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@97H3FXTLibertarian  from Texas commented…3mos

As an educator and mother, I think all qualifying males and females that are not going to college or furthering their education after high school should be required at least, 1 year of military service/training. Furthermore, if a qualifying student chooses to drop out of high school they must give at least, 4 years of service/training while obtaining their GED. 1.) I feel this will detour many (especially, those in low socioeconomic status) students from dropping out and/or cause students to take responsibility for their education (I.e. take it serious) while in school. 2.) This would provide experience and education that these students would not otherwise partake in. 3.) Crime would go down…less people in jail/prison later in life.

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Yes, but with less focus on military training and more focus on education and skill development

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Yes, but only for those who do not pursue further education or employment

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@3PPBRKBfrom Virginia  answered…2yrs

I think there should be a system of national service for all which could be performed in many different ways. Perhaps a ranking system where military service earned the highest points towards fulfillment, but a variety of community services, on a part time basis could earn enough points over a longer time period. We should all be required to give something back. We all have different talents. I think a draft should be ok in the most serious of times, but the women need to register, too. Community service could begin in high school. Would be good to get the kids off of the technology and over themselves.

@3PQRGLRfrom Illinois  answered…2yrs

Two years of service to the country should be required, but it does not have to be in the military. Working with inner city youth, updating infrastructure, etc. should be able to count.

@3PPHZ25from Delaware  answered…2yrs

If physically able be trained in military service and utilized in protecting homeland, assisting in natural emergencies, assisting border patrol and with Volunteer Military services in case of major conflict. If physically unable or has true religious objections, serve equal time at equal pay doing community services, and other non military assistance to the country.

@59KCRF5from Kentucky  answered…2yrs

@3PR9HGZfrom Massachusetts  answered…2yrs

Yes, but women should have the option to serve outside of the military and anyone in the military under these conditions should only be mobilized to a combat zone as a last resort.

@992KTC8 from Pennsylvania answered…1 day

@992FXRL from Maryland answered…1 day

@992C2B2Democrat from California answered…2 days

No, But they should have 1 year of civilian service i.e rural firefighting, coast guard, a form of the peace core but only in the USA. That way we have more civic engagement

@992B7TFSocialistfrom Northern Mariana Islands  answered…2 days

@98ZY6PM from New Jersey answered…3 days

Only for those who are starting to build a criminal record. It may provide them with a sense of purpose and duty. Give those in military service therapy and support too.

@98ZXXVV from Texas answered…3 days

@98ZX94M from New York answered…3 days

Yes, it should be 2 years of service and a reduced rate for college when completed.

@98YJVRY from Colorado answered…5 days

@98YB59S from Alabama answered…5 days

No, requiring men and women to provide at least one year of military service is unnecessary. It is simply their choice.

@98XRRS4from Virgin Islands  answered…6 days

Yes, but only for those who do not pursue further education or employment. but with less focus on military training and more focus on education and skill development

@98X3N9X from Missouri answered…1wk

No, but incentivize one year of public service which can include military service (e.g. Peace Corps)

@98WQJJD from Washington answered…1wk

Yes, unless if the person has any disability, mental disorder, or is a woman

@98W7CKQ from New York answered…1wk

No, not during times where the US is not directly involved in war (proxy wars do not count as involvement)

@98W3G3R from Wisconsin answered…1wk

Yes but only for males so they can protect their families. Females can also do it out of their own choice.

@98VFTPP from Ohio answered…1wk

@98VF5YR from Iowa answered…2wks

No not unless its truly in a time of need and we need more people

@98TZVWW from Kansas answered…2wks

some services should be mandatory but not military it as long as it benefits the country

@98THZQC from Alaska answered…2wks

Every citizen should be required to do one year of civil service, including: road maintenance work, environmentalism, coast guard/military, local government, etc.

@98TCFXP from Ohio answered…2wks

@98T2XD4from Guam  answered…2wks

@98SR4SWLibertarian from Ohio answered…2wks

@98RYR9M from Florida answered…2wks

No there is a strategic and tactical benefit for an all volunteer military and we should not give up this advantage

@98QX8V4 from Washington answered…3wks

No, but if the government is low on men, then the government has a right to draft them for service. and to the people who aren't selected for service they still have the option to join.

@98QKRBGVeteran from Louisiana answered…3wks

Yes, a 3-4 year enlistment. With the exception of someone going into college immediately after high school. During this time they will work a paid internship in a civil service.


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