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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

Yes, all illegal immigrants should be turned over to federal authorities and deported

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

@98ZPH2W from Florida answered…2hrs

Deporting doesn’t really help as it increases the chance of them returning either way, instead taking them to prison or giving them a fine to pay up (when they can) could fix the issue

@98ZGJ87 from Texas answered…7hrs

@98XPVNJ from Virginia answered…3 days

@98V69YK from Ohio answered…1wk

Yes, but they cannot be racially profile, they must do something wrong in order to be detained

@98TT2M2 from Oregon answered…1wk

No, the shouldn't detain them Instead they should be charged with a small fine for the minor crime they made.

@98T6HVF from Iowa answered…1wk

If any illegal immigrant gets convicted of any type of crime then they should be dealt with in any short of way.

@98SRXHN from New Mexico answered…2wks

@98SNYR3 from Virginia answered…2wks

@98SHBB7 from Washington D.C. answered…2wks

@98S5BYT from West Virginia answered…2wks

Yes, they should be turned to federal authorities, but not immediately deported.

@98RYR9M from Florida answered…2wks

No bail is a constitutional right but federal officials should be notified

@98QQFYB from California answered…2wks

They should only be allowed to detain them and determine the punishment. since the crime is minor they do not need to be transferred to the federal immigration authority.

@98QN68K from California answered…2wks

Yes but they should use their own discretion to decide what will happen to the individual. Turning them over to federal immigration authorities should not be obligatory

@98QLH9CIndependent from Texas answered…2wks

@98Q4JX7 from California answered…2wks

This is a state's issue and the federal government must stay out of it unless it threatens national security.

@98PXPCQRepublican answered…2wks

Government alone is the reason criminal can pay and then prison begin inc

@98NPDQP from Nevada answered…3wks

Yes, but it doesn't mean they have to get deported they could just serve a different punishment

@8PTCFY5 from Illinois answered…3wks

@98MWQ3K from Maryland answered…3wks

Yes, a crime is a crime. Should they be deported no, but should they go through the normal procedures of dealing with minor crimes, yes.

@98HPNWL from Indiana answered…3wks

Yes, but only if they crossed the border illegally. If you overstay your visa, you should be fined but not transferred to Immigration Authorities.

@98MG2CP from South Carolina answered…3wks

@98LTXKG from North Carolina answered…3wks

@98KTLZVLibertarian from Arizona answered…4wks

Illegal immigrants are already in the country illegally. That in and of itself is a crime. I don’t agree with the current process for legally entering the country, but if you enter the US it should have to be through the legal route.

@98KFWRQ from Tennessee answered…4wks

Yes. THE KEYWORD HERE IS ILLEGAL. That means NOT legal. That means AGAINST OUR LAWS. It's not that difficult to understand. Anyone who has broken any of our laws should be detained until they are proven innocent or guilty.

@98JRYHD from North Carolina answered…4wks

yes, a person who enters our country illegally then also breaks one of our laws should be sent to federal immigration authorities

@98JQPV3Democrat from Texas answered…4wks

Yes but they should be given an opportunity to apply for citizenship under certain circumstances

@98HM5QGIndependent from Texas answered…1mo

The right to send immigrants to authorities should be given predetermined rules so that we can handle immigrants and focus on allowing them to help our society rather than simply deporting them. The rules may be more strict on immigrants, but they should be given a right to at least try to get U.S. citizenship.

@98H5QDM from New Jersey answered…1mo

@98GVXBD from Virginia answered…1mo

@98GNGLZ from New York answered…1mo

Yes, but profiling is not an acceptable reason for creating charges.

@98GG9GX from Kentucky answered…1mo

No, and abolish ICE, treat anyone, who enters the country, as a citizen, and abolish the national border

@98GD9P4 from Mississippi answered…1mo

Regardless of immigration status, a fair justice system would punish the crime in a just manner.

@98FWQ32 from Texas answered…1mo

Yes, but this should be weighed by factors on a case by case basis.

@98DNVC8Independent from Louisiana answered…2mos

The federal government should be involved instead of local law enforcement.

@98DFN8S from Pennsylvania answered…2mos

They should be prosecuted for the crime they did commit equally as an American.

@98CKD4QLibertarian from Louisiana answered…2mos

@98CG7YJ from Iowa answered…2mos

Yes. As long as the federal immigration authorities rightfully assess their crime(s).

@98C9FS9 from Utah answered…2mos

no, but the federal authorities should be informed for each offense. Certain crimes should require the immigrant to be turned over to the federal authorities.

@98BJHMYSocialist from New York answered…2mos

Again this could lead to a military state which means 'governmentally sanctioned crime"

@98BF674 from Ohio answered…2mos

Yes, but create an easier path for them to stay in the US after being detained by ICE.

@98BDCS5Independent from California answered…2mos

It should be dependent on the severity of the crime, like anything related to drugs or violent crimes. Otherwise no, the government should not use their status as a means for detainment.

@98B4H8S from Illinois answered…2mos


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