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@6K5MRNCRepublicanfrom Illinois  answered…3mos

Yes!!! And if anyone fails to do what a man of the law says, like "stop, hands up, etc.", then the policeman has the lawful right to arrest you. If you try to shoot him, he can defend himself and shoot you. If you shoot a policeman, you should be arrested and the punishment should be you life's punishment, no exceptions, no parole.

@5YZP5K2Republicanfrom Alabama  answered…3mos

I believe that with the world we live in today, where a young man who actually committed two crimes (theft and beating a policeman until he had to go to the hospital) dies from being shot in self defense and he is the hero, it is absolutely 100% in the interest of the officer to wear this device. Generations struggled for equality and most did so under the non-violent protests and gatherings of Dr. King, Jr. Those courageous people did not suffer and bleed and March just for their grandchildren and great grandchildren could just throw down the race card and the start rioting and looting and

@67XVQLQDemocratfrom Vermont  answered…3mos

No, police should be retrained to deescalate high-tension situations and react to dangerous suspects with less lethal force. The reason a criminal isn't afraid to shoot a cop is the same reason a soldier isn't afraid to shoot his opponent in battle. If you threaten another person with death, expect them to fight like hell to kill you first. Furthermore, police accused of abusing their power should be tried as if they never had a badge in the first place. Murder is murder regardless of who kills who.

@6MFP9KMSocialistfrom Georgia  answered…3mos

Yes but they should be able to be activated by dispatch officers, not the police officer.

@68KK6TVLibertarianfrom Ohio  answered…3mos

Regardless, eliminate all tax-based police departments and allow the free market to provide police services

@6LY5CSRDemocratfrom Ohio  answered…3mos

All police should be re-trained to learn de-escalation techniques, etc. And if an officer uses excessive force at any time, they should be fired. We need a new approach to policing.

@9GLB4B5Green from Illinois answered…3mos

@9G3PCZTPeace and Freedom from Idaho answered…3mos

Abolish the police. Replace them with trained disaster and mental health professionals, social resources, and community-employed security with limited authority... all of which should require that professionals wear body cameras.

@9RGMWGNWorking Family from Wyoming answered…7 days

Yes, but only for police officers that have violated their department’s standards, someone’s constitutional rights, caused unnecessary violence, breaking a law, or judging someone by the color of their skin it should make the police officer that has the body camera feel obligated to make the proper decisions

@9RCSPC8Democrat from Minnesota answered…2wks

Yes, we have the right to protect ourselves if something goes wrong or people are mistreated. The people need proof.

@9LMJ8NWSocialist from Texas answered…3mos

If the police were abolished, we would save the need for Body Cameras.

@9LHDMBFRepublican from New Jersey answered…3mos

Yes, and it should be illegal to turn off the body cam or tamper with the footage

@9LH5BW3Socialist from Michigan answered…3mos

Yes, and it should be a crime for an officer to turn it off

@9LGCCKDAmerican from Arkansas answered…3mos

@9LFVS4FLibertarian from Texas answered…3mos

Yes and punishments accordingly to those who do not use them appropriately or turn them off

@9LCMG68Veteran from Massachusetts answered…3mos

@9L8QNKPLibertarian from New Jersey answered…3mos

Yes, and they should be ones with at least 60 FPS so it is easy to see what's happening. and the footage should be public unless if it infringes on peoples rights or puts lives in danger

@9L87YNNDemocrat from Colorado answered…3mos

Yes, but only if the video is protected for individual and officer rights and not automatically available to the public.

@Madison-CantyPeace and Freedom from South Carolina answered…3mos

Yes, and should be on at all times so that the footage from that and any possible footage from any bystanders of a situation, can be used in a court of law aa evidence.

@9L4TZMDSocialist from New York answered…3mos

@9KSL5F4Socialist from Texas answered…3mos

@9KQ79VYPeace and Freedom from Rhode Island answered…3mos

@9KQ6KW6Constitution from Tennessee answered…3mos

Yes and no because they should be able to chose if they wear one or not but it is also nice to have on when you are doing something and need to go back look to see what you did wrong or what you could have done better and they might need it as evidence to what actually happen to make sure no one is lying

@9KDZK3XLibertarian from Georgia answered…3mos

@9K6DPDDWomen’s Equality from California answered…3mos

Yes, and must be running at all times with review of the footage.

@9JZJZJ3Women’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…3mos

@9JYNKXFTranshumanist from South Carolina answered…3mos

Yes but only when an officer is on patrol or had a history of getting into questionable situations

@9JR7LKYConstitution from Illinois answered…3mos

Only if full and unedited videos are available so footage cannot be manipulated and it should be understood they may not be able to capture the full context of a situation

@9JMZ234Green from New York answered…3mos

Yes, but there should be no increase in police budget to fund these cameras

@9JLRS8HAmerican Solidarity from New York answered…3mos

@9JLV47FVeteran from Washington answered…3mos

No, only the officers who were convicted of abuse of power etc.

@9JJMKM6Democrat from Connecticut answered…3mos

Only some officers like if they are new or if they have a anger or something propblem like that.

@9JJH4RDWomen’s Equality from Tennessee answered…3mos

Yes, and they should be required to stay on when making a traffic stop or arrest

@9J6YYWVPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…3mos

@9HXRMGMRepublican from Illinois answered…3mos

@9HXR8GTWorking Family from Maryland answered…3mos

Yes, but the cameras should not be able to be manually turned on or off by the officers

@9HTS55PVeteran from Louisiana answered…3mos

Yes, this will help prove that law enforcement officers are doing their job properly

@9HRZT4TVeteran from South Carolina answered…3mos

Yes, and any thing that happens off camera should be considered pre-meditated on the part of the officer

@9HRWVW7Peace and Freedom from Indiana answered…3mos

Yes, when it comes to officers committing crimes against people of color even WITH body cams officers still get off with a light slap on the wrist but judges seem to turn a blind eye when there are no cameras. Body cams would be the first step in making sure that officers get convicted as well. Just because you wear blue doesn’t mean you automatically leave all of your human impulses at the door

@9HNBZYWPeace and Freedom from Illinois answered…3mos

Yes because we don't usually know the full act in crime, unless we actually see what's going on. Now in time not all police officers are good so we need to know the full story.

@9HMKMSTDemocrat from Kentucky answered…3mos

Should all cell phone footage be required to be turned in if it is a recording of a police officer/ citizen altercation that shows the full story instead of just what the media has released?


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