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@6DNQLWYIndependencefrom Washington  answered…12mos

Fact is, all terrorist attacks thus far have been from Muslims - not Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Taoists, Seventh Day Adventists, atheists, Satanists, etc. So, let's call a spade a spade and understand that radical jihadist Islamist Muslims have targeted everything and everyone not in accordance with it's stance on well, everything. Is it okay to be leery of such folk? I say, YES.

@9SC67BQNew Democraticfrom Ontario  commented…8mos

@6DXQPL4Greenfrom Texas  answered…12mos

From what I understand, every incoming immigrant who comes legally goes through 40 hours of interrogation and 3 background checks. How much more do we need?

@6DPZVWBSocialistfrom Pennsylvania  answered…12mos

@6DPCS4BGreenfrom Maine  answered…12mos

@5YXBDKWGreenfrom Idaho  answered…12mos

Most of the "terrorism" is engineered by the CIA, Mossad, MI6 etc. The Muslims are fall guys.

@657CXJSRepublicanfrom North Carolina  answered…12mos

We put Japanese and Germans in camps while at war. Are we not at war on terrorists?

@6B8H8KQRepublicanfrom Ohio  answered…12mos

no let only the real Muslims not the fake "Muslims" who are terrorists.

@9XKGHNBTranshumanist from Texas answered…5 days

No only if there non religious or a deists same as any religion

@9XFVZYLWorking Family from South Carolina answered…1wk

Yes, but then we would have to screen all immigrants like that.

@9WGQQCNWorking Family from New Mexico answered…1mo

No. Banning immigrants based on their religion is unconstitutional, but we should improve the screening of immigrants from "high risk" countries. We also need to streamline the process for Canadians and Mexicans, while helping Canada and Mexico to improve their immigration policy.

@XM-VDemocrat from Georgia answered…1mo

No, but screen out and have heavy surveillance and background checks for high risk countries.

@9VQV6YGConstitutionfrom Vermont  answered…3mos

We should ban Muslims from the Middle East and Africa from entering the country permanently.

@9VQ27ZMRepublican from Minnesota answered…3mos

Just because someone's Muslim doesn't mean they're a threat. But, if a person isn't fleeing persecution, we should still perform background checks and they should go through a reformed immigration system.

@9WQT4BFDemocrat from Oregon answered…1mo

I think we should allow immigrants just perform background checks and just make sure there good people and all that

@9W8LS4BTranshumanist from Missouri answered…2mos

no, banning immigrants based on religion is unconstitutional, but we should do extensive background checks to make sure there is no terrorist connections

@9VY7N9MDemocrat from Georgia answered…2mos

No, but increase security for our borders and background checks for all immigrants who enter the United States regardless of their nation of origin and religion

@9VSPT2DConstitution from Michigan answered…2mos

No, we should just aim for the throat and reinstate Trump's "Muslim Ban."

@9VM7X73Libertarian from Texas answered…3mos

No but limit it and ban the Quran and other exterimist agendas

@9VGQ3CDConstitution from Wisconsin answered…4mos

Yes, and we should reform our immigration to a net zero system, meaning for every immigrant coming in, one emigrant goes out. We should also only allow first world immigration.

@9VDGRB7Transhumanistfrom Virgin Islands  answered…4mos

No, but han immigrants from high risk countries who might be into terrorism organizations

@9V3YY5HPeace and Freedom from Maryland answered…5mos

No, they should go through the same screening protocol as all other immigrants

@9SZ5JCVWomen’s Equality from Missouri answered…7mos

No, they should be allowed but must pass a deep background check

@9SWMFTMDemocratfrom Maine  answered…7mos

@9MKX9SDConstitutionfrom Maine  answered…12mos

Considerable ideological screening for potential islamic extremists. Exclude fundamentalists, favour reformists.

@9MJLRSGTranshumanist from Oregon answered…12mos

@9MHY7MQVeteran from Indiana answered…12mos

Banning all immigrants for what they believe in is wrong, but I still think that a better screening process should be used for all immigrants not just Muslims.

@9M4GDKXWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…12mos

No, however high profile or known dangerous people or people apart of dangerous people should not be aloud

@9M32STQWomen’s Equality from California answered…12mos

There should be a more extensive screening process. That may delay when they may enter the country, but it's better than outright banning Muslim immigrants.

@9LYZNVXDemocrat from Illinois answered…12mos

no, but there should be a high security involved someway or another, or until the process is improved

@9LYBQF5Progressive from New Jersey answered…12mos

All immigrants should be evaluated before coming into the country especially from high-risk countries, but banning immigrants based on their religion is unconstitutional.

@9LLSB3NFree Democratic Partyfrom Maine  answered…12mos

They should be allowed in on the condition they don´t have a criminal record, they learn the language, assimilate western values and national customs, have working skills, and they´re deeply screened to ensure they don´t pose a threat to national security.

@9LMK8S8Republican from Texas answered…12mos

I feel like we need to have a strict screening process for all immigrants.

@9LKBF8TConstitution from California answered…12mos

Immigration reform includes better screening of immigrants.

@9LCVTS7Republican from Nebraska answered…12mos

No, we should allow immigrants after extensive background checks

@9LB5ZHVTranshumanist from Indiana answered…12mos

No, but the government should actively work towards better screening materials for all immigrants regardless of religion

@9KZW2TLRepublican from New Jersey answered…12mos

@nicolevortizPeace and Freedom from New Jersey answered…12mos

@9KVNSZYWorking Family from California answered…12mos

no, banning immigrants based on religion is unconstitutional. We should however screen people we allow to immigrate more closely. Regardless of country of origin, race, creed, color, religion, or sex.

@9KVJ7JHVeteran from Pennsylvania answered…12mos

No ban based on religion, but all immigrants thoroughly vetted

@9KFJ7SHDemocrat from Washington answered…12mos

No, but they should be under a "high watch" status if they have been proven to have any questionable ties to terrorists/terrorism.


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