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Yes, NAFTA helps lower the prices of consumer products

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No, but we should adopt a unilateral free trade policy

 @9FSLDVTDemocratfrom Maine disagreed…9hrs9H

NAFTA is a free trade policy. Unless your policy was more expansive than NAFTA, then what's the point?

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No, trade between the member countries has become too imbalanced

 @9D3RPBQfrom Guam answered…2mos2MO

We must stop the unequal exchange and we must get rid of neoliberal policies

 @9BCMFY5 from California answered…6mos6MO

Yes, but it should be renegotiated to provide better protections for workers and environments in all countries, and it should expand to include free movement of people

 @7PTCG38Democrat from Wisconsin answered…3mos3MO

No, negotiate and draft a new trade agreement among the member countries that ensures a fairer balance of trade, living wages for workers, and limits on the exportation of jobs

 @9BXXJ6R from Indiana answered…5mos5MO

 @98DNYXJ from Pennsylvania answered…10mos10MO

 @95QZTL3 from California answered…1yr1Y

Yes, but remake it to be more balanced and less focused on exploiting low wage labor.

 @7PTCG38Democrat from Wisconsin answered…5mos5MO

No, a new trade agreement should be drafted and negotiated among the member countries that limits exportation of manufacturing jobs, ensures living wages for workers, and promotes a fair balance of trade


 @7PTCG38Democrat from Wisconsin answered…8mos8MO

No, a new agreement should be drafted and negotiated among the member countries which limits exportation of manufacturing jobs, ensures living wages for workers, and promotes a fair balance of trade

 @9CYJ9DD  from Pennsylvania answered…2mos2MO

No, free trade agreements should only be made with countries that have equal or greater labor conditions and wages to the US to discourage outsourcing and exploitation. Canada is fair game for free trade but not Mexico.

 @8ZXDCD4Republican from Kentucky answered…2yrs2Y

Yes, but only for products produced in decent working conditions and a wage similar to the current minimum wage in America.

 @8ZNRM3Yfrom Guam answered…2yrs2Y

Yes, but we should not sacrifice our labor’s rights and interests in free trade.

  @FatSocialist from North Carolina answered…2yrs2Y

 @8GF6P22 from Colorado answered…3yrs3Y

 @8RDPYYG from Illinois answered…3yrs3Y

I think we need to renegotiate in that workers get more say as well as better environmental stands.

 @8QV8TH2 from Texas answered…3yrs3Y

No, create a new system that protects domestic workers whilst lowering consumer prices.

 @9FR9PKCConstitution from Alabama answered…2 days2D

Too many companies move jobs out of the country because other countries don't have workers rights and it lowers the country's ability to make our own products

 @9FQBKSG from California answered…4 days4D

 @Yaunti2  from New York answered…4 days4D

No, all trade agreements should be through the U.N. as a global agreement and abolish private property

 @9FQ2KNXDemocrat from North Carolina answered…4 days4D

Yes, but require renegotiation to better protect workers and the environment

 @9FMSNB7 from Texas answered…6 days6D

 @9FMK7H9 from Florida answered…6 days6D

This situation is way to complex, to understand in one sit, but so far from my understanding, we should make deal as to where they benefit, and we benefit, and if we benefit more who cares, but if we are getting less during that year we will withdraw for the year and have the ability, to adjust and to create better more effective deals, But there is probably more to it.

 @9BWZGQL  from Georgia answered…7 days7D

No. Not until the advantages of other countries over the United States are greatly reduced.

 @9FLK3D7Greenfrom Maine answered…1wk1W

 @9FBNY97 from Pennsylvania answered…3wks3W

Yes, but with more adjustments to protect workers from layoffs due to cheap labor elsewhere and higher wages for workers in countries where the wages had been low

 @9F9KXKS from Wisconsin answered…3wks3W

 @9F93R5Z from California answered…3wks3W

Yes, but it needs to be renegotiated to protect the environment and workers

 @9F8X8ZY from Wisconsin answered…3wks3W

 @9F8QS8H from Washington answered…3wks3W

Yes, support is always a good plan, and could even help decrease tensions between countries

 @9F8MGYB from Mississippi answered…3wks3W

No, Mexico does not have the same labor protections as the US and manufacturers would rather exploit Mexican workers than pay American workers

 @9F8D4M8 from Virginia answered…3wks3W

Until something better is introduced, I believe it would be wise to keep NAFTA around

 @9F8736Z from Wisconsin answered…3wks3W

I'm fine with is as long as they aren't exploiting workers in other countries.

 @9F7P4VF from Florida answered…3wks3W


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