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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

No, but we should increase funding to offer education and skill building services for prisoners

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

@97ZYHPG from Texas answered…5hrs

All that untapped working potential. The only thing most criminals learn in our current prisons are how to be sneaker criminals.

@97ZQZWY from Washington answered…1 day

Yes, and provide resources and help them with finding housing and employment.

@97ZPDX5 from Kansas answered…1 day

Yes, but they must perform community service or be placed under house arrest

@97ZMQJQ from Missouri answered…2 days

 @David-Cooper-KY from Kentucky answered…2 days

Yes as long as we have the proper amount of parole officers to help manage them and help get them on their feet.

@97ZH2T3Libertarian from Maine answered…2 days

Yes but only certain instances. A no violent drug dealer that's let out will go back to poisoning our community again, if they are let out with slaps on the wrist they will continue to prey on the addiction of others. The sentiment that a non violent drug offender should be let out is the wrong way to look at things.

@97ZDBK8Democrat from South Carolina answered…3 days

Yes, but we should provide alternate education and skill-building services.

@97Z8ZTP from Texas answered…3 days

Absolutely not, that is insane. This ideology defeats the entire purpose of rehabilitation and incarnation. Regardless if you stole a chair, you must face the consequences of your actions. Don’t let them out.

@97Z5K6F from Washington answered…4 days

No, build more prisons and require nonviolent inmates to perform community service on a daily basis

@97YZPFJDemocrat from Iowa answered…4 days

no, we should increase funding to help prisoners so there are less people going to jail

@97YZHHD from Arizona answered…4 days

@97YRLFW from Minnesota answered…5 days

Yes have more drug charges sent to drug rehab centers, people that have a mental disability should have specific centers etc

@97YDZPWRepublican from Iowa answered…6 days

Yes, but they first should get the help they need before being released.

@97XZY9L from Iowa answered…6 days

Yes, but they should make a program to make it so the prisoner can prove they can be in society.

@97YHQJRIndependent from Nebraska answered…6 days

@97YGY94 from Iowa answered…6 days

Yes, But we should have prisoners work more to pay for they things they get in jail.

@97YFRVZ from Iowa answered…6 days

Yes, but they are required to do community service for the same amount their sentence was.

@97YBR4Pfrom Guam  answered…6 days

No, but the criminal justice system should be reformed and drugs legalized.

@97Y2VMQ from Missouri answered…7 days

They could be released on good behavior depending on what they were convicted of.

@7YS3KJPIndependent from Arizona answered…7 days

Ideally, no, but I would be mostly fine with it, as long as we increase funding to offer education & skill building services for prisoners that operate in and outside of prison and monitor such individuals closely.

@97XX2W8Peace and Freedom from Kansas answered…7 days

yes, but they should be required to take classes to offer educational and skill building services for free

@97XSCZQIndependent from New York answered…7 days

@97XNH3JSocialist from Utah answered…1wk

@97XMBTY from Kentucky answered…1wk

Depends on the non-violent crime. All drug possessions should be released and placed in AA programs. Theft may be released on a reparations payments program to reimburse victims. And all need support in becoming productive members of society. Can’t just release and return them to prison.

@97XM382Libertarian from Washington answered…1wk

Yes, especially white collar criminals and those convicted of insider trading and securities fraud

@97XGJ5Z from Kansas answered…1wk

Yes, but they should serve community service or be placed under house arrest

@97XDDVW from Arizona answered…1wk

Yes, after following a procedure and putting in community service hours proving they are ready to be released

@97XCGD4Progressive from Massachusetts answered…1wk

Locking up non-dangerous/low-danger offenders should be avoided wherever possible, for reasons beyond overcrowding. On another note, dubbing crimes "violent" or "non-violent" does not always correlate to how harmful the crime was, and should not be used as the only metric.

@97X6R4T from Pennsylvania answered…1wk

No but we need to put more money towards rehabilitating then before they are released

@97X4JGBSocialist from North Carolina answered…1wk

@97WYY8Q from California answered…1wk

I believe that non violent offenders should be released for overcrowding, on the condition of their good behavior.

@97WQ97FDemocrat from Maryland answered…1wk

Yes, I think first-time offenders can be released but they need to have some type of probation or community service one they get out.

@97WPMX5 from Ohio answered…1wk

Significant reform is needed but release should be handled on a case-by-case basis.

@97WFFSF from Mississippi answered…1wk

Yes, prison is there for the safety of the public. Instead of funding prisons, we need more people that supervise non violent offenders in the public and require community service.

@97W6B74 from Michigan answered…2wks

@97W4ZTY from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

Only non-violent marijuana offenders, that have not been charged with distrobution.

@97W3CFF from Illinois answered…2wks

yes but they should be in release programs to make sure they can make it in the real world

@97W2MYQLibertarian from Colorado answered…2wks

Yes but only for first time offenders. Reoffending should result in continuation of previous sentence and secondary sentence served consecutively.

@97VYVBX from Washington answered…2wks

i think it depends because youre not just going to let a prisoner go. Theyre in there for a reason and there where consequences

@97VQYKM from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

I think all non violent drug crimes should be decriminalized and fixed with a rehabilitation system.

@97VQ2VKConstitution from Michigan answered…2wks

Yes, They should still serve their time just in a different place

@97VDG3P from Kansas answered…2wks

Yes, but should perform community service or be placed under house arrest


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