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@9XMGYQ8Republican from Texas answered…3 days

Yes and we need to take out gangs and cartels in the western hemisphere

@9XKGHNBTranshumanist from Texas answered…5 days

Yes and we need to take out gangs and cartels in the western hemisphere

@9XG4HLMSocialist from New York answered…1wk

Regardless we should pursue an anti-imperialist and anti-interventionist foreign policy

@9X9SFHLDemocrat from Michigan answered…2wks

Yes, and we should create a global alliance to replace NATO.

@9X9D54CRepublican from South Carolina answered…2wks

yes but only if fellow nations meet the minimum requirements for membership which are currently only met by the U.S. the U.K. and Estonia

@9X9ZT4YAmerican Solidarity from New Jersey answered…2wks

Yes, but if other countries do not increase their financial contributions then the U.S. needs to leave.

@9WT3HBPWomen’s Equality from South Carolina answered…4wks

Yes, but decrease financial support of other countries’ conflicts

@9WHZFLDDemocrat from Alabama answered…1mo

Yes, but encourage other member nations to contribute more.

@9R4ZQX8Reform from Hawaii answered…9mos

Yes, but only on the condition that the other member states are required to maintain their budget quotas and armament preparation. The United States should no longer be the primary armer and cash cow for the alliance.

@9JS9KKGLibertarian from Iowa answered…1yr

Yes, but the United States should not be responsible for funding 50% or more of NATO's operating budget.

@9N9CVQ3Constitution from Pennsylvania answered…12mos

Yes, but we need to remove members that do not have NATO's best interests in mind or those nations that are not true allies (e.g. Turkey).

@9VXNN25Constitution from Indiana answered…2mos

@Timo-WitmerProgressive from Texas answered…6mos

@9VR4WD2Socialist from Illinois answered…3mos

Yes, but NATO should be reformed with all countries paying their share and less tolerance to Turkish agression

@9VH73GPTranshumanist from Virginia answered…4mos

Yes, but increase pressure on other member states to increase their financial contributions.

@Popescu-IonRepublicanfrom Maine  answered…4mos

@9VG2D4TIndependent from Washington answered…4mos

NATO needs to be either officially reorganized, or an new treaty needs to be in place before officially leaving.

@Jazzy-WazzyDemocrat from Florida answered…5mos

Yes, but we should force equal pay percentages between members

@9V4Q4HFTranshumanist from Alabama answered…5mos

Yes, but we must do more to ensure that other countries meet their 2% goal

@9TRZTYFWorking Family from Kansas answered…5mos

Yes, we should remain a part, but Europe needs to be able to handle its own problems without necessarily having the guarantee that we will be there.

@9TFYJ87Independent from South Dakota answered…6mos

Decrease spending on other countries' defense, but remain in the alliance.

@9PC7T4WTranshumanistfrom Vermont  answered…12mos

Yes, but other countries should meet their funding obligations.

@9P5T6Q5Working Family from Pennsylvania answered…12mos

Yes. It other countries need to increase their financial contributions

@9NYK3SFTranshumanist from Colorado answered…12mos

@9N9BN7ZDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…12mos

Yes, it is an important alliance network that balances against threats to American hegemony

@9MP2TGVVeteran from Indiana answered…12mos

@9MB5XS6Republican from Indiana answered…12mos

@9M8KS8LLibertarian from North Carolina answered…12mos

Remain in NATO, but demand other countries increase contributions

@9LGHVR7Republican from Maryland answered…12mos

Nato should be recalibrated to meet the chinses heart and try to broker the enemy of my enemy is my friend deal with Russia since those two countries aren't the best of friends

@9LDDLZCLibertarian from Michigan answered…12mos

Yes but only if all countries contribute financially and militarily

@9KXGJGJVeteran from Michigan answered…12mos

No, not until other countries increase their financial contributions and our foreign bases are closed.

@9KLQHXFRepublican from California answered…12mos

Yes, but the other countries need to contribute their fair share financially.

@Anthony-CottoTranshumanist from Oklahoma answered…12mos

No, NATO is rapidly becoming obsolete should transition to bilateral defense pacts for future relations.

@9KFF9DZVeteran from Colorado answered…12mos

Yes. And insist other countries increase their financial commitment so the proportions are equal

@9KF8NFQLibertarian from Indiana answered…12mos

Yes, but all contributions to defense are equalized amongst members.

@9KBKNPCGreen from California answered…12mos

@9K85PPTVeteran from Colorado answered…1yr

@9JFHCJPTranshumanist from Texas answered…1yr

@annie.boo1995Peace and Freedom from California answered…1yr

I don't have enough education on this topic to form an opinion.

@9HKLYC2Independent from Indiana answered…1yr

Don’t know enough about the inner workings of NATO to have a fully educated opinion.

@9HK94FRVeteran from Texas answered…1yr


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