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@scribble_5012Libertarianfrom Florida  answered…6mos

@9HJZJGDLibertarian from Texas answered…6mos

Rule and regulations should be changed to allow a easier path to become a U.S. citizen.

@9T87ZTKConstitution from Michigan answered…4 days

yes, and mexico should pay for it and we should kill any illegal crossing

@9GZMSS2Working Family from Michigan answered…6mos

yes to keep the bad out but then it is also hard for people to go see Thar family

@9GXYLL8Democrat from Maryland answered…6mos

No, and we should fix our immigration policies to make it easier for people to immigrate legally because the process is too long, hard, and costly

@9GZHS3DAmerican Solidarity from Texas answered…6mos

I am not against the idea of a wall but I believe a wall will slow down a the amount of illegal immigrants crossing our border but I do not believe it will completely stop them from coming over. I believe Mexico should not pay for the wall because Mexico has their own problems going on their country they have to attended to that are far worse then our own problems

@9GZHCWDDemocrat from Kansas answered…6mos

Yes there should be border but also increase the amount of help we provide for those seeking refuge.

@9GZG54DWomen’s Equality from Ohio answered…6mos

Create a system that allows migrant workers to come and go, but these workers should not get US Citizen benefits

@9GZCV6ZVeteran from Massachusetts answered…6mos

There should be more border control but a wall would be to costly.

@9GZBS9FConstitution from California answered…6mos

@9GZBGSYPeace and Freedom from Missouri answered…6mos

no because people have a right to live here after three years and a wall is not needed to keep people out

@9GZ7G6WWorking Family from Missouri answered…6mos

Yes. I think there should be a wall, lots of immigrants drugs, and other bad stuff is being dragged across the borders. And I think Mexico should help/ pay for about half of it since they cannot keep there own chaos in their borders so we are sharing it. It's a disease, and I know people feel empathy for the immigrants but they steal jobs from american people.

@9GZ6VNXConstitution from Mississippi answered…6mos

Yes. In addition, increase the number of border patrol agents, or supplement their numbers with the American military, specifically, the military police. Additional support personnel should come from the infantry divisions within the Army and Marines who would be supported by existing military supply, maintanence, and command chains. It would then be necessary to delineate the military's role such that it does not conflict with, or violate the 2005 revision of The Insurrection Act.

@Thomas-OneillRepublican from Ohio answered…6mos

Yes, there is already one and we would just be upgrading it

@9GYZXHHDemocratfrom Maine  answered…6mos

Yes the US should build a barrier/wall to the southern border so not every Mexican can cross over to the United States.

@9GYX5GPConstitution from California answered…6mos

Yes to a wall and increase troop defense numbers. No this doesnt solve illegal immigration.

@9GYS7ZTVeteran from Texas answered…6mos

@9GYM5JSWomen’s Equality from Ohio answered…6mos

if yoyu want th ewall so b ad you can build it with lego bloclkls.

@9GYM3HHLibertarian from Nebraska answered…6mos

@9GYHBCLVeteran from California answered…6mos

No, increase use of and improve identification systems for employment, school and Travel

@9GYG3RFPeace and Freedom from Nevada answered…6mos

It depends how they use (blocking) southern border. It depends for good or for bad uses.

@9GY9JRBVeteran from Iowa answered…6mos

@9GY8VG4Constitution from Connecticut answered…6mos

Yes, and line the US side with solar panels to create reusable energy

@9GXZL6MDemocrat from Georgia answered…6mos

I agree with the thought of building a wall on our border, but not the demonizing of Mexican immigrants.

@9GXWS9DIndependent from California answered…6mos

There should be a boarder/wall that determines where one country ends/begins, but we should focus more on the problems that are being faced with people living in the border (drug cartel, sex trafficking of minors, etc) then spend too much money on a wall as a form of "symbolism".

@9GXWS9DIndependent from California answered…6mos

There should be a boarder/wall that determines where one country ends/begins, but we should focus more on the problems that are being faces with people living in the border (drug cartel, sex trafficking of minors, etc) than spend too much money on a wall as a form of "symbolism".

@9GXW4C3Constitution from California answered…6mos

@9GXSHVLWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…6mos

Yes, there should be some form of barrier but withdraw troops from Middle East and put them on the border instead. And make the legal immigration process easier by providing work visas to cut down illegal immigration.

@9GXPV7WDemocrat from Louisiana answered…6mos

@9GXJ8CQVeteran from South Carolina answered…6mos

@9GXDSRZRepublican from Indiana answered…6mos

Yes, because immigrants should not be allowed to enter the country on their own

@9GX4BTLVeteran from Oregon answered…6mos

Increase border patrol AND improve legal entry/immigration process.

@9GWXSDLTranshumanist from New York answered…6mos

No, but have additional border security so people come in legally

@9GWQ2SSVeteran from Virginia answered…6mos

To be honest, sure a wall can block people specifically the drug dealers but other than that I think the wall is useless and is just a waste of money. People will end up climbing over it anyway. And just the immigration system itself is messed up with how long it gets to a visa or finalizing paper work just to become a citizen, and this goes for pretty much every country. I think an open border system should be adopted and regulation of people coming in and out of the country should be regulated.

@9GWPVLWRepublican from Wisconsin answered…6mos

@9GWMSZVAmerican from Mississippi answered…6mos

Provide border patrol with better equipment and more man power thus enabling job development and economic growth while still providing a safe stance on legalizaion.

@9GWJ6Z2Republican from Iowa answered…6mos

depends on if more and more Mexicans keep coming into the United States.

@9GWHKPFPeace and Freedom from Nevada answered…6mos

No, but still have restrictions and who can come in and out of the country.

@9GWH3MPWomen’s Equality from Missouri answered…6mos

Yes, but increase our law enforcement along the southern border.

@9GWGYNKVeteran from Tennessee answered…6mos

Other countries have no issues maintaining their borders, why should we

@9GWGSHVWomen’s Equality from Nevada answered…6mos

No because the united states is nothing but foreigners and therefore if they arent allowing people in they shouldn't allow people out how unfair of those in right but look at those who are out the united states is an organization making trillions and is unacceptable

@9GWDDC3Democrat from California answered…6mos

I don't think that we should focus on building a new wall I think that we should focus on improving our system for the application of green cards and visas to further help people that want to get into the country.

@9GW925RDemocrat from Colorado answered…6mos

Allow people who need to come to the U.S. but do not allow others who do not need to cross the border. If the people who were allowed and needed to come to the U.S. without legal paperwork, then once their needs (such as medical help) are met, they go back the way they came.

@9GW44ZCWomen’s Equality from New York answered…6mos

@9GVZ55TWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…6mos

No, but do many background checks to people trying to come to the U. S

@9GVXM6KWorking Family from Missouri answered…6mos

we should probably invest in making Mexico a better place so we don't have illegal immigrants


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