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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

Increase, our economy relies on businesses hiring the highest skilled workers at the lowest cost

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

Decrease, and the government should provide more incentives to prepare our citizens for these jobs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

Decrease, companies are currently taking advantage of this program to decrease wages

@99VCJX4Libertarian from Pennsylvania commented…3mos

@9BFVGHY from Connecticut answered…2mos

slightly increase high skilled workers. End all non skilled worker immigration. Deport all illegals

 @David-Cooper from Kentucky answered…6mos

If an immigrant who comes to America the correct legal way, and they were in a profession and had a college degree and their own practice/business, there is no reason why they should not be allowed to take a written and performance test and if pass, be given full permission to work or start their own practice/business in America.

@84ZWD6LIndependent from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

Increase, but reform K-12 curriculum + expand access to higher education (trade/vocational schools, community/4 year public colleges) to prepare Americans for these jobs

@934B86G from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

Increase, our economies rely on businesses hiring high skill for low cost, but fix companies taking advantage of this to decrease wages, and the government should provide more incentive to prepare workers for these jobs.

@8SYS9BX from North Carolina answered…2yrs

Keep the same but also provide incentives and programs for our own people.

@8V5LJ97 from Florida answered…2yrs

I am satisfied with the current amount, but realize that companies are currently taking advantage of this program to decrease wages and the government should provide more incentives to prepare our citizens for these jobs.

@8WYD9KLDemocrat from New York answered…4 days

Increase, along with a truncated and productive path to citizenship.

@9B6LQ2H from Illinois answered…2mos

@9C7SNMKIndependent from Florida answered…4 days

Increase, and provide services for immigrant workers to obtain full citizenship if they don’t have it and to push businesses to pay them a fair and living wage.

@9C6DZ8S from Georgia answered…7 days

I feel it depends on the situation of the climate of the US economy and unemployment rate.

@9C53457 from Virginia answered…1wk

We should not give visas to immigrants at all, they should be deported.

@9C4JPL7Socialist from California answered…2wks

Increase the amount, while enforcing minimum wage standards for the workers to meet basic needs.

@JakeV922 from Ohio answered…2wks

@JakeV922 from Ohio answered…2wks

Increase, only white people thought. Vastly irrelevant question in my worldview.

@9BZYGTS from Washington answered…2wks

 @Syndicalist-Comm…Workers from New York answered…2wks

The government can only allow more foreign workers into the US as long as it ensures that workers already in the US will not lose their jobs as a result.

@9BZWBVV from Arkansas answered…2wks

Increase, but penalize companies that take advantage of this program to decrease wages.

@9BYWG9Y from Utah answered…3wks

Decrease, We need to focus more on training Americans to do the jobs needed

@9BHRFLS from Florida answered…3wks

I am satisfied with the current amount but am not happy when it cuts out workers who have held jobs but are fired for cheaper labor. That is not better.

@9BXN95L from Pennsylvania answered…3wks

Increased but regulate businesses hiring to ensure no labor abuses are occurring

@9BV99M8 from Pennsylvania answered…4wks

@9BV97B5 from North Carolina answered…4wks

@9BTYNSCfrom Maine  answered…4wks

Only increase for the sectors that need more workers, for example agriculture

@9BRXCM2 from Texas answered…4wks

@9BRQ92PPeace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…4wks

I am unsure what their current wages are so I cannot submit a valid answer

@9BR6NGM from Indiana answered…4wks

decrease because those people are taking are jobs which then lowers are wages. we have citizens that can do the job and some just don't want to because we would rather rely on other countries for stuff while we sit back and be lazy.

@9BQQM8B from Utah answered…1mo

@9BCWRHW from Tennessee answered…2mos

@9BCKC78from Virgin Islands  answered…2mos

The gov't should provide more incentives to prepare our citizens for these positions, however, until that is covered increase.

@9BC8KKRfrom Guam  answered…2mos

Immigration should be less focused on profession and more focused on values

@9BC46HP from Tennessee answered…2mos

@9BBJV7S from North Carolina answered…2mos

Increase and create a easy path to citizenship, but punish corporations who take advantage of the program to reduce wages.

@99VKXBY from Ohio answered…3mos


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