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@9XG2JQKRepublican from South Carolina answered…1wk

Yes, but place them under house arrest using an electronic bracelet but also increase funding to offer education and skill-building for prisoners.

@9XMF6BBWomen’s Equality from South Carolina answered…3 days

either house arrest with funding to more education and some community service. They don't have anything better to do in prison.

@9XJGV8KPeace and Freedom from Washington answered…6 days

@Wyatt_Johnson3Constitution from California answered…6 days

It depends on the quality of the crime. If you steal you should not be released .

@9X82RFQRepublican from Colorado answered…2wks

@9X7B8QGDemocrat from Illinois answered…3wks

We should decriminalize the frivolous criminal laws to decrease the amount of people in prison in the first place.

@9LDZF4CVeteran from Virginia answered…12mos

@9LDC9W2Democrat from Virginia answered…12mos

@9LD4T4KConstitution from Georgia answered…12mos

Yes but they should be required to under go intense therapy to get to the root of the crime and job based workshops to intergrate back into society.

@9L89B2MLibertarian from Pennsylvania answered…12mos

@9L4NFYCAmerican Solidarity from California answered…12mos

yes, but they must preform community service on a daily basis and be on house arrest

@9L48B49Progressive from Kentucky answered…12mos

After a certain time extent, yes. It shouldn’t be immediate under any circumstances.

@9L2VLVGVeteran from Iowa answered…12mos

@9KVCWRMIndependent from Louisiana answered…12mos

Yes but they just perform community service on a daily basis until their sentence is up.

@9KV5RJQPeace and Freedom from Pennsylvania answered…12mos

Yes and increase funding to offer education and rehabilitation services

@9KSGTMVGreen from Utah answered…12mos

@9KS47ZBDemocrat from Washington answered…12mos

Yes, as long as they follow a certain amount of months considered as good behavior.

@9KRCXBKWorking Family from Missouri answered…12mos

Have them do community service like 10 hours and have some tracking on them.

@9KQPTZTVeteran from Iowa answered…12mos

Yes, under the condition that they receive counseling specializing in their crimes

@9KQ79VYPeace and Freedom from Rhode Island answered…12mos

Yes, but they need to perform community service. We also should increase funding to offer education and skill building services for prisoners.

@9KQ6TLNRepublican from North Carolina answered…12mos

Yes, should be similar to a parole hearing where a board can review the crime and release based on a consistent set of criteria

@9KPXYKMDemocrat from Virginia answered…12mos

Yes, give them more resources to get a job and stay out of trouble, as well as a time of probation

@9KNDHPXGreen from Utah answered…12mos

@9KM4FCZConstitution from Texas answered…12mos

Yes, but there should be a half way house option where they learn life skills to keep them from being a repeat offender.

@9KL8XMJVeteran from Florida answered…12mos

Yes but they need to be moved to some sort of facility to assist them in recovery and prevent recidivism.

@9KKV2BBIndependent from Colorado answered…12mos

Yes, but there needs to be a proper replacement to offer education and skill building services, instead of just release or community service.

@9KBL37KConstitution from California answered…12mos

I dii ok not support prison. If someone is truly worthy of being locked up in a box they should be put to death. If they are not worthy of death in the case of non violent crime then the perpetrators should be force to pay retribution. And if they can’t they may enter into a temporary servitude until they have repaid there debt.

@9K98DNJDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…12mos

Place them under house arrest must preform community service until house arrec is complete

@9K94GZGVeteran from New Hampshire answered…12mos

Yes, but have them in a halfway house or parole with weekly or biweekly check-ins with parole officer

@9K8Q685Republican from Ohio answered…12mos

@laloftinTranshumanistfrom Georgia  answered…1yr

Yes, but place them under house arrest using an electronic bracelet and they must attend education and skill-building courses

@9K82ZDGVeteran from Georgia answered…1yr

Yes, but place them under house arrest using an electronic bracelet AND must attend education/skill-building courses

@9K7RY5JDemocrat from Missouri answered…1yr

Yes, and they should be allowed to work and complete community service for a few hours a week

@9K6DPDDWomen’s Equality from California answered…1yr

house arrest with copious surveillance and community service

@bentranRepublican from North Carolina answered…1yr

Yes, but it depends on the crime. Non-violent crime still has victims

@9K3JFDPRepublican from Illinois answered…1yr

@9K2ZDS6Socialist from New York answered…1yr

Depends on what they’re being charged with . Straight prison time for life it’s involving pehedophilea/murder

@9K2S9Y2Independent from California answered…1yr

@9JYT8P7Socialist from Nebraska answered…1yr

@9JXZLTWWomen’s Equality from Mississippi answered…1yr

@9JXV5Y5Constitution from West Virginia answered…1yr

There should be a separate prison for the non-violent prisoners

@9JVX4LYConstitution from North Carolina answered…1yr

yes there could be other ways to punish non-violent criminals such as house arrest or community service

@9JVQFGMPeace and Freedom from California answered…1yr

Yes , but depends on what crime they had committed. If it was a minor crime they should be place under house arrest , and perform community services.

@9JTFVG3Working Family from Minnesota answered…1yr

Yes but they need to have some other type of containment and monitoring 24-7

@9JRQ374Peace and Freedom from Texas answered…1yr

only if they are let out and had a ankle moniter for 3 months

@9JQPTMHRepublican from Georgia answered…1yr

Yes, but it would depend on the crime, give them community service and other reforment opportunities before released.

@9JN3RGVPeace and Freedom from Missouri answered…1yr

No because there is no guarantee for them not being violent out of jail or even committing a crime again .


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