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@6CNZB89Greenfrom Minnesota  answered…12mos

@6B352C5Republicanfrom Texas  answered…12mos

I believe gays are people and God says to love all people. If they are able to care for the child in a better manner than the child's biological parents, then I say it would be good for the child to have someone who will love them.

@6BMFDC6Republicanfrom North Carolina  answered…12mos

@69RQ7P4Republicanfrom Illinois  answered…12mos

No, adoption is not a right; it is a privilege

 @jilliankeserichWomen’s Equality from Washington disagreed…3wks

Yes Yes, as long as they pass the same background checks as straight couples

bro literally what.. LOL

@9XGBR2YWomen’s Equality from Virginia commented…1wk

exactly! gay couples, or all queer couples, are humans too. wtf @69RQ7P4 also ofc ur republican *eyeroll*

@9XMF3F9Peace and Freedom from Missouri answered…3 days

Yes, if they treat a child right and want a child then they should have that right also it puts a child in a loving home environment.

@9XJ748KPopulist from Kansas answered…6 days

@9XF7656Republican from Utah answered…2wks

I believe that gay couples who are in a stable situation should have the right to adopt but prefer straight couples in stable situations over the gay couples as a mother and a father have different roles

@9X9WJL2Republicanfrom Vermont  answered…2wks

Yes, but adoption agencies should prioritize offering children to straight couples before offering to gay couples as I believe a mother and father family structure is best for the child

@9X5X9QTWorking Family from North Carolina answered…3wks

@9X2PB5GRepublicanfrom Northern Mariana Islands  answered…3wks

Yes, however adoption agencies should prioritize heterosexual families over homosexual families.

 @jilliankeserichWomen’s Equality from Washington disagreed…3wks

Yes Yes, as long as they pass the same background checks as straight couples

this sounds dumb asf gn

@9Q47JMMIndependent from Louisiana answered…11mos

i wish the child could have an opinion so they can choose who can raise them

@9Q3JBJJLibertarian from Pennsylvania answered…11mos

Yes, but religiously affiliated agencies should be able to abide by their beliefs

@9PXBFNPDemocrat from Virginia answered…11mos

Yes. To be honest, gay couples could offer a better home. It seems that lgbtqia+ people are nicer and more kind. And 2 gay people raising a child causes less homophobia in the next generation, so we can move forward and be more loving. A lot of homes are unstable, causing children to go into the foster system. But if that child got to be raised by two loving parents, no matter their sexual orientation, that’s all that matters.

@9PH3JSYConstitution from Maryland answered…12mos

Yes, they should be granted the same opportunities. However if it is a Religious adoption agency, they should be able to be turned away if it conflicts with the agency's religious beliefs.

@9NC6ZQZVeteran from Kansas answered…12mos

Gay couples should expect rights from a government agency but not necessarily from a private agency, religous agencies for example should be able to place children in homes as it fits their beliefs.

@9N9JC5WRepublican from Louisiana answered…12mos

No, and I KNOW a mother and father family structure is best for the child

@9MXMS3XRepublican from Texas answered…12mos

Yes, but a Mother and Father family structure is proven to be best for a child.

@9MWLZNXWomen’s Equality from Ohio answered…12mos

Yes, as long as they pass their background check/any other requirements they should be able to. I don't think that we should worsen overcrowding in the system because we aren't letting certain people care for child, just because of who they like. This being said I think it should be suggested for all couples (gay or straight) that they join a group of adopting parents or parents that have already adopted, so that they can discuss the struggles of raising an adopted child (while being gay or straight).

@9MRRK42Peace and Freedom from Arizona answered…12mos

Yes, what's the difference between a same sex couple and a straight couple? As long as they can financially and emotional support the kid then whats the problem?

@9MRDJL9Women’s Equality from Missouri answered…12mos

Yes, it will put more children into caring homes, and the sexuality of parents doesn't matter.

@9MM6CW7Peace and Freedom from Ohio answered…12mos

Yes, because every child deserves a loving home. Just because your religious views don't agree doesn't mean that love is any less.

@9MK2P8VLibertarian from Georgia answered…12mos

Yes, if they are publicly funded or receive any amount of federal funding or backing. If they are a private agency that will not adopt to same sex couples, they receive zero funding.

@9LYH6V4Women’s Equality from Utah answered…12mos

Yes, as long as they pass the same background checks, tho I believe a mother and a father family structure is best for the child.

@9LQDF6PRepublican from Indiana answered…12mos

@Nathan's-Meme-Ch…Republican from California answered…12mos

I prefer a mother/father structure, but I do not have an issue with the topic

@9KP3GFSGreen from Tennessee answered…12mos

yes but do a background and a mental health check of LGBTQ family before they officially adopt them

@9KL264XLibertarian from South Carolina answered…12mos

Personally disagree with it but would rather them be with a family than in a group home

@9K4ZYRNConstitution from South Carolina answered…1yr

Morr studies should be done as to the impact on the child development prior to allowing

@9K27M6NLibertarian from Virginia answered…1yr

Yes, for government sponsored or funded adoption agencies. Private agencies should set their own preferences.

@9JVFG76Republican from Arizona answered…1yr

I believe a mother and father family structure is best for the child but in cases of DCS Overcrowding would I support same-sex couples being able to adopt only after completing the same background check as straight couples.

@9JRF638Veteran from Utah answered…1yr

Yes as long as there is a strong Male or female also involved in the child's life. I believe it's best to have both gender influences.

@9JR7LKYConstitution from Illinois answered…1yr

No, if a religious-based agency wants to prohibit gay couples they have the right to do so

@9J89R36Libertarian from Indiana answered…1yr

Yes but I believe that a functional father mother structure is best

@9HSNB2LConstitution from California answered…1yr

I think adoption agencies should be able to decide whether or not to adopt out to gay couples

@Kyaisiah-LeonaRepublican from Massachusetts answered…1yr

Yes but I believe that a traditional family is a mom and a dad.

@9HNF6FBPeace and Freedom from Kansas answered…1yr

these questions are making me mad. like just because they love someone of the same sex doesnt mean they are an animal they are still human and cant help who they love period.

@9HKDTVJLibertarian from Ohio answered…1yr

Yes with the establish parental roles to ensure Custody stands are met and child support.

@slynch91Libertarianfrom District of Columbia  answered…1yr

It should be up to the adoption agency, unless if they are receiving federal/state funding.


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