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@9XMF3F9Peace and Freedom from Missouri answered…3 days

I think that should not be required to have them on the board but to give them an equal opportunity to have them on the board. So they should have a chance to get on the board but if they do not make it well they can try again.

@9XLGBFJAlliance ’90/The Greensfrom Tennessee  answered…4 days

in a very limited sense there should be some forced diversity, but not to the point of detriment.

@9XL8Z3HDemocrat from Alabama answered…4 days

Ahem, what did you just say LOL? "Required to have women on their board of directors", nah bruh only business owners decide who they pick, and thats their choice, THEY DONT HAVE TO BE REQUIRED TO DO IT, it's literally the business owner's option tbh quite frankly.

@9XJM2RKVeteran from Illinois answered…5 days

Yes, but it shouldn't be just given to them, everyone should have to work the same amount to obtain a position that they want.

@9XFBKGCWorking Family from Texas answered…2wks

@9XCNKCBWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…2wks

All of the candidates should have equal opportunities to run regardless of their gender identity.

@9X7CXPZIndependent from Florida answered…3wks

i believe it shouldn’t necessarily be required not because women are less than because a lot of times when they just require it companies don’t want to do it are just like oh well we have to and don’t actually look for a right fit of women for that board

@9VH5YYXIndependent from New Jersey answered…4mos

This shouldn’t even be a question; women are just as qualified and able as men to run companies. If they can raise the men that run these companies, then they can run the companies themselves as well.

@9VGF796American from Montana answered…4mos

Doesn,t matter ,Male or Female , Its who has most experience for the Job

@9VFBSPYDemocratic Labourfrom Guam  answered…4mos

@Connor-BonhamPeace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…5mos

I would respect a business if it made a point to have a representative board of directors, but I do not think the gender, race, sexuality, or religion of a business's workers should be required by law.

@9V2QH72Green from Nevada answered…5mos

@9SZ7BZ6Peace and Freedom from Washington answered…7mos

No, as long as the board will not be discussing gender-related issues (ex: legalization of abortion)

@9SXVKX3Republican from South Carolina answered…7mos

@9SXKNNNPeace and Freedom from Illinois answered…7mos

I think it should be highly recommended so that diversity within workplaces can increase, but I do not that it should be required.

@9STWMT9Democrat from California answered…7mos

@9SPSN93Green from Idaho answered…7mos

@9SPMKRVWomen’s Equality from Nebraska answered…7mos

I believe in diversity in the work place 100% but I also believe that it should be the most qualified individuals

@9SPGPHHWomen’s Equality from Alabama answered…7mos

no, it wouldn't be discriminatory if they didn't get hired they just weren't cut out for the job.

@9SJS6YKSocialist from Minnesota answered…7mos

No one business should be required but, it needs to be made clear that if there isn't and its large enough company or board, that there must be a problem.

@9SJR5PNDemocrat from North Carolina answered…7mos

Women should not be disqualified from anything based on their gender. Diversity is key to success, but not if the consequence is lack of knowledge, experience or qualifications.

@9SGGL3TPeace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…8mos

@9SFJ29KProgressive from Utah answered…8mos

It should not be a requirement, but diversity should be encouraged.

@9SDQQJGDemocrat from New Jersey answered…8mos

No, they should not be required, but there does need to be more equality.

@9SC432XIndian National Congressfrom Minnesota  answered…8mos

@9SBNY5WWrite-In from Colorado answered…8mos

Yes, all businesses should have half men and half women on their Board of Directors. As well as other diversity cultures such race, age, and gender identities

@9S4R7HWDemocrat from Ohio answered…8mos

No, but there should be a larger emphasis on diversity in the workplace.

@9S33Q7LGreen from Colorado answered…8mos

The existence of women in places of power should not come about because someone requires it. We need to abolish the patriarchy, so this isn’t an issue. (Also no private corporations)

@9RVXPGFWorking Family from Minnesota answered…8mos

Yes, but only if they are qualified and not as a means of affirmative action.

@KateM88Women’s Equality from Maine answered…9mos

Board members should be implemented based on experience and qualifications. Not gender or race.

@9RSJZVGConstitution from South Carolina answered…9mos

No, the government should never require the diversity of private businesses - and board members should be the most qualified regardless of gender

@NikkiFranzWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…9mos

@9RMKB83Working Family from Virginia answered…9mos

Yes, Only if they fit he qualifications and earn the postion just like men do. They shouldnt be givena spot just bc they are a woman but everyone should have to prove themselves

@9RCZ33FDemocrat from Connecticut answered…9mos

Yes, because it is indicative of the workforce that they oversee. I’ve yet to see a workforce that is entirely men, so yes there should be mandatory female representation

@9RCSPC8Democrat from Minnesota answered…9mos

yes I think that their should be a mix of genders in the lead roles.

@9RC78MMDemocrat from California answered…9mos

No, if there happens to be no women because of qualifications then that's what it is.

@9R9ZY8PWorking Family from Wisconsin answered…9mos

@9R3D9PCPeace and Freedom from Minnesota answered…10mos

No, I don't believe that gender means anything outside of reproduction

@9QZF67NConstitution from New Hampshire answered…10mos

No, and women should be forbidden from holding any management position

@9QX8ZPWVeteran from Alaska answered…10mos

Yes, buT only if they are are the most qualified for their position

@9QVJ2RFPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…10mos

It can’t be a requirement, but we should continue to put protections in place for women and POC against discrimination in the workplace. We should also work to not have a few large corporations control every aspect of the market, because if none of those businesses have diverse representation, we still have no choice but to buy from them. They will make money whether we disagree with their practices or not.

@9QSWWWCPeace and Freedom from Florida answered…10mos

in our current government yes, but there should be no private businesses and discrimination of any kind should be illegal.

@9QSRFXKWorking Family from Ohio answered…10mos

There should NEVER be a requirement involving someone’s Sex.

@9QQNZ2QVeteran from Colorado answered…10mos

No, however, a business should be working on having more equitable hiring processes to begin with.

@9QQ5RMZSocialist from Colorado answered…11mos

Yes, and they should require 25% of a board to be controlled by workers

@9QMYGN5Democrat from Pennsylvania answered…11mos

they should but I think trying to control it could end up causing more issues for women where people say she only got her job cause of the government yada yada


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