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@9XPPW69Independent from Mississippi answered…2 days

@9XPLSY2Working Family from Texas answered…2 days

I believe this law is trivial, but one should not be punished for expressing how they feel. This is taking an individual's human rights.

@Kenneth-JohnsonDemocrat from South Carolina answered…7 days

No, because it is the proper way to dispose of a wore out flag.

@9XHBYZ5Constitution from Tennessee answered…2wks

@9XH2H7TVeteran from New York answered…2wks

Yes, it should be illegal, but a smaller fine would be an appropriate punishment.

@9XDVY9GIndependent from Massachusetts answered…2wks

Although I love the American flag the one good thing that came out of the American anthem protests is we now know who the Patriots are and who the Winey babies are.

@Bandito-BurritoWomen’s Equality from West Virginia answered…2wks

There are appropriate circumstances under which a retiring of a flag should take place, however under no other circumstance should this be allowed.

@9X9H6NCRepublican from Idaho answered…3wks

@9W9ZBPQWomen’s Equality from Nebraska answered…2mos

@9W72NPYConstitution from Minnesota answered…2mos

Onlt if it is in need of retiring it and is done so respectably

@9VY9C2JProgressive from North Carolina answered…2mos

Retiring the flag is burning it and should stand. Burning the flag is free speech and should be allowed as long as no harm is caused to people or their property

@9X7SKRPSocialist from Colorado answered…3wks

@9X5BTWKPeace and Freedom from Iowa answered…3wks

No, as long as the flag is your own property, and does not damage or endanger any property not owned by you.

@9WTSCWXWomen’s Equality from Oregon answered…1mo

No, but they should also not have legal protection for when someone kicks their *** for doing it

@9WJ2QBZRepublican from Texas answered…1mo

No, but the proper way to dispose of a worn flag is to burn it.

@9WG5229Democrat from Ohio answered…1mo

Not illegal to where they get jail time but definitely should have consequences

@9HB24HPRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

Yes, it is a sign of treason, and it should be illegal to burn any nation’s flag

@9H8BXY7Socialist from Georgia answered…1yr

Its a violation of free speech and, to a normal person, its a regular piece of cloth. If you want to burn it, burn it. If you don't want to burn it, don't.

@9H6RZNYAmerican Solidarity from Texas answered…1yr

US Flag Code isn't enforced. Per the Supreme Court. If it enforced, see pargraphs d, i, and j of US Code

@LarvejoPeace and Freedom from Washington answered…1yr

No, and burning is the proper and preferred disposal method for the flag.

@9H3NTV7Democrat from Georgia answered…1yr

Flag retirement ceremonies involve burning the flag in a respectful manner.

@9H2R9FGWomen’s Equality from Tennessee answered…1yr

No, but in some was it can be very disrespectful to the people that have served

@Gracie-BowenVeteran from Mississippi answered…1yr

It should not be burned through anger but when there is one that is torn up it should be burned to get rid if respectfully.

@9GWVW5XWomen’s Equality from Hawaii answered…1yr

I feel that it depends on why the person choose to do that.

@9GW5NV7Republican from New York answered…1yr

@9GTRL4TWorking Family from Ohio answered…1yr

yes it should be illegal to burn the american flag, unless you do it properly by removing the stars from the stripes

@9GTGCQ8Veteran from Texas answered…1yr

Yes this act is like the Nazi's burning bibles. It is anti american 100%.

@9GSBT9WAmerican from Alabama answered…1yr

Yes, except when properly disposing of it after it has become damaged.

@9GQRD28Women’s Equality from Ohio answered…1yr

@9GPT2YMGreen from Georgia answered…1yr

No because if it was illegal a whole lot of scouts are going to jail. I was taught to retire a flag you burn it in scouts

@9GQ3GXVVeteran from Texas answered…1yr

Yes, except when required for proper care (e.g., decommissioning)

@9GPDRD7Republican from New Jersey answered…1yr

I personally have no respect for people who do this and it is disgusting, but you should not get in serious trouble for doing so.

@9GP4YVLGreen from Nebraska answered…1yr

No, the way to dispose of an old American flag is to burn it

@9GMV3SJWorking Family from Ohio answered…1yr

Yes, except for flag retirement ceremonies. Additionally, we should enforce the flag code to some extent.

@9GMJW74Transhumanist from New Jersey answered…1yr

yes, unless it is to get rid of the flag, not disrespect it

@9GLMNG4Democrat from Virginia answered…1yr

@9GLWBKMIndependent from Kansas answered…1yr

No, unless it isn't burnt by the owner, the fire is a danger to the surroundings, etc. to make the conditions illegal.

@9GL7YNRTranshumanist from Illinois answered…1yr

The flag code states that to retire a flag it must be burned in a certain fashion, so in that instance no; however, if an individual burns a flag for protest of any kind then it should be illegal with legal consequences.

@9GKQYM8Peace and Freedom from Indiana answered…1yr

no,burning the American flag as stated in the flag code is the most appropriate way of disposing of the flag

@9GD3973Women’s Equality from Kentucky answered…1yr

@9GCW78TPeace and Freedom from Illinois answered…1yr

Yes, with the state of our country right now I think people should be able to burn the flag.

@9GC44X7Working Family from Illinois answered…1yr

Yes, extremely illegal. The desecration of the American flag should be a petty treason charge. The only time a flag should be burned is when it is no longer fit for display, and should be destroyed in a dignified way.

@9GB5Z24Peace and Freedom from California answered…1yr


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