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No, the military has no right to do so without a Congressional declaration of war

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@5923DDKfrom Colorado  answered…2yrs

We are killing innocents. We are destroying hospitals by mistake. Sometimes I think about the panic our citizenry would fly into if other nations started using killer drones on us. We would be outraged. And yet here we are, doing this very thing to them.

@58NVHL8from California  answered…2yrs

@98WV4SVfrom Maine  answered…3hrs

@98WRWDY from Arkansas answered…14hrs

@98WJW9DIndependent from Tennessee answered…23hrs

Yes, so long as it doesn't end up with a full-out war. The purpose of Drone strikes is to avoid large-scale conflict, right?

@98W3QKRLibertarian from Texas answered…2 days

@98W3GYD from Virginia answered…2 days

@98V8QV5 from Ohio answered…2 days

Yes, but not kill the suspected terrorists, just to keep tabs on them.

@98V9JZ9 from Ohio answered…3 days

@98TVT43Women’s Equality from Virginia answered…4 days

if the suspect terrorist has actual proof he/she is a terrorist so we’re not killing innocent people

@98TVHCT from California answered…4 days

This all depends on the circumstances and the predicted ways this could back fire.

@98TL2RS from Pennsylvania answered…5 days

Yes, however find a way to lower the amount of civilian casualties.

@98TFSRB from Missouri answered…5 days

@98SWGXM from Texas answered…6 days

@98QFR9B from New York answered…2wks

@98PYSGNfrom Virgin Islands  answered…2wks

Yes, they should fly drones, but unless they have strong proof/evidence that the suspects actually are terrorists, they shouldn't kill them. But, if they have strong proof, then yes, they should kill them.

@98P4FYC from California answered…2wks

No only for intel reasons kill them once we know all we need to know first if they are terrorists we should investigating them then do whatever we want to do with them.

@98MMJ67 from Texas answered…3wks

@98LPYSP from Florida answered…3wks

@98LLHCC from Kentucky answered…3wks

@98LKPG7Independent from New Mexico answered…3wks

Yes, but with permission of the foreign government and/or not without a Congressional declaration of war.

@98LCM4L from Florida answered…3wks

As a deployable tactic, yes. As a means to eliminate a target or gather intel when it is not necessary for the US to do it, no.

@98L5NXJConstitution from Utah answered…3wks

Yes but not suspected terrorist, they should be confirmed before killing someone. They should also not have civilian casualties.

@98KFTBN from Oregon answered…3wks

Yes, but they should only kill terrorists if there is proof they committed an attack on US soil

@98JBT9V from Ohio answered…4wks

It’s an electronic spy. Don’t need congressional approval. Strikes do.

@98J7DJ5 from Wisconsin answered…4wks

@98J3NYT from Washington answered…4wks

@98GVVKT from Kansas answered…1mo

I believe the US has the right to use drones to gather intelligence, regardless of whether or not they have permission too, but they don't have the right to assassinate suspected terrorists, unless they have permission from the country in question. This strategy promotes peace instead of war.

@7PTCG38Democrat from Wisconsin answered…1mo

Yes, but only to gather intelligence unless or until there is a Congressional declaration of war

@7PTCG38Democrat from Wisconsin answered…1mo

Yes, but only to gather intelligence until a Congressional declaration of war justifies striking suspected enemy targets

@98GG9GX from Kentucky answered…1mo

@98FJB4M from New York answered…1mo

@98FFFKG from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

Yes, but only if the killing of terrorists through the drone will not kill civilians in the process.

@98DXLGC from New York answered…1mo

@98DP2KT from Missouri answered…1mo

@98D2NNL from Missouri answered…1mo

@98CK793 from California answered…2mos

This is such a complicated issue for me that I simply do not have a yes/no stance.

@98BJHMYSocialist from New York answered…2mos


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