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@PositiveEnergy from Guam  commented…2yrs

Mandatory birth control for those under 18??? What... You realise most don't lose their virginity until 17/18, & hormones can really mess up some women's mental state... If you are instead including things like condoms etc, than I'm not sure how you would mandate/enforce that rule... But yes, obviously the importance of safe sex should be emphasised...

I'm a 30 year old female (in a sexually active committed relationship), & I have never used birth control pills (nor been pregnant) in my life, & like many women I don't feel comfortable playing with my natural hormones... & I'm …  Read more

@8NYR63SDemocrat from Florida commented…2yrs

It is already hard enough to prove someone is raped. That would infringe on someone's privacy to have to make them prove that they were raped, or that the pregnancy is a result of incest. Just let woman have an safe abortion instead of them having to sneak around.


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