country illegally and expect to get away with minor crimes. They should be punished justly according to the constitution, this may include deportation. However, it is a definite deportation for larger crimes, or a higher punishment for crimes such as rape or murder.

@9MT3KLBAmerican Solidarity from Connecticut answered…12mos

Yes, as they are not citizens here they should be more aware of their actions.

@9MRVGN8Women’s Equality from Massachusetts answered…12mos

I think "deported" is a strong word and they should be put in jail like everyone else.

@9XKMGNVWomen’s Equality from Michigan answered…5 days

I feel since they are an illegal immigrant and have then broke the law they should definitely be punished, but at the same time should be turned over due to them not having citizenship.

@9X2MVDSWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…3wks

No, if they have been contributing positively to the country

@9MPVGMCWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…12mos

it depends what crime it is. and no one is illegal on stolen land, so should normal people go to jail for a crime, it just depends on the crime.

@9MPS3NBWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…12mos

No they shouldn't be detained but should be sent to the federal immigration authorities. Where they can be given a chance to become a legal immigrant through a process.

@9MP3BV5Women’s Equality from Massachusetts answered…12mos

everyone should be punished for breaking the law but deportation is unneccesarry unless being accused of a henius crime.

@9MNVYZNDemocrat from New Jersey answered…12mos

They should be given time to become a citizen, only if they are posing a threat.

@9MNPY9CPeace and Freedom from Indiana answered…12mos

Yes, they should detain them, but they should be given a fair trial.

@9MNJFCGIndependent from Pennsylvania answered…12mos

I think illegal immigrants should be detained but also given the choice to become US citzens.

@9MN49JMPeace and Freedom from California answered…12mos

@9MMVZS9Green from Illinois answered…12mos

@9MMS824Transhumanistfrom Guam  answered…12mos

Yes, and then they should make their case for asylum or amnesty and then we let the system decide if they should be deported.

@9MMMXYDRepublican from Mississippi answered…12mos

First time, non-violent crimes, should allow the illegal immigrant to have a period of time to become a citizen and if they fail to become a citizen then they shall be deported at this time or any other time law enforcement detains them for any circumstance. Like an outstanding warrant.

@9MMJDLDDemocrat from California answered…12mos

@9MMBVGGRepublican from Iowa answered…12mos

If they deliberately harmed someone or intentionally inconvenienced others, then yes

@9MM4JHZPeace and Freedom from California answered…12mos

Illegal immigrants should be detained, yes, but not transferred to federal immigration authorities and have a reasonable bail.

@9MLNQ8XPeace and Freedom from Alabama answered…12mos

@9MLCCS7Peace and Freedom from California answered…12mos

No if they are being treated as they are now ! Separating children from families and caging people ! Despicable! Turning people over to immigration is inhumane at this time

@9MKYFLCWomen’s Equality from Kansas answered…12mos

Yes and No, because it depends on the crime they're committing. There should be warnings for minor crimes like stealing or theft, and when two warnings are acquired they are then transported to federal immigration authorities. More violent crimes like: Damage to resident owned or government owned(depending on the situation) or murder/assault(also depending on the situation) should see Illegal immigrants transported immediately to federal immigration authorities.

@9MKMNWSRepublican from Mississippi answered…12mos

Yes, if they have committed a serious crime the first time, if said person has not committed the crime and there is no proof and it is only because they are “illegal” then they should be allowed help to become a citizen. They deserve a chance too and should be considered to be a person of citizenship if they have NEVER been CONVICTED

@9MK6BVRGreen from New York answered…12mos

yes and no, for me I think it should 1: be dependant on the crime, and 2: if they have a good reason for crossing without doing all the legal work.

@9MJYMP2Peace and Freedom from Illinois answered…12mos

@9MJP4K9Women’s Equality from California answered…12mos

Yes, as long as it has been proven that they truly commit a crime.

@9MJLRSGTranshumanist from Oregon answered…12mos

Yes, illegal immigrants should be taken to federal authorities and have the chance to apply for legal citizenship

@9MJLKHWWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…12mos

It depends on the crime. Not if they are stealing food because they are hungry.

@9MJL42WConstitution from Georgia answered…12mos

they should be turned over and either forced to be legal or they shall be deported.

@9MJ6WXWWomen’s Equality from Colorado answered…12mos

@9MHP2N6Transhumanist from Kansas answered…12mos

If the chicken can cross the road and get to the kitchen then yes

@9MHJ4S5Green from Massachusetts answered…12mos

Law enforcement and any other government employee should be required to report an illegal immigrant, and if possible transfer them to the correct authorities. However, once in custody, every illegal immigrant should be decided upon via a case-by-case basis. That is, it should be decided based on the person in question, whether they should be deported or otherwise (apply for green card, citizenship, etc.).

@9MHH95QConstitution from Georgia answered…12mos

yes. but if it is minor it shouldnt be a big problem and make a big commosion about it.

@9MHGBZRAmerican Solidarity from California answered…12mos

Not local law authorities but maybe some more powerful positions such as police commanders or go on trial court.

@9MHB53GPeace and Freedom from West Virginia answered…12mos

@9MH5XTKRepublican from Wyoming answered…12mos

@9MGZ963American from Virginia answered…12mos

Yes, and then maybe the immigrant could get their citizenship.

@9MGHLMHTranshumanist from New York answered…12mos

they should have a fair trial and treated as a US citizen who committed the crime unless the crime is violent


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