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@698S2GZRepublicanfrom Florida  answered…12mos

Greed in America has college grads expecting wages that long time workers have...THERE is a thing about learning and starting at the bottom...and if companies can find foreign workers who appreciate what they are paid...that's ok...

@4QMF7XRDemocratfrom Illinois  answered…12mos

Increase the amount. There are so many jobs that high-skilled immigrant workers do that U S citizens would never do even if it meant unemployment for them. Businesses should not take advantage of these high-skilled immigrant workers by paying them cheap wages. I believe they should earn a fair wage.

@4QNFV4KGreenfrom Tennessee  answered…12mos

the US is one of the hardest countries to get a skilled work visa, we want to be able to go overseas and work in other countries but we don't want to reciprocate. In the interest of cooperation, we should make it easier to get these visas, so that we can receive them ourselves if so desired.

@9W3BCSQConstitution from Minnesota answered…2mos

Why is it the government’s business? It is not so they should butt out!

@9VZJHR7Socialist from Texas answered…2mos

Increase, but also invest more money into training our own citizens for these jobs to work alongside immigrant workers.

@9XC97Q7Women’s Equality from California answered…2wks

@9X8CXPBSocialist from Minnesota answered…2wks

Regardless, we need to increase the number of work visas and investigate policy programs to mitigate brain drain from the global south.

@9X4XGM8Peace and Freedom from New Jersey answered…3wks

I think visas need to be overhauled to fit more into the current social climate.

@9WZLJRKVeteranfrom Guam  answered…3wks

Regardless, the Government should provide more incentives to prepare our citizens for these jobs.

@9WT3HBPWomen’s Equality from South Carolina answered…4wks

Increase, any high-skilled, willing to work persons should be allowed to and encouraged to immigrate to the US

@9W6MKB8Veteran from Florida answered…2mos

I am satisfied with the current amount, but realize that companies are currently taking advantage of this program to decrease wages and the government should provide more incentives to prepare our citizens for these jobs.

@9KDY6LRDemocrat from Indiana answered…12mos

Humans cannot be illegal. This is stolen land. Treat everyone the same

@9KDRLPDRepublican from Missouri answered…12mos

The number of work visas issued for workers of all skill levels should be based on demand employers should have to prove that there is not a qualified US citizen willing to take that position

@9KCBBP2Green from Maryland answered…12mos

Increase, but pay salary no less than U.S. citizens market value for high skilled workers, i.e. create level playing field based on skill level and comparable salaries.

@Lisette-McCownPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…1yr

Increase, and provide an easy path to citizenship for immigrants once they graduate from a trade school or university

 Deleted answered…1yr

Regardless, penalize companies taking advantage of this program to decrease wages

@9JCBB8QPeace and Freedom from New Hampshire answered…1yr

Decrease, get rid of them entirely and let them be permanent residents with permanent jobs.

@9JC8CZZSocialist from Florida answered…1yr

I honestly couldn't care less about work visas. If a company here wants to hire a highly skilled Mexican man, that man should receive a work visa to come here and work.

@9J9ZMSTWomen’s Equality from Indiana answered…1yr

Positions should be filled according to qualifications only. If an immmigrant is more qualified than the other applicants, then you provide them the work visa. Don't increase or decrease for the sake of it, do it because a candidate is qualified.

@9HX7SKNTranshumanist from North Carolina answered…1yr

The number of temporary work visas should be equal to need of beneficial skilled immigrant workers.

@annie.boo1995Peace and Freedom from California answered…1yr

I don't have enough education to form an opinion, but I'm leaning towards the government providing incentives for our citizens to take on these jobs.

@cstep1Socialist from Washington answered…1yr

Increase, but pay the same wages that would be given to a citizen of comparable skill.

@9GCFD7KTranshumanist from Arkansas answered…1yr

Increase for industries where there is a shortage of native workers.

@9FWDBCNGreen from California answered…1yr

Don't have enough information to make an informed decision.

@9FVBMZ8American Solidarity from Iowa answered…1yr

Even if they are high skilled the shouldn't be put in more work or less work, it goes both ways.

@9FSPSRMProgressive from New Jersey answered…1yr

Keep current amount. Incentives for citizens to be employed.

@9FKGN2LConstitution from Maryland answered…1yr

Work Visa programs should be eliminated with the only option for immigration being full citizenship.

@9FGTH88Libertarian from Colorado answered…1yr

There is nothing about immigration in the Constitution. Therefore, it is state power not a federal one.

@9FBVGW4Peace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…1yr

Increase, and also offer legal protections to these workers and give them livable wages

@9FBQ2GSIndependent from Utah answered…1yr

I think we should be like Australia, first find one of our citizens to do the job if you can't then open the work visa. I would have to know how many work visas are given out to make a better decision.

@9VKSR4XPeace and Freedom from Iowa answered…3mos

Increase, not only to increase productivity in the workforce, but to allow them the constitutional rights we have in America.

@9VGQ3CDConstitution from Wisconsin answered…4mos

Decrease, companies are currently taking advantage of this program to decrease wages and we have a duty to our OWN citizens to get them working.

@9VF5M87Democrat from New York answered…4mos

Increase the amount but the companies must match that hire with training for an American

@9V9F89NConstitution from New York answered…4mos

Decrease, but it should increase the amount of longer-term work visas given to high-skilled immigrant workers

@9TZTBCYPeace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…5mos

Keep the same but also provide incentives and programs for our own people.

@9TNX8WXPeace and Freedom from New York answered…5mos

Increase, and the government should ensure companies do not take advantage of this.

@9TN6MYFRepublican from Florida answered…6mos

Get rid of the H1B Visa and ban the hiring of illegal aliens. Mandatory E-Verify for all businesses. All 50 states should do what Alabama did in 2011 when it comes to illegal immigration.

@9THNJT5Green from Florida answered…6mos

Yes, but pass laws preventing companies from paying immigrant workers less.

@9TG8STJWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

Decrease, and the government should provide more incentives to prepare our citizens for these jobs and ensure that our citizens are given a decent wage and then if there's labor shortages then we should encourage Skilled/Legal Immigration, but they must assimilate.

@9TBDZ5QLibertarian from Tennessee answered…6mos

Decrease, it should be dependent on our current unemployment statistics

@9TB9GTJRepublican from Texas answered…6mos

Respond to the countries needs and should be a dynamic number.

@9T7CJXZThe Greensfrom California  answered…6mos

Decrease, but increase opportunities for immigrants of all skill levels to enter the country on a longterm basis


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