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@6BDD2MLGreenfrom California  answered…6mos

Yes, every citizen deserves the right to vote. Felons should be the first to vote as they have a right not to be subject to cruel and unusual punishment. This is also a way to show felons that society has not given up on them. We should try and rehabilitate felons rather than solely incarcerate and punish them.

@5TVCTBHDemocratfrom California  answered…6mos

Yes, because there is nothing that a felon could vote on that would hurt the well-being of everyone else. Also, I think that the last thing felons think about while committing a crime is their distain from not being able to vote any more.

@9T8ZVS7Independent from Nebraska answered…3 days

@9T7YDLLRepublican from Ohio answered…5 days

@9T7KN78Democrat from Michigan answered…5 days

@9T75N75Women’s Equality from New Mexico answered…6 days

If they are released from prison, they should have the right to vote after a certain amount of time, say 3 years, without any further criminal activity.

@9LV43MNSocialist from New Hampshire answered…6mos

yes, on the condition of having served their time and having become a better person

@9LTWRXWWorking Family from New York answered…6mos

Yes, after completing their sentence and if they weren’t convicted of murder or other violent crimes

@9LTPWHJDemocrat from Texas answered…6mos

personally everyone has a right to vote but i feel that after seeing a change in a person they should the be able to vote cause it doesn’t matter the amount of smiles u put on faces or the amount of things u do to make up for it but until a social change through therapy or change to character (in general) occurs then they should have the ability to vote

@9LSGJ3BDemocrat from Massachusetts answered…6mos

@9LSF5RTDemocrat from Texas answered…6mos

@9LR7VQ5Working Family from California answered…6mos

@9LQM8H4Transhumanist from California answered…6mos

yes, except for felons convicted of murder, rape, or pedophilia

@9LPS448Peace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…6mos

I believe that anyone who is a citizen in the us should be able to vote

@9LPP65LVeteran from New Hampshire answered…6mos

For me it depends upon the crime. If it’s something heinous and the person is obviously not right mentally, then i don’t think they should have the right to vote after what they did. But for a crime like murder where someone could be wrongfully convicted, then who knows.

@9LPNSZ2Transhumanist from North Carolina answered…6mos

Yes, but it depends on the severity of the crime and their mental state.

@9LMXY7TConstitution from Illinois answered…6mos

It depends on the nature of the crime. Nonviolent offenders should be able to vote only after completing their sentence and have promised to benefit themselves with a job or an education.

@9LM8Z4TSocialist from Kentucky answered…6mos

Yes but only after completing sentences and probation/parole but not ever again for felons convicted of murder and violent crimes

@9LM5DC5Democrat from Maryland answered…6mos

@9LM2GHMPeace and Freedom from New York answered…6mos

Yes but only criminals who are non-violent offenders (in the exception of self defense or vigilante justice) or are otherwise remorseful, completing their sentences.

@Sean-LinConstitution from Oregon answered…6mos

Those convicted of misdemeanors should be able to vote. Those convicted of felonies should not be able to vote.

@9LLJMNXIndependent from New Jersey answered…6mos

@9LL5HW4Constitution from Texas answered…6mos

No, for violent, drug trafficking, and sex crime felony convictions only.

@9LL44RVPeace and Freedom from Kansas answered…6mos

I've never thought about criminals voting, but now that I think about it, yes. Just have a ballot in their facility for prisoners to vote if they so choose. If they are not versed in current politics due to their sentences, they should still be allowed to vote, as many non-imprisoned citizens vote without thoroughly looking into politics. & there shouldn't be restrictions based on the crimes they committed. If the argument is that "a prisoner is a citizen," then a convicted murderer is still a citizen.

@9LKX488Libertarian from New Jersey answered…6mos

@9LKMYDWPeace and Freedom from Oklahoma answered…6mos

If they count towards the population, then they should get to vote. If they do not count to the population, they should not get to vote.

@9LJ8P8XWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…6mos

Yes, first, every citizen does have the right to vote and criminals or convicted criminals already have to deal with not being able to get a job taken away from them so taking more doesn't make right. Anyone can change .

@9LJ6XXVIndependent from Indiana answered…6mos

Yes, unless for violent crimes, and only after they have finished their sentence and parole/probation.

@9LHYRLDVeteran from Washington answered…6mos

@9LH7H7BRepublican from Texas answered…6mos

Yes, once they successfully complete a certain amount of probation.

@9LH6L8VRepublican from Florida answered…6mos

@9LH37PRPeace and Freedom from Colorado answered…6mos

Criminals such as pedophiles or rapists, or sex offenders should not be allowed to vote.

@9LG3975Republican from Illinois answered…6mos

This should depend on the severity of the crime. If they have served their time and didnt ya know, commit genocide, then yes. If they stole a stupid 100 dollar shoe and did their jail time, yes. If they murdered 12 people. No.

@9LFYFCGDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

After they pay for what they did and depends on what they committed.

@9LFWW4KDemocrat from Iowa answered…6mos

@9LF5KZPAmerican Solidarity from Wisconsin answered…6mos

This isn't really a choice but i feel that maybe they shouldn't because if you wanna commit a crime why should we give you a right to vote.

@9LDJ56BRepublican from New Jersey answered…6mos

@9LDBRBPRepublican from North Carolina answered…6mos

Depends on the weight of the crime they did. If they killed somebody, no. But if they did something small like selled weed, then yes they should vote.

@9LCTW8RConstitution from South Carolina answered…6mos

Yes, but only after completing their sentence, parole/probation, and remaining free of any additional convictions (eligible of jail time, whether or not they are sentenced to jail time) for 5 years. The election after the 5 year mark that person is eligible to vote. What crimes count should be determined federally for elections that govern the nation (President/US Congress) and by each individual state for elections that only impact the state.

@9LCHSWJRepublicanfrom Guam  answered…6mos

Convicted felons should not be allowed to vote. People convicted of misdemeanors should still be allowed to vote.


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