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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

@8Q3YPW7Reform from Hawaii answered…2yrs

Yes, but only on the condition that the other member states are required to maintain their budget quotas and armament preparation. The United States should no longer be the primary armer and cash cow for the alliance.

@8HR8JJFLibertarian from Iowa answered…2yrs

Yes, but the United States should not be responsible for funding 50% or more of NATO's operating budget.

@98W9D4WGreenfrom Guam  answered…1 day

@98W76V9 from Michigan answered…1 day

@98VLSQM from Illinois answered…2 days

Yes, but we need to decrease our involvement and force European countries to increase their own military budget for their own defense.

@98V4D7JCommunist from Texas answered…3 days

@98TL2RS from Pennsylvania answered…4 days

Yes, since NATO provides military and economic security of both the U.S. and its allies in NATO.

@98TCFXP from Ohio answered…4 days

Yes, but other countries need to increase their financial contributions and military spending.

@98SYQN9 from Pennsylvania answered…5 days

@98SS3WZ from South Carolina answered…6 days

No, it is a corrupt and despicable shadowy group that doesn't represent the wishes of the respective countries people

@98SRY34Independent from Tennessee answered…6 days

Yes, but scale back some of our involvement, focus on diplomacy, decrease military spending apart from Ukraine

@98S5WTV from Florida answered…1wk

Yes, but other countries have to increase their financial contributions to NATO.

@98QK48L from Ohio answered…1wk

Us should leave it because it doesnt benefit the US if everyone is apart of it

@98Q79R7 from Louisiana answered…2wks

Yes we should but we need to cut support to the NATO countries that are not spending their fair share on defense

@98P4FYC from California answered…2wks

Yes we should stay in NATO since if something happens we need our allies especially since WWIII seems more likely everyday not just for terrorism NATO was created to help prevent any war crimes from happening so yeah I believe we should be a part of it.

@98NGRJQIndependentfrom Texas  answered…2wks

@98MFYS8Republican from Virginia answered…2wks

@98LYSW3Communist from North Carolina answered…3wks

No, it is an arm of imperialism and the world would be better without it.

@98LYC2G from South Carolina answered…3wks

NATO needs to stop aiding Ukraine and focus on working together for progress.

@98LM995 from Texas answered…3wks

@98KYWR5 from New York answered…3wks

 @Drd1176 from Kentucky answered…4wks


@98GQ2VR from Texas answered…1mo

Yes, but scale back support from other NATO states until they increase their involvement.

@98GG9GX from Kentucky answered…1mo

No, the United States has been expanding NATO for their Imperialistic interests in hopes to defeat the Russian government to exploit the country of it's resources and destroy any military power Vladimir Putin may have

@98G86XR from New York answered…1mo

Yes, but all other member nations must increase their defense budget

@98G6XWF from Ohio answered…1mo

We should be our allies should increase their financial contributions

@98G5VH2Independent from Missouri answered…1mo

@98G45QW from Wisconsin answered…1mo

@98FPKD9 from Georgia answered…1mo

Yes, but only if all the other members spend 2% or more on defense.

@98DVJL4 from North Carolina answered…1mo

Yes, but require others to pay there share. Only pay ours accordingly.

@98BGW65 from Kentucky answered…2mos

@98B9SCD from Indiana answered…2mos

Yes, but scale back funding and demand more commitment from European member nations.

@98B4H8S from Illinois answered…2mos

Yes, but work according according to other countries contributions in this organization

@989KMF7 from New York answered…2mos

"When in doubt, kick them out"-Mark the Klown, Presidential Candidate 2024v"When in doubt, kick them out"-Mark the Klown, Presidential Candidate 2024

@9896HZF from Oklahoma answered…2mos

No, because Washington had foreseen this being a problem and had explained that we should have alliances.


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