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@SuzmchaonDemocrat from California answered…3mos

Yes and add community service, and increase funding for education and skill building service mandatory.

@9HSH333Socialist from Texas answered…3mos

If a prisoner has been non-violent for 6 months, it should be mandatory to release them from jail and have them on a 2 month house arrest. After the house arrest is over, have them sign a contract to last 2 years. Any major crime committed, will be a 1 year prison sentence.

@9HMX9PHVeteran from Pennsylvania answered…3mos

Yes, but they must perform community service on a daily basis and should be placed under house arrest using an electronic bracelet

@9HLGL5PLibertarian from Virginia answered…3mos

@9HFCHL3Working Family from Indiana answered…3mos

Define non-violent... predators no, drug addicts yes, jail is not reformation it institutionalizes inmates affect them for the long term negatively.

@9HDDD4PWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…3mos

@9R8R4GWWomen’s Equality from Delaware answered…2wks

Yes, but they must perform community service on a daily basis or they should be placed under house arrest using an electronic bracelet.

@9HVCGR8Veteran from Florida answered…3mos

No, But we should put effort into reforming and reintroducing into society.

@9HV5F88Women’s Equality from Florida answered…3mos

No, but lessen the amount of new prisoners coming in by removing certain laws

@9HT95JTPeace and Freedom from Virginia answered…3mos

Yes, but they should have to do a month of community service and 1 year probation to ensure the inmate is intact trying to change for the better of him/herself and others around him or her

@9L38Q63Progressive from New Jersey answered…3mos

Yes, they should be released from jail, but not only to reduce overcrowding. They should be released because they committed not violent offensive and aren't dangerous and because they are people who shouldn't just be treated like cattle while in prison.

@9KWHF2BWomen’s Equality from Maryland answered…3mos

@9KS45RGDemocrat from Oregon answered…3mos

I do not know enough about this topic in order to make an informed decision that accurately reflects my values and beliefs

@9RM6F2JWomen’s Equality from Ohio answered…11hrs

Yes, but it depends on their crime and time left in their sentence.

@9RL56PQDemocrat from Washington answered…2 days

Addressing the core issues surrounding our criminal justice system and rate of incarceration should be addressed first!

@9RFMZKQVeteran from Colorado answered…1wk

It depends on the crime. Prisoners accused of minor marijuana charges should be released.

@9RBK2THGreenfrom Maine  answered…2wks

Yes, and they should recieve education and support, so they do not need to resort to crime

@9HC8V4YGreen from Pennsylvania answered…3mos

No, we should reform the justice system to be more centered on rehabilitation and use prisons less in general

@9HC8BWXIndependent from Missouri answered…3mos

Yes, but put them under house arrest and give them the option to build their education and skill sets.

@9HC5N9KWorking Family from Kentucky answered…3mos

Yes, but they must perform community service on a daily basis. They should also be monitored closely using an electronic bracelet and monitored by their probation officer.

@9HBWYB7Constitution from North Carolina answered…3mos

Yes, but on a case-by-case basis with an alternative sentence deemed appropriate to the crime.

@9HB4VQ2Peace and Freedom from New York answered…3mos

@9HB2HKGDemocrat from New York answered…3mos

Yes, but must do community service and be watched constantly

@9H9ZQ4PConstitution from Missouri answered…3mos

it would depend on what they did and based on that would decide the punishment

@9H9YSCKWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…3mos

the government should just stop throwing people in jail for financial gain and should shut the f up

@9H9XJXTConstitution from Illinois answered…3mos

I agree that yes non-violent crimes should be allowed to be released for overcrowding. However, they should have more parole and a stricter parole sentence than if they were just getting out on parole after serving their time.

@9H972HNGreenfrom Guam  answered…3mos

Yes, but require community service or some equivalent (shouldn't have to be daily, in case they need to work for a living)

@Jennifer-Gundlac…Green from California answered…3mos

Yes, but we should be able to evaluate them for mental or psychological issues and help them with that with facilities that are designed for this purpose or at home if they have somewhere stable and supportive to return to.

@9H8KKHMPeace and Freedom from Oregon answered…3mos

Yes, into a "work release" or Job Corp type program. Provide resources for housing and reintroduction into society

@9H7MTP6Working Familyfrom Virgin Islands  answered…3mos

@9H7FV4DWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…3mos

If they were sentenced for a violent crime they should not be released

@9H6ZSY8Green from North Carolina answered…3mos

Yes, and we should increase funding to offer education and skill building services so when they are released they can reintegrate and become contributing members of society.

@9H6V899Peace and Freedom from Kansas answered…3mos

No, it depends on the situation, but a large majority of non-violent prison sentences should be re-evaluated

@9H6P9KPSocialist from Ohio answered…3mos

Yes, on a case by case basis, with requirements of community service and attendance to education and skill building classes upon release.

@9H6PTPCWomen’s Equality from New Mexico answered…3mos

I think rehabilitation needs to happen in prisons like in the Scandinavian countries. Help people get clean and sober and help them get a better healthier life together.

@9H6GWF4Democrat from Minnesota answered…3mos

@9H6CVBMSocialist from Minnesota answered…3mos

@9H6B2JBDemocrat from Virginia answered…3mos

Yes but only depending of the severity of the non violent crime

@9H5BWZ6Democrat from Illinois answered…3mos

Yes, for drug users (NOT dealers) & if they’re currently considered “on good behavior”

@9H56Q92Libertarian from New York answered…3mos

No, but release prisoners on drug charges, and build more prisons

@9H565MMDemocrat from Florida answered…3mos

Yes, depending on the crime. Some could be worse than others.

@9H4X266Communist from Pennsylvania answered…3mos

Yes and all non-dangerous convicts should be converted to a rehabilitative justice system.

@9H4BSR7Green from Florida answered…3mos

Yes, and increase funding for education and skill building in prisons

@9H496FJPeace and Freedom from Washington answered…3mos

Prison and jail sentences need to be reformed and reduced overall.

@9H45QG3Peace and Freedom from Kansas answered…3mos

@9H45G4FVeteran from Arkansas answered…3mos

@9H3YTTGGreen from Minnesota answered…3mos

@9H3CHLRRepublican from Kansas answered…3mos

No, but we should increase funding to offer education and skill building services for prisoners. That should be funded through the labor or offenders.


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