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@98ZS9S7 from Utah answered…3 days

Yes, if the government is going to spend money on healthcare they should be able to negotiate drug prices.

@98YJK6B from Texas answered…5 days

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@98WK23L from Minnesota answered…1wk

I think that pharmaceutical companies need to be regulated more and investigations should be done on the opioid epidemic.

@98VDDYQ from Iowa answered…2wks

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@98SKN4FProgressive from Minnesota answered…2wks

Yes. If it’s a government organization, it is their duty to negotiate prices on behalf of their recipients.

@7TBHR2CIndependent from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

@98S365N from Missouri answered…2wks

drug prices should be as low as they can to be more affordable and the government shouldn't interfere with that.

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@98QHBP9 from Kansas answered…3wks

usually not unless it’s an extremely servers situation where they need drop prices

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@98P77ZPfrom Guam  answered…3wks

Yes regulate the industry and set limits for the amount a provider can charge for a product or service.

@98MSLKY from Mississippi answered…4wks

It's a tricky issue, if the government acts as insurance companies do...well they can certainly throw more weight around and have more power than any insurance company, which may in a way force companies into lowering their prices.

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@98LCM4L from Florida answered…4wks

Again, these drug prices should never be so high in price that it is unaffordable. If the government wants to step in to help keep these prices from skyrocketing, then by all means. But not unless they want to help keep it affordable for low income persons.

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@98KFWRQ from Tennessee answered…1mo

No, the government should not be involved in the free market, HOWEVER, there should be caps put on certain drug prices so that the pharma companies don't benefit so much from poor health.

@98JK7KJ from North Carolina answered…1mo

Yes, the government should interfere with the free market for the benefit and fairness of individuals

@98JCJX9 from Washington answered…1mo

@98J4LWWDemocrat from California answered…1mo

@98HR27XLibertarian from Maryland answered…1mo

@98HQVZB from Minnesota answered…1mo

@98H5KHV from Florida answered…1mo

No, because this will inevitably lead to the socialization if health care.

@98H4KJR from Illinois answered…1mo

@98GT68NSocialist from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

The government should not be enforcing the decisions of healthcare, rather the health unions of doctors and councils of health should be enforcing price standards.

@98GG9GX from Kentucky answered…1mo

Yes, by nationalizing pharmaceutical companies and making pharmaceuticals free


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