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@9XKMGNVWomen’s Equality from Michigan answered…5 days

No, make sure all necessary equipment that is needed is provided, but some of the cost that put us in debt needs to be made up. If there is an emergency though we should upgrade to ensure we have all the newest technology and best things to use.

@9XFBKGCWorking Family from Texas answered…2wks

yes if the current ones are not as good as we need them to be

@9X9BMTDVeteran from Connecticut answered…2wks

@9X578F3Women’s Equality from Florida answered…3wks

Yes, it is very old and the president needs a safe place to fly and it probably costs more money to maintain it then to get a new one.

@9WNZ8LJRepublican from Arizona answered…1mo

@9WL2F9ZWomen’s Equality from Georgia answered…1mo

Yes, but the $4 billion should come out of the military budget. Citizens should not have to pay the cost or the full cost of an aircraft that is not benefiting the people.

@9LPT5XLWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…12mos

@9LPD88XVeteran from California answered…12mos

@9LNBCYRWorking Family from Wisconsin answered…12mos

no. First we should look at our countries current economic stance as a whole. If $4B could be better put to use on paying back USA debt(s) towards other countries I strong advise we do that first.

@9L4ZM63Women’s Equality from South Carolina answered…12mos

@9L2CQRQDemocrat from Maryland answered…12mos

@9GS3GRHLibertarian from Kansas answered…1yr

If government is drastically reduced, then after that, depreciable assets can be revitalized.

@9GPNX7PWorking Family from Kansas answered…1yr

Yes, if the military officials believe the current fleet has outlived its useful life. The process should be competitively bid and overseen by the military with an independent but confidential oversight committee with expertise in aviation, security and technology.

@9GGC4D4Working Family from California answered…1yr

Only enough to maintain airforce dominance against the other world powers

@9G4NJKBSocialist from New York answered…1yr

Not if taxpayer dollars from hardworking middle and working-class people are going to pay for it.

@9G3YQYQWomen’s Equality from California answered…1yr

They should upgrade it as necessary to remain the most technologically advanced and modern plane to protect the president should that be necessary.

@9FS9WCPDemocrat from Florida answered…1yr

@9FDV39HVeteran from Kentucky answered…1yr

It would be interesting to read on what they wish to do to 'upgrade' it. From what I understand, it's already top-of-the-line.

@9F8GRWFWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…1yr

No unless the current fleet does not meet safety and security requirements necessary to operate

@9F8BQ5KDemocrat from South Carolina answered…1yr

Only when they begin to exhibit provable safety issues that cannot be corrected.

@9W63L4FRepublican from California answered…2mos

@9VC5PNGRepublican from Indiana answered…4mos

@Brian-StarksConstitution from Arizona answered…6mos

Yes, but drastically more oversight is needed over military spending.

@9TK9JW8Peace and Freedom from Washington answered…6mos

@9TC4VD7Libertarian from Missouri answered…6mos

@9T9CL9YSocialist from Florida answered…6mos

No, and funding for the military as a whole should be reduced

@9T7SJH2Libertarian from Missouri answered…6mos

@Emily-MullSocialist from North Carolina answered…7mos

@9S7RV9FVeteran from New York answered…8mos

No, air force one is a title anyway, if the president gets in a fighter jet then it becomes air force one.

@9RZQFB6Transhumanistfrom Guam  answered…8mos

If there is a need for the upgrade that allows the president to do his daily activities while in the air and ensures his safety.

@9RCF8WGIndependent from Florida answered…9mos

Yes, but only for safety, efficiency, and repair/replacement of damage as it occurs, not for luxury cosmetic upgrades.

@9RC6THZDemocrat from Texas answered…9mos


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