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@4Y2P2HDConstitutionfrom Washington  answered…3mos

Absolutely not. This is asinine and comparable to suing a hammer maker because you smashed your thumb. Even if someone smashed someone elses thumb, on purpose. It is not the fault of the tool maker. It is the responsibility of each person to handle those tools appropriately. Decisions come with consequences. Use a tool for harm, and that person should deal with those consequences, not a company who made it.

Firearms dealers should only be dealt with legally if they sold someone a gun without going through the proper process.

@4XZR6RYDemocratfrom Massachusetts  answered…6mos

No, but original owners should have some stake in allowing their firearm to go missing

@4XY6N5GLibertarianfrom Utah  answered…6mos

Yes, the constitution gives us the right to sue for any reason. It does not mean that the case should win in court but I would not prevent any one from suing for any reason.

@9T9LVHBTranshumanist from Iowa answered…2 days

Yes, if they didn't run a good background check on the person they were selling the firearm to.

@9HYHDY2Women’s Equality from California answered…6mos

Yes if the dealer did not follow protocol and background checks

@9HYFZVZDemocrat from Nevada answered…6mos

Yes, the reason I believe this is that if people start seeing them because their consumers aren’t responsible with their firearms, the company might get motivated to make it more strict for anyone to get them.

@9HYFMFWDemocrat from Tennessee answered…6mos

Only insofar as either may have been negligent or complicit in an illegal activity

@9HYBQ75Democrat from Missouri answered…6mos

Only if they can prove it was sold under suspicious circumstances

@9HYBLQ9Libertarian from New Jersey answered…6mos

Yes if they don't do background checks etc to see if the person has a violent or criminal past or a history of severe mental illness.

@9HXJB8SDemocrat from Vermont answered…6mos

If a dealer sells a weapon they should 1st do extensive background and mental health checks but then again sometimes people who are out of their mind go undetected so if they do a background and mental health check and it comea back clear and the person is actually suffering mental health and crimes they havent been caught doing how is that the dealers fault I feel that before weapons can be sold before someone purchases a weapon they should first have to be cleared by a mental health provider not just a written application but actually be cleared by a mental health provider

@9HXHWSGWorking Family from Wisconsin answered…6mos

no, but only if it is a malfunction from a newly bought gun

@9HXGSFTDemocrat from West Virginia answered…6mos

@9HXBSX5Working Family from Colorado answered…6mos

No unless the proper background checks were bypassed or skipped in any way.

@9HX8GVDPeace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…6mos

I think that the person who shot the victim should be held responsible but if the gun was sold illegally, then the dealer should be held reponsible too.

@9HWLCYWLibertarian from New York answered…6mos

@9HWG82ZLibertarian from Minnesota answered…6mos

@9HWCMH9Women’s Equality from New York answered…6mos

Depends on if they followed the appropriate laws and guidelines

@9HWCGTSDemocrat from California answered…6mos

Yes, if there were signs of negligence that dealers overlooked.

@Alan-BraswellDemocrat from Alabama answered…6mos

No dealers or manufacturers are not the ones pulling the trigger. The only way it should come down to a dealer or manufacturer does not do a back ground check then they should be held liable.

@9HWBJJ2Working Family from Texas answered…6mos

Yes if the dealer didn't do strict background checks that insure that the person getting dealed the gun is trustworthy.

@9HW9QNDRepublican from North Dakota answered…6mos

no, because its not the person who sold the guns fault at all they should not have anything to do with it

@9HW7YJMDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

it was the manufactures fault its more of the person that bought the gun.

@9HW5BHRAmerican Solidarity from Washington answered…6mos

yes but only allowed to be taken out if others are in life harming situations

@9HVRKSSDemocrat from Georgia answered…6mos

Private sellers who do not require thourough background checks should be held accountable.

@9HVNTR2Women’s Equality from New York answered…6mos

@9HVL7VTDemocrat from Arizona answered…6mos

@9HVJ89NPeace and Freedom from South Carolina answered…6mos

It depends on who sold them the gun and if they thought they seemed uneasy

@9HVG2ZVDemocrat from Massachusetts answered…6mos

I think the manufacturers should have better rules and have a law on how and who to sell them to

@9HVDQB8Libertarian from Georgia answered…6mos

Yes, but only if the dealer or manufacturer breached a duty owed to the general public or violated the law in the sale of the firearm.

@9HVBR7NRepublican from Minnesota answered…6mos

@9HV75WDDemocrat from Massachusetts answered…6mos

Not necessarily. But they should be taken to court if the dealer gave it for free or a cheap expense.

@9HV5FQJPeace and Freedom from Georgia answered…6mos

If a person is clearly a threat to society he or she should not be able to buy a firearm.

@9HV4YPDRepublican from Indiana answered…6mos

No! IT is not the dealer's fault. His job is to sell weapons that's it! whatever the customer did with the weapon he sold them, does not reflect on the person who sold the gun to that person. The dealer in most cases was doing his job that's it! it's like saying someone bought a TV from me and for some reason he decided to assault someone with it. Yet again it's not my fault that he beat somebody up with a TV. when I sold it to him it was no longer mine. it was his.

@9HV4T8TTranshumanist from Alabama answered…6mos

Yes, but only if the dealer didn't do a good background check and could tell something was off

@9HTYDQ3Democrat from Texas answered…6mos

Yes, as long as their is clear evidence they were not using all precautions sealing weapons.

@Messias-KeyRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

only sue firearm dealer for not getting better background checks and security

@9HTQHXZVeteran from New York answered…6mos

@9HTQFS6Women’s Equality from Colorado answered…6mos

No because they only sold them the gun and did nothing to hurt you with it

@EmaleewynnDemocrat from New York answered…6mos

No, manufacturers should not be held responsible but dealers should be held partially accountable if proper background checks are waived/not required

@9HTF9SDDemocrat from Oklahoma answered…6mos

If the manufacturers sold a gun to somebody dangerous then yeah

@9HT8PRSPeace and Freedom from Illinois answered…6mos

Yes. They don't have the right to win, but the freedom to take legal action is fundamental to the defense of other rights.

@9HT7SWMWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…6mos

No, because it is the user of the gun that created the problem

@9HT4NQ3Peace and Freedom from New York answered…6mos

only if the gun was given to someone who shouldn't have had it

@9HT488YDemocrat from Connecticut answered…6mos

@9HT3428Working Family from Texas answered…6mos

@9HT25TJPeace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…6mos

if it was caused by the neglect of caution by the dealers/manufacturers i support 100%


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