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@6DPZVWBSocialistfrom Pennsylvania  answered…3mos

@6DPCS4BGreenfrom Maine  answered…3mos

@6DYHPXJRepublicanfrom Washington  answered…3mos

There are millions of Christians who need help. Bring them in first. As a woman I am apposed to inviting cultures that think women are not equal to me. We fought too hard for our rights and those of our daughter. May sound harsh but it is creating enormous anger amounts everyday people you are not meeting. This is a very explosive issue

@6DNQLWYIndependencefrom Washington  answered…3mos

Fact is, all terrorist attacks thus far have been from Muslims - not Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Taoists, Seventh Day Adventists, atheists, Satanists, etc. So, let's call a spade a spade and understand that radical jihadist Islamist Muslims have targeted everything and everyone not in accordance with it's stance on well, everything. Is it okay to be leery of such folk? I say, YES.

@6DXQPL4Greenfrom Texas  answered…3mos

From what I understand, every incoming immigrant who comes legally goes through 40 hours of interrogation and 3 background checks. How much more do we need?

@65B9KCGRepublicanfrom Michigan  answered…3mos

No, banning immigrants based on their religion is unconstitutional, but strict background checks should be enacted

@5YXBDKWGreenfrom Idaho  answered…3mos

Most of the "terrorism" is engineered by the CIA, Mossad, MI6 etc. The Muslims are fall guys.

@657CXJSRepublicanfrom North Carolina  answered…3mos

We put Japanese and Germans in camps while at war. Are we not at war on terrorists?

@6B8H8KQRepublicanfrom Ohio  answered…3mos

no let only the real Muslims not the fake "Muslims" who are terrorists.

@657MYFQDemocratfrom California  answered…3mos

Religion should not be a factor of terrorism, however there needs to be a stricter screening process.

@65B7898Libertarianfrom Rhode Island  answered…3mos

Let them enter the country but keep them contained. After all, they are asking for help. We can help and need not feel guilty if we restrict their movement and don't exactly provide 4 star hotel. I can see us being accused of something awful just because we need to maintain national security. That's not fair but it would happen, I'm sure. Do it anyway. It's the only human thing we can do and survive.

@6DYJ3YPGreenfrom New York  answered…3mos

I'm torn on this one... It's crazy to actually consider banning a whole religion and it feels icky as well.... But the status quo needs to change as well... But I'm gonna say no... No ban but single men traveling back and forth should be watched more closely

@9RJWJ75Veteran from Maryland answered…4 days

No, but deport illegal immigrants that are muslim if they commit a felony

@9RJB8CMConstitution from Pennsylvania answered…5 days

No, although we need to better screen everyone that comes into our country regardless

@dwb21317Veteran from Mississippi answered…3mos

No, not because of any religious preference; but ban persons with a criminal record and apply stringent screening processes to any people coming from a country with ties to known terrorist or anarchic organizations. Keep them outside the US until the screening has completed. have the Federal Government increase their capability to do such screenings outside the US significantly.

@9HJ235VRepublican from Kansas answered…3mos

No, all immigrants entering the country should be subject to extensive screening and background checks regardless of religion. Banning immigration based on religion is unconstitutional.

@9HGDYW4Women’s Equality from Illinois answered…3mos

No but there should be thorough back ground checks and proper safety precautions should be taken. Not just Muslims but anyone that comes in and/or out of the US

@9H7Z69TConstitution from Arizona answered…3mos

No, but only after extensively checking each immigrant for territorial activities or involvement.

@9H77QC8Women’s Equality from Michigan answered…3mos

@9H6PY2QGreen from Arizona answered…3mos

No, but increase background checks to ensure they aren't a threat

@9H6LRH3Independent from California answered…3mos

Such an open ended question. They should be vetted but that comes back to improving things

@9H55JYRWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…3mos

@9H4MB4WLibertarian from Arizona answered…3mos

No, but the government should thoroughly vet all immigrants

@9H2QD66Veteran from Texas answered…3mos

they should go through the process to become a legal citizen

@9H2JTNWDemocrat from California answered…3mos

No because we should check their background and if its clear they should be able to go in and out.

@9GXQ97NPeace and Freedom from Hawaii answered…3mos

They shouldn't be banned. There should be background checks though.

@9GWV3T9Working Family from Florida answered…3mos

Banning immigrants based on religion is unconstitutional and immoral, but those from high risk countries must be cleared from terrorist affiliations first.

@9R6JX4KWorking Family from Texas answered…3wks

@9R6BBSLRepublican from Washington answered…3wks

@9QV4LFXForward Italyfrom Pennsylvania  answered…1mo

@9QRS6Z4Peace and Freedom from Arizona answered…2mos

No, but we need to improve the screening process and temporarily ban immigrants if the country they are from currently have a "high risk"

@9QQQTV5Libertarian from Missouri answered…2mos

No, but they must be heavily investigated to make sure they are not a terrorist

@9QQ86XPDemocrat from New York answered…2mos

No, as long as each individual has a strict background check and screening

@9Q5JYC6Socialist from Louisiana answered…3mos

@9Q55NJXDemocrat from Iowa answered…3mos

Yes, but only if they can prove to not have malicious intent

@Joshua-PlayzWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…3mos

We should not ban them however, there should be a screening process for all immigrants, not just Muslims to decide if they are a threat to anyone, anything or national security. We should also increase back ground checks and screening and keep them in a designated safe area until they are cleared.

@9Q3B2JSWomen’s Equality from Ohio answered…3mos

They shouldn't be banned but they should go through something to tell if they're terrorist or not.

@9Q37Y8DRepublican from Connecticut answered…3mos

All together, immigration should be restricted. Visas should only be granted to those who have employment or a place to stay arranged in advance. The 1965 Immigration laws should be repealed. Now, as for any bans on specific groups, I say no to. Immigration should not allow discrimination over such things.

@9PXT7M4Progressive from Texas answered…3mos

Banning immigrants based on their religion is unconstitutional. Ban immigrants based on their affiliation with actual terrorist organizations and thorough background checks if you're that worried about terrorists

@9PXDXB7Transhumanist from Georgia answered…3mos

No, people from high risk countries should be screened more intensely

@9PWKXB4Veteran from New Jersey answered…3mos

No, but we should improve the governments screening process.

@9PVNFLXNational Democratic Partyfrom Iowa  answered…3mos

@9PNG7ZWPeace and Freedom from Mississippi answered…3mos

@9PJ7PBBRepublican from Maine answered…3mos

Only allowed if they renounce their citizenship to their country and have a value to our own society.

@9P7JDWBWomen’s Equality from Oklahoma answered…3mos

No, BEING MUSLIM DOES NOT MAKE SOMEONE A TERRORIST. There should be basic security when entering the country, just like for anybody from other places entering, but BEING MUSLIM SHOULD NOT BE USED AGAINST SOMEONE. IT'S THAT SIMPLE.

@9NYK3SFTranshumanist from Colorado answered…3mos

No but we should make sure people are not terrorists before allowing them to become immigrants

@9NXT9ZVRepublican from Arkansas answered…3mos

No, but ALL immigrants should be highly screened to the best of our abilities.


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