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@9BN3LPG from Texas answered…1mo

@9BBLQS3 from Ohio answered…2mos

Yes, but any custom features tailored to that specific president should be paid for by his/her personal finances.

@9B9Z8MNRepublican from Ohio answered…2mos

Yes, but anything custom to a specific president needs to be paid for out of that presidents pocket/presidential salary/expense acct

@9B9YH8W from Utah answered…2mos

@9B9WG7D from Utah answered…2mos

No, I think they should downgrade it. Large enough for immediate family and protection.

@9B8KL66 from Missouri answered…2mos

The upgrade should only done for safety and security reasons. There should a line by line audit of the budget for the upgrade to see where costs can be reduced. Perhaps don't wait until the vehicle that carries the President is 50 yrs old to update it. Update as needed so an entire new one isn't required at the same time as the old one is ending its span of usefulness.

@9B854VQ from North Carolina answered…2mos

Yes but only as necessary to protect the president and allow president to function while traveling

@9B5CG66Republican from Pennsylvania answered…2mos

Yes and No,let's start being responsible with spending and not wasting it on lavish items like planes that don't need to be so expensive and the current fleet is sufficient but not until the cost ($4B) is dramatically reduced

@Lukes21 from North Carolina answered…2mos

It should be upgraded if it is needed for the safety of the president

@9B3KMFF from North Carolina answered…2mos

the military upgrade Air Force in general for it's pilots, ACE's, and aircraft not the Air Force One

@9B2JQJ9 from Georgia answered…2mos

@9B2JC8G from Wisconsin answered…2mos

@9B2HDW2 from Oklahoma answered…2mos

Yes if the cost reveals to be more efficient than purchasing parts for the 50 year old planes and the new planes are more efficient than the older ones.

@99ZFHPD from Illinois answered…2mos

@99YSJHC from Tennessee answered…2mos

No, because the military uses too much of the nation's money for defense while we have plenty of defense already

@99WWVT5Democrat from Washington answered…3mos

@99WWVGW from Washington answered…3mos

Yes, or at least upgrade the fleet to become more climate friendly.

@99W59MN from Florida answered…3mos

@99VCHDG from Florida answered…3mos

@99VCJGT from Texas answered…3mos

Yes, but only if the cost savings from upgrade Air Force One exceeds the cost of the upgrade.

@99SG7S3 from Texas answered…3mos


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