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@Jackson-WaltersTranshumanist from Kentucky answered…5 days

No, this will only cause China to defend against the tariffs, possibly causing a conflict

@9RBYDPXConstitution from Washington answered…2wks

@9R5VRYWLibertarian from Tennessee answered…3wks

Import tariffs are a tax on the consumer. Allow imports or disallow imports, but no tariffs.

@9Q9RZZ5Democrat from Minnesota answered…2mos

We should not be taking a unilateral approach. We should have a consortium of nations join the US to approach China as a block of nations opposed to China's practices.

@9Q8SM8XPeace and Freedom from New York answered…2mos

No, but we need to make sure that China improves their human rights record, treats their workers fairly, and stops degrading the environment.

@9PZ7FRNVeteran from Georgia answered…3mos

Yes, additional tariffs should be used to help with the humanitarian crisis is North Korea which China is supporting.

@larionadGreenfrom New Jersey  answered…3mos

Yes, and increase tariffs for any country that violates human rights.

@9PWHGPMPeace and Freedom from Arkansas answered…3mos

No opinion. I am not educated well enough on the topic to form an opinion.

@9PQL4LPConstitution from South Carolina commented…3mos


yes, we should become more self-sustainable and not have the Chinese people work all day to get barley any money

@Alexis-GerrickWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…3mos

We should focus more on domestic industries to boost money flow in our economy and hold China accountable for their inhuman working conditions.

@9PGTR59Transhumanist from Oklahoma answered…3mos

No, but unfair trade practices and theft of intellectual property should be addressed.

@9PGL793Republican from Massachusetts answered…3mos

Where outsourcing is used to sidestep labor and environmental laws, products should be tariffed.

@9P87J3QLibertarianfrom Pennsylvania  answered…3mos

@9P4ZLB6Working Family from Pennsylvania answered…3mos

The U.S. should end trade with China and reinvest in companies in the U.S.

@9NVLRP7Republican from New York answered…3mos

Yes we should be buying products made in the USA or North America

@9NLHQWTIndependent from South Carolina answered…3mos

Somewhat, but the U.S. should incentive trade with other countries and internal production.

@9NDFQZVWorking Family from Indiana answered…3mos

Only if it is completely necessary to do so and that it is a fair game on both sides and not a one sided advantage.

@9NB6GWCWorking Family from Utah answered…3mos

No. There should be reciprocity on tariffs for all countries.

@9MSJS6NIndependent from Florida answered…3mos

Yes, but only when they don’t “play by the same rules as everyone else”

@9MKZXKNRepublican from North Carolina answered…3mos

No, an Embargo would be better, tariffs only tax US citizens

@mic_wazukiConstitution from Tennessee answered…3mos

Cut trade ties with China until they get proper human rights

@9M649TFGreen from Georgia answered…3mos

@9M2YTYKDemocrat from North Carolina answered…3mos

@9M2WKDDPeace and Freedom from California answered…3mos

China should have regulations regarding their production practices & taxes can be higher or lower according to how humane or inhumane they are.

@9M2BWS8Republican from Nevada answered…3mos

@Patti-Landers-Ha…Working Family from Missouri answered…3mos

Only if it’s beneficial to the American people and Chinese people

@9LRY682Peace and Freedom from Alabama answered…3mos

@Samuel-AinsworthIndependent from North Carolina answered…3mos

No, though their unfair trade practices and theft of intellectual property should be addressed

@9LLSTXSLibertarian from New Jersey answered…3mos

Yes but this needs to be a broader policy. Countries with labor camps should all get tariffs based on their behavior. Things like organizations being owned by the state etc.

@Matthew-AlgerLibertarian from Massachusetts answered…3mos

Yes, purchases from China should cease until their persecution of minorities ceases

@9LDFFDMDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…3mos

@9LD4N5XRepublican from Oklahoma answered…3mos

Only as a diplomatic option to advocate for peace, human rights, or fair economic practices

@9LBYM9VWomen’s Equality from Arizona answered…3mos

Yes, until the Chinese government stops their genocide of their Muslim population and stops oppressing their citizens.

@9L9QG7WTranshumanist from Connecticut answered…3mos

China should be embargoed. The Uger Muslims camps are not something that should exist in a US trade partner

@9L3HRJMWomen’s Equality from Tennessee answered…3mos

No, a lot of what we use and buy now has been manufactured in China and raising taxes on those products would increase the price of a majority of commonly used products but I don't think it will be an incentive for more US manufactured goods.

@nicolevortizPeace and Freedom from New Jersey answered…3mos

@9KNCJ89Democrat from Vermont answered…3mos

No, tariffs simply increase the cost to America companies that buy products from China rather than actually punishing them for manipulating their currency.

@9KKN8K7Women’s Equality from Maryland answered…3mos

@9JMJCWLSocialistfrom Pennsylvania  answered…3mos

@9JJ7JRNTranshumanist from Illinois answered…3mos

No, find other more effective ways to make sure China pays for currency manipulation and that American manufacturing stays in America.

@9JG7JG9Libertarian from Pennsylvania answered…3mos

No, we should no trade with countries currently at war with another country.

@9JFHCJPTranshumanist from Texas answered…3mos


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