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Yes, and we should create more social programs to help prevent and rehabilitate criminals

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Yes, it is severely psychologically damaging to young undeveloped minds

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No, it is necessary for violent criminals who are a danger to themselves and other inmates

@3VTR8GVfrom Arizona  answered…2yrs

I think the inmates have to much rules and laws while in prison. they should hate prisons and not want to go back but if they are getting treated how they would out in the real world then it is pointless to have prisons in the first place. make the prisons a hell hole and get the individual to become a better person and not want to go back to prison

@3VGBRTCfrom Georgia  answered…2yrs

In practice, solitary confinement is used to deal with problematic kids that the staff of the prisons just don't want to deal with. If we can limit its use to exceptionally violent kids or kids who are being molested, or attacked in prisons by inmates or staff, I think solitary confinement can work.

@3VRVKKXfrom Arizona  answered…2yrs

Yes, studies have shown how detrimental solitary confinement can be, and with juveniles brains still developing, it is imperative that they are not subjected to this punishment measure.

@3VJJS4Mfrom Kentucky  answered…2yrs

Youth do well with platonic/apprenticeship relationships. When you isolate them, they make their own rules. Let's create more relationship opportunities to positive roll models and less isolation.

@3VFZX43from Florida  answered…2yrs

This is a Catch 22 question. They say solitary confinement is not ok for juveniles, yet, if they are housed with other criminal elements, they can be attacked and would not be protected. Which is worse?

@4YB3B8Kfrom Kansas  answered…2yrs

Prisons should be abolished in favor of financial punishment, death, or banishment

@4Y7RYZ7from Ohio  answered…2yrs

Yes, and we should create more Christian spiritual programs to help prevent and rehabilitate criminals.

@3VFQY4Rfrom Indiana  answered…2yrs

No, if they cannot abide by the conventions of living with the prison population, they have earned solitary confinement.

@3VVPFL8from North Carolina  answered…2yrs

I think that rather than define the days of solitary, we should increase the amount of work required of every prisoner. Less gym time, less TV and recreational time as well as social contact time between inmates. Prison should not become a "higher education" system for prisoners to get their masters in criminal activity.

@3VTHCLXfrom New York  answered…2yrs

Having worked with juveniles who can be a danger to themselves and others, I know how violent they can become. I believe solitary confinement should be used only for situations where other interventions are not successful in preventing harm to self or others, but should not be eliminated as a last effort. There should also be greater training for staff members in interventive methods.

@3VTZCJCfrom Florida  answered…2yrs

Yes, we should be investing in mental and psychological care for these young individuals and increasing policies that prevent the disadvantaged youth from entering into situations that lead to something like solitary confinement. Most humans aren't born to want to be bad in their society.

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@3VG994Rfrom Georgia  answered…2yrs

No, those who receive solitary confinement are there due to predisposed behavior rather then solitary being the cause for the increased likelihood of becoming a repeat offender.

@3VQTLZRfrom Arkansas  answered…2yrs

I think the major issue with children is the breakdown of the family. Children are growing up in a lawless generation. Anything goes. A drug addict can have multiple children and they are left for the public to take care of. There should be consequences.

@3VDV2S3from Kansas  answered…2yrs

Yes, solitary confinement is cruel and unusual and should be banned for anyone.

@4YTTS7Ffrom Florida  answered…2yrs

Make prisons solitary but reformative. Have books to read. Options of writing to a random pen-pal who's not in prison. The goal being that prisoners can't socialize together, organize, and fed off of each others' criminal way of life.

@3VS5222from New York  answered…2yrs

Solitary confinement should be banned for all humans. It is inhumane.

@3VFRZ9Vfrom Michigan  answered…2yrs

Yes, if you deserve it. We are all accountable for our actions. No said juvenile detention was fun.

@3VFKJQJfrom Texas  answered…2yrs

@3VF6C2Pfrom Georgia  answered…2yrs

Yes, but only if the individuals show a totally a unrelenting trend toward gang activity or violent behavior. Michael Brown was a juvenile and tried to kill a law enforcement officer. Case closed!

@3VFVDB9from Wisconsin  answered…2yrs

No because if juveniles do adult-like actions then they should be charged as an adult.

@3VTG5LTfrom Missouri  answered…2yrs

I think all prisons should be considered solitary confinement. It should not be a learning, entertainment or social environment.

@3VSXQSRfrom Indiana  answered…2yrs

I would like to hear what psychologist have to say about its effect on the kids.

@3VGHF6Sfrom Pennsylvania  answered…2yrs

No, but if a juvenile displays behavior warranting solitary confinement, then they should be confined but visited by adults for specific periods of time.

@3VF6R27from Virginia  answered…2yrs

@3VKY8C2from Florida  answered…2yrs

Imprisonment of juveniles is a questionable activity. This whole area should be re-thought. Effective rehabilitation measures should be sought and applied instead of incarceration for juveniles.

@3VL83ZZfrom South Carolina  answered…2yrs

Juveniles deserve every opportunity to be rehabilitated, but those held in adult facilities should be protected from the general population of said facilities.

@sponable98from California  answered…2yrs

No, prison officials should determine who needs confinement based on security concerns for guards and prisoners.

@95SVHYLfrom Arkansas  answered…1 day

Yes, solitary confinement is literal torture, and should be abolished everywhere.

@95SKB62Independent from Pennsylvania answered…1 day

Any human should not be confined in very small concrete block with no light, nothing but themselves. hey should be separated into a normal jail cell by themselves so they don't threaten any inmates or workers.

@95SFNXQ from Virginia answered…1 day

No, keep them in prison, but create more social programs for prisoners

@95S5Q8Q from North Carolina answered…2 days

Depending on the severity of the crime and how they act around other inmates.

@95RNQMY from New Jersey answered…2 days

Yes, solitary confinement is unethical for anyone, not just juveniles.

@95RN85PRepublican from Oregon answered…2 days

Yes, and the ban should apply to all inmates, not just juveniles, it is torture

@95QYSV9Independent from Texas answered…2 days

@95QRKZM from Michigan answered…2 days

well only if they did something that goes way to far either they need help(therapy)

@95QRDJV from California answered…2 days

No, but I think it should mainly be used for the safety of other inmates or themselves and limited to a few hours. I argue 60 days in solitary confinement is against our 8th amendment.

@95PNNJS from California answered…3 days

yes because its damaging psychologically and is abusive but if they have tried to give them help and are a danger to themselves and others than it is called for them to be in solitary confinement.

@95NMK68 from California answered…4 days

Only if NECESSARY, to prevent undeveloped minds, reduce timeframes based on AGE of jailed indavisual.

@95NCLST from Arizona answered…4 days

No, it should be used with only those who are capable of harming others.

@95MY2J9 from Connecticut answered…4 days

@95LW6MM from Pennsylvania answered…5 days

@95LNMGSRepublican from Virginia answered…5 days

No, but there should be more rehabilitation and social programs to help them.


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