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@65B6RLXRepublicanfrom Kentucky  answered…12mos

No, but add a clause that ensures a "tax" or reparation is made to the US from those countries that need defending (and under 2%) should they need the US military for defense or aid.

@658X3N3Greenfrom North Carolina  answered…12mos

@659JTQ9Republicanfrom Nebraska  answered…12mos

We should not be expected to fund countries who prosper but do not fund their own defense -- why should we bear the cost when they can afford to do so?

@659ZF64Greenfrom Illinois  answered…12mos

No country deserves a free ride. Each country has a reasonable responsibility to defend and protect its citizens. But failure of a government to reasonably defend and protect its citizens doesn't absolve other countries from a moral responsibility to protect and preserve life to the best of their ability.

@6596M23Socialistfrom Minnesota  answered…12mos

Yes, upon the condition that a lien (of sorts...) is placed on that country, resulting in a gained equitable interest to the People of the U.S. Maybe even going to so far as being a fund of mutual benefit, to the US and the country being protected. This could be practical if that country is better off spending their own budget on something which would bring more benefit to that country, thereby increasing a potential return to the US. Especially since the US has so much invested in its military already.

@9PJ7PBBRepublican from Maine answered…12mos

Yes, but we should put sanctions on those who don't pay their fair share and make their contribution public.

@65B7XRFDemocratfrom Ohio  answered…12mos

we are not the worlds military, we should not have to monitor and defend unless war is declared

@9XGCK6RSocialist from Washington answered…1wk

It’s a very tricky situation, however military occupations need to be avoided at all costs, with more emphasis on humanitarian support

@9XG4HLMSocialist from New York answered…1wk

If I wanted to keep NATO, it should become a non-military based geopolitical network

@9XFQ733Working Family from Utah answered…1wk

Yes in case or emergencies, but encourage the countries to increase their defense budget

@9X9SFHLDemocrat from Michigan answered…2wks

@9W3R4YBVeteran from Alabama answered…2mos

@9W3BCSQConstitution from Minnesota answered…2mos

@9VXNN25Constitution from Indiana answered…2mos

Yes, but reduce US funding to the level of the other nations.

@9VWW44YRepublican from Virginia answered…2mos

Yes, but strongly encourage minimum spending requirements through incentive programs

@9VN7ZVZConstitution from Illinois answered…3mos

It depends on the circumstances, if a region wants to join another country I think they should join. If a NATO country attacks another country with no reason, we shouldn't help.

@9VF2QZ5Republican from Louisiana answered…4mos

Yes, but our aid should be proportional to their military spending

@9WJK9SFWorking Family from North Carolina answered…1mo

@9WDF2HWDemocrat from Florida answered…1mo

@9TLM92CLibertarian from California answered…6mos

Yes, there are some countries we should defend, but maybe not all.

@9TFCQ22Veteran from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

Yes, we should be defending NATO allies, regardless of anything.

@FLEXWKURepublican from Kentucky answered…6mos

Yes, but NATO should have percentages of GDP re-evaluated being that this was formed in WWII.

@9T6JT9SVeteran from Texas answered…6mos

@9T5R4YQVeteran from Arizona answered…6mos

@9SYCXC8Women’s Equality from New Jersey answered…7mos

@9SXD6Y2Veteran from Texas answered…7mos

No, we are not the police of the world and should get our own house in order.

@9SVJD4SRepublican from Virginia answered…7mos

If we make an agreement to defend one another, everyone should reasonably contribute to defense.

@9SV5QYNDemocrat from Oregon answered…7mos

If we spent more money on our people and less on the military it wouldn’t be an issue. When I worked overseas I spoke with people from all countries about these issues. Basically the view in most countries is that they can spend more on social programs because the us spends so much on the military. They really don’t care much for us but, we’re tolerated because overall we improve the lives of other countries by saving them money.

@9PBJ877Working Family from Wisconsin answered…12mos

@9NZ4SWBVeteran from Kansas answered…12mos

No, if a NATO country is spending less than 2% of their GDP on military defense they have broken the agreement and we are not obligated to defend them.

@9NXJG57Republican from New York answered…12mos

yes if we are assisting, but need to stop trying to rebuild everyone else's land, focus on us.

@9NW5WB4Republican from Missouri answered…12mos

Yes, but force members to spend 2% of GDP on military defense.

@9N8ST8FLibertarian from Massachusetts answered…12mos

Yes but we should decrease active spending and be more reactionary

@9N7BC8TWomen’s Equality from New York answered…12mos

We should defend them but charge them. Somehow make them pay for us defending them.

@9N39JHMRepublican from New Jersey answered…12mos

Yes, but we should keep encouraging these countries to ramp up military spending for those who have not already.

@9MSJS6NIndependent from Florida answered…12mos

@9MRDFQXSocialist from Georgia answered…12mos

@9MMVMVTVeteran from Idaho answered…12mos

Yes, but we shouldn’t use all of our resources on them because they aren’t willing to use their resources on themselves

@9MFNV7CConstitution from Florida answered…12mos

Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea should be defended. we have no business defending Western european countries. they can fend for themselves, we owe them nothing.

@9MCYHN2Working Family from Connecticut answered…12mos

Do not defund any country not contributing at least 2% but do not withdraw.

@9M6T65VAmerican Solidarity from Georgia answered…12mos

@9M5WXFQTranshumanist from Indiana answered…12mos

Yes, as long as other countries in NATO are 'defending' the same amount

@9M4F32LDemocrat from Texas answered…12mos

No, we should remain neutral but help with aid for those with low military defence budgets

@9LZZMSKVeteran from Tennessee answered…12mos

Yes, as long as we are a part of NATO. But require member countries to pay their fair share to the organization.

@csquared0013Veteran from New Mexico answered…12mos

Yes but defended countries should be indebted for the services rendered.


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