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@9GHCF6NWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…1yr

Yes, but slowly getting rid of it so that there isn't a major rise in unemployed

@9GH6L67Democrat from New York answered…1yr

Yes, and provide easy and accessible alternatives for people with health issues that may need disposables.

@9GH6HQWGreen from Louisiana answered…1yr

Consumers aren’t the problem, corporations are responsible for the vast majority of emissions

@9GH28KWVeteran from Michigan answered…1yr

@9GGY6VSIndependent from New York answered…1yr

Yes but give a10 year transition period to aid in helping those make the switch.

@9GGXPRWTranshumanist from Michigan answered…1yr

@9GGQDTMVeteran from Tennessee answered…1yr

No but there should be more locations and mandatory proper disposal at local trash facilities

@9GGRZWRPeace and Freedom from South Carolina answered…1yr

Yes, but they should also increase consumer incentives for recycling

@9GGRNH5Working Family from Minnesota answered…1yr

@9GGM5C8Veteran from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

No. Increase subsidies for companies that recycle such materials.

@9GGFVQ6Independent from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

Yes, but the biodegradable products should be made more accessible.

@9GGF2SMAmerican Solidarity from Idaho answered…1yr

depend where you live of you live in kansas no if you life in cali or floida yes

@9GG8WH5Libertarian from Wyoming answered…1yr

@9GG7CBBPeace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…1yr

yes, and replace those products with equally priced biodegradable products

@9GG5SSZWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…1yr

No, but gradually limit their production and increase the production of more eco-friendly alternatives.

@9GG4S5LVeteran from North Carolina answered…1yr

NO, just let all of the recycled items go through a minor cleaning service to get all of the germs out. so know one will get sick.

@9GFXBLCGreen from Oregon answered…1yr

End private waste management and recycle all possible items.

@9GFWC7YWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…1yr

@9GFSRXMGreen from Florida answered…1yr

Increase taxation on products that are not environmentally friendly

@9GFR447Women’s Equality from New York answered…1yr

@9GFNT4RGreenfrom Washington  answered…1yr

Yes, and increase tax incentives for companies who use and make biodegradable products

@9GFGJKRPeace and Freedom from California answered…1yr

Yes, and add more consumer and business incentive to use/make reusable material

@9GFF3F9Peace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…1yr

I think we shoud put seeds in them so when someone throws them on the ground we can grow plants too.

@9GFF2SYWomen’s Equality from Tennessee answered…1yr

Lessen the plastic production and increase biodegradable products.

@9GFDZBVDemocrat from Indiana answered…1yr

@9GFC5B4Women’s Equality from Alabama answered…1yr

yes but they should be replaced with a product that's better for the environment

@9GFBTHJTranshumanist from North Carolina answered…1yr

Yes but make more eco friendly reusable products more accessible to ALL.

@9GDZFZ7Libertarian from New York answered…1yr

I think it's too early to ban everything (not because we shouldn't but because people won't follow) and instead limit severely, tax companies without biodegradable products, increase tax incentives for companies that do make biodegradable products and increase consumer incentives to recycle because unfortunately people won't do it just to do the right thing.

@9GDLJSLTranshumanist from Georgia answered…1yr

No, but implement better waste management systems and focus on what to do with these products once they have

@9GDFXNLSocialist from Georgia answered…1yr

@9GCF97XPeace and Freedom from New York answered…1yr

@9GCBXLDLibertarian from Vermont answered…1yr

The earth will take care of itself, teach responsibility amd do no harm

@9GBYZJWPeace and Freedom from Minnesota answered…1yr

Provide more affordable reusable/sustainable alternatives so that those who do need disposable products (due to mental or physical illness, or other reasons) still have access

@9GB8HP5Transhumanist from California answered…1yr

Just add a pollution tax to all products to account for the socialized cost of pollution. Then the market will adjust to a saner, more sustainable future without outright bans.

@9GB6D2WRepublican from Utah answered…1yr

No, and there should be no consequences for buying or producing them

@9G8KX29Women’s Equality from California answered…1yr

There should be plans in place to do so my a specific timeframe

@9G8CDZPRepublican from New York answered…1yr

I think that these companies that supply these products should be given a 4 year time limit to change and provide recyclable products.

@9G82YGRDemocrat from Georgia answered…1yr

Yes and no, while banning may be good to do it should be done in accompaniment of technological solutions that may make use of the non-biodegrabale materials and or transition them into a degradable form.

@9G7X4XFWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…1yr

No, but find way to better regulate use in more innovative ways.


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