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No, foreign interests should not be able to buy the influence of our politicians

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

Yes, as long as all donations are public knowledge to ensure there is no conflict of interest

@966PBZG from Wisconsin answered…14hrs

in imperial america, ODNI, FSB, and KSI would convene fr the election of a new emperor, kaiser, or tsar. this would mean that it would be influenced by our most powerful alies.

@966V3QH from Michigan answered…1 day

Yes, but only for foreign nations that have non-hostile relations to the United States. So for example countries like China, Russia and Iran are forbidden.

@964VF4P from Indiana answered…3 days

No, foreign lobbyists do not pay US taxes and thus should have no say or influence over our election.

@964CWLDfrom Texas  answered…4 days

Yes, victims of U.S imperialism should be given an avenue to influence their fates

@95SF5Q2 from Idaho answered…2wks

No, and domestic lobbying should be restricted to individual citizens with strict limits on maximum donation sizes.

@95D2XJD from New Jersey answered…3wks

As long as they have lived in the country for a certain period of time.

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@95B4Q3Q from Texas answered…4wks

yes i don't see why it would be a problem i think everyone has the right as everyone else even foreigners.

@958C23K from California answered…4wks

Yes they should but keep it private because it could affect the amount of business you get

@94XM8V9from Vermont  answered…1mo

No, and money should never play any part in politics or society in general.

@94X9FGFSocialist from Ohio answered…1mo

Yes as long as all donations are public knowledge and within a specific limited amount.

@94VR2J3from Texas  answered…1mo

Yes, victims of U.S imperialism should be allowed a way to influence their fates

@94SWRVHfrom Texas  answered…1mo

Yes, victims of U.S imperialism should be given a way to influence their fates

@94K59S3Communistfrom Texas  answered…1mo

Yes. Victims of U.S Imperialism should be able to influence the process that could decide their fates. However, all donations should be public knowledge to ensure there is no conflict of interest

@94CNPJV from Tennessee answered…2mos

Yes, as long as they comply with all applicable laws and there are no conflicts of interest.

@948B4XH from Alaska answered…2mos

No foreign interest donations and no lobbyist in our own country.

@946KHM3Socialist from Vermont answered…2mos

no lobbyists should be allowed to raise money for American elections

@944Q2NXProhibition from Arkansas answered…2mos

Yes, foreign countries have interests in the outcome of US elections too.

@944M7P5 from Florida answered…2mos

No, ambiguous pacs and lobbies need to be abolished as they just launder money for elections.

@943BMX3 from Michigan commented…2mos

Since elections have been somewhat suspect and/or some questions have been raised as far as vote counting, stuffing ballets, vote early / vote often, dead people voting, I would be open to opening the flood gates and allowing foreign lobbyists to raise money for elections. No limits in contributions. However, all election campaign money both domestic and foreign would be "cut in half". 50% would go to the candidate of choice. The other 50% would go to feed and clothe the hungry, help the uneducated, provide medicine / healthcare, assist with housing, grant / scholarship money for technical schools / colleges, help with very low interest loans for small businesses, etc. Open to continuing this conversation ? Connect with me on IG: kevinwolfdev2.

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