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@9XLR7BLVeteranfrom Maine  answered…3 days

Yes, but only for those that may trigger post-traumatic stress.

@9XF3KPDLibertarian from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

Take public funding from universities and let them do what they want

@9XKBGBSGreen from Kentucky answered…5 days

@salazarpeGreen from Texas answered…6 days

Yes, so long as a significant portion of the student body asks for them.

@9XFZVNTRepublican from Minnesota answered…1wk

both would be helpful to some, but it might cause a distraction for other people.

@9X9LWJ2Democrat from Indiana answered…2wks

Universities should provide training for administration on these issues and allow the opportunity for professors and heads of administration to choose for themselves.

@9X8WP4FDemocrat from Oklahoma answered…2wks

No. Schools that accept public funding should create published policies based on the preferences of the alumni and staff, so that attendees can choose schools with appropriate policies for their needs.

@9LP8FS2Libertarian from Florida answered…12mos

This should be left up to the university, which should be privately owned.

@9LK33FMTranshumanist from Ohio answered…12mos

Individual classes and class content should provide trigger warnings in the syllabus at the beginning of the semester, allowing Individual students to discuss with the professor any possible difficulties.

@9LDC9W2Democrat from Virginia answered…12mos

Yes, but some people may take advantage of that so only people who actually need that

@9L8QNKPLibertarian from New Jersey answered…12mos

I don't think so, but regardless the government should not be making or funding these decisions anyway

@9L3NSP7Veteran from New York answered…12mos

No. This world has grown soft and that’s the problem. People need to stop being offended and understand there are different thoughts and opinions and that’s ok.

@9L2R8VSDemocrat from North Carolina answered…12mos

Yes, but it should not be mandatory for all universities to provide this

@nicolevortizPeace and Freedom from New Jersey answered…12mos

@9KQ34GWVeteran from Utah answered…12mos

It shouldn't be required, but if they want to they may. As long as the safe space is not discriminating anyone.

@9KPXM2MLibertarian from Indiana answered…12mos

Colleges shouldn't be forced to add these places to their campus by the government and should make them on their own judgment

@9KBKNPCGreen from California answered…12mos

@9K9L4SHVeteran from Illinois answered…12mos

College students are adults, they should be allowed to opt out of anything that they choose without repercussion, but do not need "trigger warnings" or "safe places".

@9K6JFKFDemocrat from California answered…1yr

Yes but to a certain extent. College is meant to challenge students and show them new points of view. However, people with mental disorders such as PTSD might need a safe space and/or trigger warnings.

@Eric-GuggerIndependent from Colorado answered…1yr

I think they should provide trigger warnings and safe space specifically for those who struggle with mental health issues, PTSD and other severe cases.

@Nickblack21Libertarian from North Carolina answered…1yr

Yes, as long as they're not state funded, an organization should be able to do what they see fit to support their students

@9JTNKRCTranshumanist from Iowa answered…1yr

@9JNFDG6Justice party member from Virginia answered…1yr

Students deserve to have trigger warnings because universities have no idea what they may have been through individually. I do, however, believe in the discussion of uncomfortable and even "offensive" topics. One needs to become accustomed to discussing subjects that challenges one's point of view, and even how to support your held point of view.

@9JLW479Democrat from Kentucky answered…1yr

Yes, but universities should also offer mental health tools and training in order to helps students overcome these negative feelings and how to handle them in preparation for the "real world"

@9JJCSYDLibertarian from California answered…1yr

Colleges should be able to decide that. I don’t support it but I don’t think the government should make the decision

@9JHR7MNVeteran from Oklahoma answered…1yr

Hell No, if they are too sensitive then they should stay at home in their safe space a cry into there safety blankets, and while watching CNN.

@9JHC47NWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

@9JG9N4DLibertarian from Connecticut answered…1yr

@9JDVP4TSocialist from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

Trigger warning for certain topics may be warranted, and "safe spaces" definitely depends on definitions. Given the amount of violence against LGBTQ+ people, for example, they could use a space where they are safe and accepted.

@9JD9HGPSocialist from Missouri answered…1yr

Let the universities figure it out for themselves, why is this a political question?

@9JC8P89Green from Illinois answered…1yr

@9JBSGRQVeteran from Tennessee answered…1yr

No, people who need these aren't needed for society and provide nothing but fun target practice.

@9JBMR2TGreen from Kansas answered…1yr

Trigger warnings, but only for physical stimuli such as strobe lights and loud noises, not for ideas

@9HYR8LJWomen’s Equality from Georgia answered…1yr

@9HY2B36Green from New York answered…1yr

It would be a kind thing to do but shouldn’t be mandatory as we don’t do things like that in the real world.

@9HXQ7YGWomen’s Equality from Ohio answered…1yr

Yes, but make sure that the students understand that there won’t always be safe zones or trigger warnings outside of the school

@9HX9M62Veteran from California answered…1yr

A disclosure of information about topics should be disclosed, however, a "safe space" is ridiculous.

@9HVBXYTWomen’s Equality from Utah answered…1yr

Yes, in the case of things like graphic descriptions of things like rape or gore, with the understanding that certain professions (i.e. law or medical) require discussions like these

@9HT8PRSPeace and Freedom from Illinois answered…1yr

Yes. Both of these concepts are widely misunderstood and in their purest forms are perfectly sensible requests.

@9HP8DW4Veteran from Indiana answered…1yr

This is a decision for individual universities and institutions to make.

@9HNZDY7Democrat from Georgia answered…1yr

Yes by having all schools not just universities provide trigger warnings and safe space for students since it would help students who are not doing well mentally or just want to feel safe be more comfortable in their enviroment.

@9HMX9PHVeteran from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

No, universities should not be forced to provide "trigger warnings" or "safe spaces" unless the board agrees to it; Universities should make the choice to include them; we need to better define safe spaces, as safe spaces are likely to discriminate against certain people groups


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