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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

No, and I am not convinced that North Korea has or is capable of developing a long-range nuclear missile

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@3PYYHYSfrom Texas  answered…2yrs

No, we need to find another diplomatic option. Once we go after North Korea, they are just waiting to drop an H Bomb on us and it will open the world to a gigantic world war that frankly, we cannot afford to lose.

@3PZ5G5Kfrom Missouri  answered…2yrs

Like Iran military strikes will be ineffective because we have dithered so long they are now extremely well protected from a military strike; we should asymmetrically attack N Korea and Iran to destroy their nuclear program(s). Cyber attack, infiltration of components that don't work, assassination of key personnel, we should do everything at our disposal to stop these people whose stated intention is to kill us for being us.

@3PZ2BFTfrom Kansas  answered…2yrs

I think all forms of deterrence should be on the table when it comes to North Korea and their nuclear weapon capabilities.

@3PY7Y5Pfrom Missouri  answered…2yrs

No, but we should use economic pressure to cause North Korea to collapse.

@3PXRYXK from Arizona answered…2yrs

Yes, along with other nations threatened by their capabilities. We are not the sole police presence of the world.

@3PXX3SHfrom Florida  answered…2yrs

No, South Korea must be the country to take action with the full backing of the United States.

@3PXTGB3from Colorado  answered…2yrs

Yes. Then we should try Bill Clinton & Maddie Halfbright for treason after they let Kim jon il get nukes.

@98XJ4W8 from Washington D.C. answered…4hrs

@98X2YDT from Maryland answered…1 day

@98VK9F9 from Nebraska answered…5 days

@98VGZGWCommunist from Oregon answered…5 days

@98VH2KY from California answered…5 days

@98VGNLS from Idaho answered…5 days

@98TW72L from Pennsylvania answered…6 days

@98TVZHH from Pennsylvania answered…6 days

@98THL6VRepublican from New Mexico answered…7 days

Yes but only if it is absolutely necessary that North Korea is going to attack the US

@98SJFDL from North Dakota answered…1wk

@98RVP32 from Alabama answered…2wks

we would need to learn more of the situation before acting upon these tests

@98P23LB from Washington answered…3wks

Yes, as long as we are sure that people would not be harmed AND that North Korea would have no form of retribution AND that this wouldn't start a larger conflict.

@98M3GVN from Arizona answered…3wks

 @98HYLN4 from California answered…4wks

No, we should stay out of other countries' business and purchase land from Ukraine

@98HM5QGIndependent from Texas answered…4wks

North Korea is the closest thing to a communism in modern society. The people are brainwashed and trapped. The worst thing we can do is try to hurt that nation. We have to take steps to eradicate the nation in its current state as peacefully as we can.

@98GG9GX from Kentucky answered…1mo

No, and end all sanctions and intervention with North Korea, remove our troops from South Korea, remove our nuclear arsenal, and sign a non-aggression peace treaty with North Korea

@98GF3PD from Tennessee answered…1mo

@98CSHMR from Missouri answered…2mos

i think were in fighting with resources hundred fold to what real wars are fought with. nato is a free sale weapons supplier. new eastern currency moving to tangable assets like gold.

@98CRRVLPeace and Freedom from New York answered…2mos

i dont really think its a relevant idea to destroy whatever they think they have be cause they might have someone in there hand to take revenge for them and start a war

@98CR55S from Pennsylvania answered…2mos

If provoked and/or we have reason to believe they're becoming a threat, we should strike their weapon factories and only their weapon factories.

@98CR4G4 from North Carolina answered…2mos

I feel as yes we should because we don't want to risk the chances of nuclear weapons being used for the safety of the world but we don't want them to get made and use them when we are trying to take them away

@93RZVS9 from Washington answered…2mos

Yes but only if they launch a missile that hits South Korea or Japan.

@98B6D8LRepublican from Kansas answered…2mos

No, the U.S. cannot afford to get in a war with a country backed by China, it could lead to a world war

@986SYGZDemocrat from Colorado answered…2mos

@986P6MH from Pennsylvania answered…2mos

It's weird, I feel wait until something actually happens. Don't just attack out of the blue.

@986P5VV from Ohio answered…2mos

There is no use in starting World War 3, if there is a major threat than thats when we should start.

@986NX25 from North Carolina answered…2mos

No but we must stay on our toes about the nuclear strikes so if they launch one we can launch immediately


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