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@9JC8CZZSocialist from Florida answered…3mos

With the current state of the global climate, private aircraft should be banned entirely.

@9RCF8WGIndependent from Florida answered…2wks

Yes, but only for safety, efficiency, and repair/replacement of damage as it occurs, not for luxury cosmetic upgrades.

@9RC6THZDemocrat from Texas answered…2wks

@9RBQLBNVeteran from Mississippi answered…2wks

Yes, of course Air Force One should be kept at the most advanced level.

@9RBK2THGreenfrom Maine  answered…2wks

@9H7STBDConstitution from Arizona answered…3mos

Do what they feel is needed for the best protection of the POTUS

@9GS3GRHLibertarian from Kansas answered…3mos

If government is drastically reduced, then after that, depreciable assets can be revitalized.

@9GGC4D4Working Family from California answered…3mos

Only enough to maintain airforce dominance against the other world powers

@9G3YQYQWomen’s Equality from California answered…3mos

They should upgrade it as necessary to remain the most technologically advanced and modern plane to protect the president should that be necessary.

@9FDV39HVeteran from Kentucky answered…3mos

It would be interesting to read on what they wish to do to 'upgrade' it. From what I understand, it's already top-of-the-line.

@9F8GRWFWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…3mos

No unless the current fleet does not meet safety and security requirements necessary to operate

@9QSWWWCPeace and Freedom from Florida answered…2mos

the military should be reformed, there is too much spending going to unnecessary conflict.

@beepbeeplettuce1Democrat from Illinois answered…2mos

@9Q86M3ZIndependent from Missouri answered…2mos

Without knowing the average life cycle of a commercial airplane, it is impossible for me to say what is appropriate. 50 years seems like a long time to keep a plane in service. At the same time, I would assume that AFO has been impeccably maintainted and upgraded continuously.

@9PTVZ5RWomen’s Equalityfrom Maine  answered…3mos

@Alexis-GerrickWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…3mos

Only if it is deemed necessary and in the best interest of the peoples defense. We should only use our military to act in defense of terrorism and to help aid civilians in war struck countries.

@9PMK8YXVeteran from Nebraska answered…3mos

@9PLW9X2Socialist from Ohio answered…3mos

I don’t give a rats behind about some fancy plane that I can’t even use. If I could use it though, he he he...

@9P5VSM3Constitution from Florida answered…3mos

Air force One isn't a designated thing. It is just whatever plane the President is flying on

@MlynnnnylMWomen’s Equality from Nebraska answered…3mos

Yes, using the parts from the older generation aircrafts into other branches in the military or other places where it may be needed.

@9NB6GWCWorking Family from Utah answered…3mos

Yes, but only to meet security and communication requirements, not comfort requirements.

@9N9VSL7Independent from South Carolina answered…3mos

Only if security or basic function require it. Any luxury desired by the president or vice president should come out of his pocket.

@9N6ZDN2Veteran from New York answered…3mos

Not yet. In the future, it could become a bigger talking point.

@9N5WK24Libertarian from Texas answered…3mos

@9MYF7DCIndependent from North Carolina answered…3mos

@9MXP82YIndependent from Alaska answered…3mos

Yes, but only if it NEEDS to be upgraded for security and safety reasons and the $4B cost is reduced first.

@9MTNJHWDemocrat from Connecticut answered…3mos

@9MMMF49Green from California answered…3mos

The military can do whatever it wishes with a reduced budget. It can choose to concentrate spend or optimize costs.

@Raegan-WauthierWomen’s Equality from Connecticut answered…3mos

I think they should upgrade it for the highest technology when it comes out, but I don't think they should spend money on pointless things for it, when there are many other things that need financial support in the US.

@9MKQ895Veteran from California answered…3mos

Only when the risk to the president is increased because of old or failing tech.

@9MCB9D5Green from Kansas answered…3mos

Upgrade existing fleet to the point it is no longer cost effective. Contract bidding enforced per regulations required. Stiff penalties enforced for over budget and behind schedule.

@9MCTKQGDemocrat from Kansas answered…3mos

Yes, but only for appropriate maintenance and relevant upgrades.

@9LXZSVDWomen’s Equality from New Jersey answered…3mos

@9LW2FHCWomen’s Equality from Ohio answered…3mos

@9LPD88XVeteran from California answered…3mos


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