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@9JYQZHPLibertarian from Arizona answered…3mos

Yes, if they are illegal immigrants; No, if they are legal immigrants

@9GZLKSSDemocrat from Texas answered…3mos

If they legally became a citizen of the country then they should be tried as one. If they are illegal and the punishment is serious such as rape or murder then they should be deported

@9GYKDBSWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…3mos

Yes, as long as it is safe for them to return to their country, and people who entered the country illegally as children should not be deported

@9GY5FMHDemocrat from Minnesota answered…3mos

Yes, as long as it is safe for them to return to their country, or they serve their sentence here

@9GXGS36Constitution from Texas answered…3mos

If they are illegal immigrants, yes. If they are legal immigrants, no

@9GX663QWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…3mos

How serious the crime is and what type of infestation is required.

@9GWCDXKPeace and Freedom from Georgia answered…3mos

If they have commited a seriously bad crime they should be sent to jail and/or rightfully punished for what they did, but shouldn't be sent away back to the state they don't want to be in.

@9GW8LVVGreen from Iowa answered…3mos

If they entered the country illegally, it was a violent crime, and it is safe to return to their originol country.

@9GV92PMDemocrat from Colorado answered…3mos

yes, only if they are illegal and can return to their country safely

@Hunter-SisnerosTranshumanist from California answered…3mos

If they have entered the country illegally than yes. If they're here legally they should be charged here and serve their sentence here.

@9GSS2Q9Peace and Freedom from Washington answered…3mos

No, they should be tried and held to the same standards as citizens

@9GS3QB4Socialist from North Carolina answered…3mos

@9GSDN9VDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…3mos

Yes, as long as it is safe for them to return to their country AND they came to the US AFTER their 18th birthday.

@9GRWB5DDemocrat from California answered…3mos

@9GQKHRQDemocrat from Illinois answered…3mos

If the justice system was perfect then I’d say yes, but I have very little faith in it.

@9GPNMTDSocialist from Indiana answered…3mos

No. They deserve a fair trial, and should serve their sentence if convicted.

@9GQ3PCSPeace and Freedomfrom Maine  answered…3mos

No, they should be sent to prison in the country the reside in.

@9GPZCCWDemocrat from Alaska answered…3mos

If they committed a very serious crime are an illegal immigrant

@9GPNX7PWorking Family from Kansas answered…3mos

Yes, if convicted after due process according to the rights provided to them by their immigration status.

@9GP7F8GWomen’s Equality from New York answered…3mos

Yes, but not if it was a past crime for which they have done their time and have displayed good behavior.

@9FTMGQ7Working Family from Wyoming answered…3mos

@9FRYZVBConstitution from Georgia answered…3mos

@9FNYBBNGreen from Nevada answered…3mos

@9FMZPDXWorking Family from Florida answered…3mos

We should have the right to punish them to the full extent as citizens are, then deport them.

@9FGTH88Libertarian from Colorado answered…3mos

There is nothing about immigration in the Constitution. Therefore, it is state power not a federal one.

@9RBK2THGreenfrom Maine  answered…2wks

No, and the legal system should be changed so it is about reform and education, rather than punishment

@9R2NKKDVeteran from New Jersey answered…3wks

@9QQ4YPTPeace and Freedom from California answered…2mos

Yes, those who come to the country to do wrong should be deported but those who come here illegally posing no threat shouldn't be deported.

@9QBTWPZDemocrat from Florida answered…2mos

If they are illegal immigrants and the crime is severe enough to be punished with over 15 years of prison then they should serve their time and be deported safely back to the country they hold citizenship in.

@9Q5YDJVAmerican Solidarity from Delaware answered…3mos

@9Q5JYC6Socialist from Louisiana answered…3mos

No, but they should be punished the same way as any other citizen.

@9Q59SV4Democrat from Kansas answered…3mos

It really depends on how severe the crime was and if their home country is safe to return to. If not, then they should be sentenced and allowed to stay in the U.S. after their sentence.

@9Q4TSCHPeace and Freedom from Arkansas answered…3mos

Immigrants should only be deported after committing a violent crime and only if they are here illegally. Otherwise, they should be made to serve their sentence in the US and their case regarding deportation should be reviewed upon their release.

@9PXT7M4Progressive from Texas answered…3mos

No. If they have entered the country illegally, and committed a serious violent crime that shows they have the potential to be a danger to others. In which case they should be either held and punished accordingly or deported so long as their country os safe for them to return to

@9PWHGPMPeace and Freedom from Arkansas answered…3mos

@9PTKXX4Transhumanist from Illinois answered…3mos

Yes, if they are not citizens and commit violent crimes they should be ejected from our country, not be yet another burden to our prison and tax system.

@9PS55FYPeace and Freedom from California answered…3mos

No, but they should still serve their sentence for the crime they have committed.

@9PPFHHTPeace and Freedom from California answered…3mos

Yes, as longs as conditions are fair and the crime is serious enough.

@Alexis-GerrickWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…3mos

No, we took responsibility for immigrants by allowing them in our country. They should be tried and sentenced here in the states.

@9PM985RPeace and Freedom from Virginia answered…3mos

Depending on how serious, allow them to stand trial, and then if that is the worst-case, last available option, do so if safe and with the consent of the immigrant.


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